Comparing Jehovah Witnesses to Mormons

Both religions are cults and you would have to be mentally challenged in the IQ department to get involved with either of these weird faiths but if I was forced to associate myself with one or the other I would pick the Mormon religion.

Mormons unlike the JW'S fight for their country. They stress education and build and maintain fine schools and Universities. Jehovah Witnesses do none of these things. As far as I know Mormons do not shun a family member if they leave the religion. Jehovah Witnesses do though.

Mormons are good citizens, Jehovah witnesses are not.

Sep 17, 2017

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  • Mormonism is cult as well, for many reasons. And before I name them all, let me tell you LDS have SURELY not disociated themselves from christianity, as they claim to be "restoring the original teaching of Christ". Now, back to why they ARE a cult. It's because they: 1. Have single, all-powerful leader, who is considered to communicate directly with God, and whose power is unchecked by other inside commities-institutions etc. 2. Any dissent, if public, results in exclusions, or punishments. 3. True history of their cult (involving violence, poligamy, necromancy and massive scale manipulation) is misrepresented and/or hidden. 4. LDS methods of missionary work include manipulation, misrepresentation and aggresive assertion of their beliefs. 5. Brainwashing techniques are frequently used on membership.

  • Actually, JW is a sect. Mormon is a religion in its own right. Christianity was originally a Judaic sect. A cult has no connection to any other religion, until it gets big enough to become a religion in its own right. Bahai was a Muslim sect until both they and islam agreed that it was not connected.

  • You're trying to impose your standards on people who already have their own.

  • All religions are cults. I think it depends more on the people and what they do with it than the actual religion.

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