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Every time when people treat me unfairly because of my flaws, I would convert them into my strengths. I won't cry or even care about their existence and their comments. However, after accomplishing my goals I cry because that's when they apologize for their behavior. People usually are happy and show off that they are now better than others, but I don't. My soul knows how much it hurts to treat someone with injustice.

I still don't understand why I don't cry when I'm hurt, but when people treat me the way I deserve?

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  • We teach people how to treat us, sometimes we have to relearn to love ourselves and value what we are and then re-educate others how we have changed too. i have mean relatives who have no feelings and I often care too much. my brother just expresses no positive emotion at all towards me since he got married he just changed and makes me wonder if I ever knew him at all. and I noticed him become cold over the years and other relatives and friends who I thought were friends backstabbing me. at least you can stand strong as you are and grow and learn.

  • I can't cry for good or bad. I tend to cry more when people talk about dead relatives or pets and abused animals and people that upsets me a great deal. I feel for others when I go to support group sometimes I want to cry for the struggles they go through. but I notice that a lot of people seem to think they have to be over tough now. its a culture we have bred with over indulging 1 group of achievers and couples with kids and the disregarding of others like single people who just can't find jobs or partners due to a social perception and culture that the media and some groups have labelled. I think a cry can heal so much.

  • This is how I feel....

  • I think it's because you've conditioned yourself to respond to consistent and persistent rejection and deflection from others, and so that now is your default mode of response: where other people expect acceptance and approval, you expect the opposite. So, when you ARE affirmed, it thwarts your mechanism and creates frustration and a momentary imbalance or confusion. It seems to me that your pendulum has just swung a little too far in the direction of "I'll-show-you", and that you will eventually self-correct, by intuition (or practice). I have to say I admire your resolve and your dedication to doing things right. Well done!

  • Beautiful :) If more people responded like you, this site would be fully worthwhile.

  • You're correct and thank you! (:

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