Buddy George theres people you cn help and theres people you cn't

Ok, Buddy, first of all, I'm sorry you died. You were a drunkard but that doesn't mean I wanted you dead. You couldn't keep a job because of your drinking. You became homeless because of your drinking. You were abusive but when you came down you were oh so pitiful.

You had problems big time. You always blamed someone else when you got fired even though it would not have happened had you not come to work drunk.

I mean you hid wine bottles at work. The janitors found empty wine bottles in the trash.

The day you went outside the building and passed out between the office building and the fence made me wonder about your sanity.

The company tried to help you but it just didn't work. You came to work drunk and you drank on the job. Everybody knew you were doing it and you weren't fooling anybody.

So the company finally fired you. Then you blamed them for it. Never mind how drunk you were at work.

Ok, I heard on the grapevine that you had died. It's hard to feel sorry for you.

At least your family gave you a decent burial with a nice marker at your church.

Aug 24, 2017

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