Stomach Fetish/ ASMR

Ever since growing up i found myself having a stomach fetish i'm currently a single 26 year old dude. I find a female/ females stomach attractive. I like resting my head on a female stomach in person it gives me a comforting feeling. I also like listening to the sounds from a female stomach mostly hunger (hunger pangs) or after the person ate considering i find it as an asmr cause i enjoy listening to the sounds of course. I also like listening to a female stomach over the phone if that person has earbuds mic or simply use the phone mic easy way to listen to the sounds as well. I don't hide my real personality so i decided to reveal my secrets. Hopefully one day i find someone who is grateful for my fetish. Anyway, is there anyone out there has a similiar fetish like i do?

Aug 23, 2021

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  • I like sitting on it

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