but she won't let me

I have been having an affair with my wifes aunt (my wifes moms older sister) for the past 2.5 years. im 28. shes 58. lately the relationship has been suffering and its getting to be like another marriage. that is so not what I wanted at the beginning. i still dont want that. we both wanted something that was fun and loose and super sexy and not stressing. i have been trying to quit but she wont let me. she says she will tell my wife and tell the whole family unless we keep going. i know shes not happy with the way things are either. so i dont know what shes holding onto. i keep telling her to find another lover. a younger man. a guy with a bigger d***. but she says our affair will get better and she doesnt want no one else. this s*** is f****** killing me. i mean the s** is still amazing but the relationship sucks.

Sep 7, 2017

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  • You need to start exhibiting behaviors that you know she dislikes, or asking for types of s** that you know she won't give up to you. Make yourself undesirable and unlovable. Be aggressively offensive, if you get my drift.

  • F*** the b**** in her ass.

  • You're the b****, no one else.

  • Just because someone wants to do something to someone else like f*** their a***, doesn't mean, its going to happen and it also doesn't mean - that person will consent to that happening.

  • If it acts like a terrorist RUN

  • That's just psychotic, you have to find a way out of that. This could end really badly, start by just being so busy you won't be around. Or move out of state

  • She sounds dependent and needy, and that's not good news for you.

  • You're either a liar or a f****** idiot. I hope your wife cuts off your c***.

  • ^^^^^ says the crazy STALKER

  • LOL

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