Over full over furnished house

I have a hobby of painting up or varnishing up old furniture to put places and the worst part is that I put them in the garage for the time being and my dad took them all as using for his junk and then he won't give them up he just want them to sit there for his s*** when I bought them for me and to do up and place them where I want them. the problem is we need houses of our own. there is 4 adults living here who need a house of their own. we have things and there is no order and never enough money for completing renovations.

I got to change and be motivated but what would motivate me. a d***. a guy. a job, a holiday.

unlike my sister and dad I am house proud and like things clean and nice. they don't care if the house looks a dogs dinner.

I bought nice new furniture but my sister won't let me us it the way I want to. so the next thing I should do is just take my stuff and move out . take all my things and leave them with their shithouse things.

Sep 11, 2017

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