My transgender story

It started when i was 6 i loved wearing dresses and high heels but when i was 8 my mom made me wear boy clothes. when i was 14 started to wear panties and bra and i enjoyed it but i always wanted to be a girl and when i was 17 i told my mom i wanted to be a girl. she was so understanding and she helped me threw my transformation. after 2 years i looked like and sounded like the women i always wanted to be. i then decided to get breast and butt implants. i finally had the big breast and butt i always wanted to have. i could now go shopping for clothes,shoes,panties and bras without people saying to me or even thinking what is he doing here shopping for. for the first year after the implants dating was hard. i always told the men i was on a date with i was transgender and most of them were nice but none of them wanted to go on another date but then one night one of my dates did not show up so i went to a singles night at a near by bar. i meet this really nice man Liam and we hit it off and became good friends. every time i was going to tell him i am transgender something came up or i forgot to tell him. [Liam is 1 year older than me]. one night when we were hanging out alone together [ 8th date] i started to tell him that i am transgender he stop me before i could tell him and he told me he new i was transgender and that did not matter to him and he kissed me. [turns out my mom told him around our 4th date] i am now 26 and me and Liam are really happy together.

sorry if this was long but i had to get it off my chest, i hoped i help some people who read this and i hope you all have a great day

Aug 29, 2017

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  • Happy for both of you!!!

  • Happy for you, you have a Very Special Mother be sure to Love her above all else for she has made your life full and the way it should be.

  • I'm so glad you found a soul mate

  • Gag me...

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