When I was in college I was lucky enough to afford an apartment

My family is wealthy and instead of being in a dorm my parents paid for an apartment where I could stay until graduation. During my freshman year, I was friendly enough but there was an incident concerning the coeds that unnerved me a great deal.

A boy was accused wrongly as it turned out of sexually harassing a girl.

The story goes the girl wanted s** and then changed her mind. The boy was upset and the girl said he was harassing her. I believe she was as responsible as he was for the incident.

This p***** me off and I decided not to have anything to do with the girls in the University. I was fortunate in that my father provided enough money for me to hire a prostitute. I didn't need the girls there and after seeing the fate of the boy I decided not to give a girl there the time of day.

When I say I didn't have anything to do with the girls at the University I'm not being entirely accurate. Some of the coeds were working in the local escort service to pay for college tuition. I gave them business whenever I was h****.

Being the only child of a wealthy family does have its advantages.

Aug 22, 2017

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