I've been married for 13 years. I trust my wife. However, she came from a party looking a little weird the other day and I'm worried.

She went to a party at her friend's house who lives about a half mile away. I was invited, but I've never been friends with the hosts. Her female friend doesn't seem to like me, and her husband and I have nothing in common whatsoever. I just told my wife that I'd drop her off and pick her up, as I knew she was going to be drinking.

When I went to pick her up later that night, there were cars everywhere, some even parked on the lawn. The party was clearly large. My wife stumbled out of the house pretty drunk, and it was dark, but I was able to round her up. When I got her home, I couldn't help but notice that her hair was messed up and her lipstick was slightly smeared. I helped her get undressed and into bed, and her panties were also a little damp. I asked what happened, but she simply said "Nothing, it was just hot inside the house." It's true is was very warm that day, but it was like down to 70 degrees when I picked her up.

I really have a strong level of trust in my wife, but I think something may have gone down behind my back at that party. Her story doesn't fit.

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  • Just go with the flow, of she tells you something happened good, if she doesn't tell you good as well, life is short, chill and don't judge!

  • 13 years is a long ass time to just be f****** you lol

  • Ohhh my p**** just gets drenched when its hot out lol

  • That is because she f***** at least one person that night maybe had a three way with that chick and her husband.

  • I'm having a girl-girl affair with a play group mom. Our husbands have no idea. I still love my husband unconditionally but the girl stuff is hot hot hot

  • That's super hot, ENJOY

  • She might be able to explain away the fact that her panties were damp due to it being hot in the house or having swamp ass or something, but with the makeup being smeared, someone was giving it to her good. Sorry, bro.

  • Or at least sucking face with someone, bare minimum

  • Nope nope, she was f******. Hard core throw her up on the bed and f*** the s*** out of her f******. Some dude, just f***** the s*** out of your wife and then shot his load all up in her p****. I bet she has been f****** him for quite some time now, maybe even in your bed!

  • You can't say "I trust my wife" and then not trust your wife: either you do or you don't, and there's no middle ground. Damp panties is not proof of s**: that could happen in other ways. If she exhibits tendencies to cheat, then have someone follow her when she plans to go out. If she doesn't, well, one episode doesn't indicate she's unfaithful.

  • Oh dude. She f***** someone else. If her panties were wet, it's because her p**** was full of some other guys c**.
    Well, at least she had fun.

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