Does anyone here believe in Genesis?

Jehovah Witnesses take that fairy tale seriously as do some fundamentalist religions and Islam.

I think it's hogwash and anyone stupid enough to believe in that tale is a mental midget.

Sep 8, 2017

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  • It's real. Watch Genesis :Paradise Lost in 3D November 13 this year

  • Except for the timeline it is pretty close to the way science believes the universe was made. In the beginning there was a void and God said let there be light. Big Bang? Not all that different. How did the authors of the Bible know? Think about it

  • Same way a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • By "some fundamentalist religions" do you mean Catholics (1.2 billion), and Protestants (750 million), and Eastern Orthodox (250 million), etc.? Added to the Muslim faith (1.6 billon), that's half the world population.

  • Sperging out again, eh?

  • The bible is JUST a book with lots of made up stories and people think it's real because they were TOLD it was. Cycle goes on and on. Heck, Some people SERIOUSLY think they are "real" vampires or wolves because they saw the show twilight!!

    I was raised without religion but to be open minded. I know enough to know that most so-called "christians" are in name only. They don't think, live, feel, practice ANYTHING the religion asks of them, but will defend the bible (only the nice parts) to the bitter end and ALWAYS have some simple reason for anything. "Its god will". Give me a break. That's not even rational. If a guys wife cheated on her husband, and she said "its god will", would he be ok with that? Never. What if someone crossed our borders without documentation? They call them "illegals". But at the same time, christians have a prayer that says "forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us". DO the words MEAN anything, or are they just something to say out of obligation? Or perhaps, it only counts if your not brown. You don't hear so-called Christians people complaining about Canadian "illegals" - like EVER.

  • You're entitled to your own opinion. Why? Because God allows it.

  • I agree with op f****** learn some s*** about this world and you might start to notice the plot holes in the story you kinda half ass mould your life by.......

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