Question for Jehovah Witnesses

After you predicted the end of the world in 1975 what were you thinking in 1976? Why did the Watchtower make such a stupid prediction in the first place? I mean I know you people are dumb but that was a banner year for Jehovah Witness stupidity.

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  • I'd ask that of any religion or sect that wouldn't STFU about "end times" and is proven wrong.

  • Mina mõtlesin ka et lõpp on käes.Läksin oma emaga voodisse ning keppisime öö läbi.

  • English m.0therfvcker! Do you speak it?!

  • Https://

  • You're disillusioned and shallow minded. Seek a path of enlightenment, to open your mind more.

    Good luck 😊

  • I think you have the wrong idea.

  • I agree

  • Go away paedophile. You're the last person that should be calling someone else dumb.

  • To state paedophilia in your comment, conveys more about you, than it does about the OP! Shame on you and your f***** up desires!

  • Typical stupid Jehovah Witness comment.

  • How do you know the comment in question, is a common comment amongst individuals with this religion? Do you know every single person on earth, that is a Jehovah's witness? I think not!

    You're indeed the stupid one! Those that are stupid, rarely realise they're stupid or they do realise and get defensive, when referred to as stupid! Don't be ashamed of your stupidity, embrace and accept it. Not everyone can be a bright spark ☺

  • Several comments and no one answers my question which was when the Jehovah Witnesses predicted the end of the world in 1975 what was on their mind in 1976? It's as simple as that.

  • Sadly I think no normal people have read your post,and sadly only the jon bon jehovies have.
    Ignore their stupidity!
    I'm with you, so come on jon bons,bet you felt like right tools when Jan the 1st 76 rolled in😅

    What's the excuse? Jon bon was felling lenient???

  • Why do you care? It's 2018 and you're alive. Move on ☺

  • We "care" because this keeps happening, and the religious morons selling it shove it down everyone else's throats. Do you tell THEM to "move on"? No, I didn't think so. You're probably one of the rare ones with the ability to be embarrassed, but of course you then try to turn it around onto those who question. Projection is ugly, little one. You won't find that in your "good book" but it's true.

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