Beaten up by a woman

I am a pre op male to female transsexual. I live full time as a woman and enjoy dating men. I dated what I thought was a nice man a few times only to find out that he had a girlfriend even though he told me he was single. I learned the hard way to say the least!

I was working late in my office which is located in a remote location 30 or so miles from the city where I live. The was nobody about as I walked to my car. I was confronted by this guys girlfriend who was angry and then abusive despite me trying to be reasonable and explain that we both got lied to. Her abuse got too much and I swore at her and attempted to leave. She then got physical and started punching me. I have most of my "man strength" but her first few blows weakened me and I found I didn't have the strength to fight her off. She lashed out with her heels next and I was on the ground. Knowing that she had beat me her physical abuse continued. She pulled down my pantyhose and panties in what I imagine was a stunt to humiliate me all the time telling me to "lay off her man". She discovered I was transgender at that point an verbal abuse turned sickeningly homophobic and she ground her heel into my gentials, which nearly made me pass out. She left me sobbing on the ground.

I an not sure how I found the strength to get up an drive home. I was very weak and but I was scared she would return and beat me up more. I took 5 days off work sick and I have never told anyone about the incident. There is so much transphobia and I did not want my previous life as a man in the public domain.


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  • Sweetie I had a woman who was upset her husband was coming to me for oral delight. She pulled a knife on me, bad mistake I may be a TG but still have my army training in me. She told me she was going make me a woman. I didn't flinch and took her down. Once on the floor I made it clear she was to never approach me. That her husband came to me because she didn't do it. You need to be strong nothing wrong with that. Take care of yourself and be safe.

  • That's one of the biggest issues that TGs and their allies are pretending don't exist. As a MtF, you can grow your hair out as long as you like, buy the prettiest dresses, wear the sexiest perfume. But you can still straight-arm someone over your head.

    Keep being just as stupid as the hillbillies and pretending issues don't exist. Eventually it WILL bite you in the butt. It's already happening when high school BOYS insist that their pronoun is "she" and join a varsity team. Have fun bending over backwards to ignore the evidence that A MALE IS A MALE, no matter how much female wrapping you stick on it.

  • Transphobic and anti-diluvian

  • Thanks.

  • How did she beat you up. Physically your a guy right?

  • I don't consider myself a man, but accept your point. It's as I said in my confession her first blows were body jarring and weakened me too much.

  • Who cares what you consider yourself? You're a man. Accept it.

  • I am woman. A woman who has a p****.

  • I wonder how history is going to look back upon those who try to change the definition of words for a small part of the general population that has an agenda. Oh wait, we HAVE history to look back upon right now.

    You're a man, baby!

  • Bigoted and ignorant

  • Thats so horrible. I hope you are recovered now.

  • Thanks. I had very nasty bruising on my ribs, marks on my legs and my genitals were bruised and slightly swollen. I was weak and it took a couple of days to regain my strength. Mentally I was worse. I cried loads and did not leave my apartment for 4 days. I was so scared and vulnerable. That was 10 months ago. I am in better place now but I am much more careful when dating.

  • I wish i can be there to help take care of you. Id lick you back to health.

  • Idiot

  • Before I was beaten up I would have responded in a flirty way to that. I was sexually rambunctious. But not now. Truth is I still feel really vulnerable and frightened.

  • You're a mental train wreck. We understand.

  • F*ck off.

  • I am so so so sorry this happened to you, sweetheart. I hope karma gets them both. I wish you had filed charges, but I understand why you didn't. I wish only good things for you in your life. I can't honestly say I truly understand transgender, but I fully accept it. I don't think I could understand totally unless I lived it. I accept it, I teach my child to love and accept. I hope if nothing else it helps you to know that there are those of us that accept and care for you, and teach our children to love and accept as well. <3

  • Thanks. She was a psycho ans would have beat me up even if I was cisgender. Being transgender I am more vulnerable.

  • Not even an almost-woman yet and already playing the victim card. Too bad that no matter how far you transition, you still won't be able to claim "monthly troubles" although I'm sure you'll do your best.

  • It appears she started beating you up, before she realised you was transgender. So regardless of what gender you are, the issue wasn't your gender, it was the fact she was an angry individual, whom felt betrayed by her boyfriend who was dating you on the side. However, when she realised you was trans it seemed to fuel her anger more.

    I don't condone her behaviour, as she should've listened to reason. You were innocent and didn't deserve her verbal and physical abuse/assault. You weren't aware the guy you was seeing was in a relationship already, so she should've taken into consideration, that both of you were innocent parties and betrayed. That said, even if it was the latter, her behaviour was stilled unjust and unlawful.

  • Yes. Girlfriend was psycho and revealed another layer of ugly when she found out what OP was packing. She (OP) is not blameless though-- not for what happened, but for being so into the "poor helpless me" thing. That's not a good look no matter who or what you are. "Transition" away from that too on your journey.

  • As the lady said (and she is a lady). She was caught of guard and too weak to fight back after she was assaulted.

  • If it's got a sausage, it's not a lady. God, the willful anti-intellectualism parading around as #wokeness is no less lame than bawling about "the 'war' on Christmas". You fools can't see that. Smart people can.

    HE may have been caught off guard, but HE should have been able to defend HIMself. Just because HE is determined to see HIMself as weak and vulnerable does not mean HE was incapable, it means HE valued playing the victim more than maintaining HIS pretty face. (You get more attention that way, you see.)

  • Transphobic and homophobic

  • That means alot. I hope for a more tolerant society in future

  • She wasn't beaton for being trans. But it did fuel her anger more, when she realised.

    All forms of prejudice is abominable and unjustified.

  • How about the prejudice against people who refuse to swallow bullshit to go along with the herd? Is that abominable and unjustified too, or is there a very heartfelt but still stupid rationale that you tell yourselves?

  • True

  • Thanks for understanding

  • SO sorry this has happened but knowing several trans genders for some time this is not an uncommon thing. Granted she assaulted you which was totally wrong but this might just make you smile a bit... Once she left you just imagine what she did to he boyfriend. :))
    Again sorry for your ordeal and good luck

  • She beat me before she knew I was trans. Once she found out, it enraged her more. Probably due to the fact her boyfriend chested on her, with a trans woman. Which is stupid, because I'm still a woman regardless if I'm trans or not. I identify as a woman.

    I didn't know my guy was her man. He betrayed us both. But she didn't see it that way. She perceived me as a threat and catalyst to her already fragile relationship. When in actuality, it was her bf who had issues.

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