I'm a homeless girl with no future. My family is abusive or dead. After living on the streets for weeks I decided I couldn't do it anymore and friends got tired of me couch surfing while I looked for jobs that wouldnt take me because I werent qualified. Men only see women as objects so I use it to my advantage. Why not? It serves them right. now for the last 2 months I meet men at the bar, flirt with them until they take me home. After I let them f*** me I ask to spend the night promising to be gone by the morning which they usually agree to. I make good on my promise and leave by the morning. If i'm lucky they are still asleep when I am awake so i take money from their wallet or clothes from their closet. Whatever I can get. For a place to stay the night and a means of survival. I'm saving now so i can take a bus to the next town to get a job as a stripper. Im looking on a computer in the public library and the tickets are over 100 right now. wish me luck.

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  • You deserve a better life than this I do wish you can get yourself sorted out.I wish I knew who you were to help you on your way I wish you good luck if that is any help.

  • Yes! Use your body in order to get what you need, first to survive, and then to thrive! You go, girl! I love your devotion and your resolve! All best!

  • Soooo, are you attractive? Are you disease and drug free? C** live with me. But, one of your holes or more (my choice which ones) will be f***** twice a day, at least. You will provide domestic services, cooking, cleaning, ironing, and etc. But, you will not need to worry about food and clothing. And, if you're a really good girl, I may give you an allowance. But, I have a few other rules, also.

  • Does she have to put on a strap-on to peg you nightly?
    Does she have to help you prowl the playgrounds for your "veal"?
    How many times a day will she have to clean between the folds of your fat?
    Is she going to have to help you off the loo?
    What will she do when you're surfing the web for goat p***?
    When you introduce her to your parents, should she keep mum about them both being men?

  • #verysickfuck

  • Wow... For a homeless person, you sure have enough money to keep a phone or a computer, and waste your time on a site like this. You're so full of bullshit, it hurts. I don't believe a word i just read, and the fact that you would even lie about something like that is disgusting. It's disrespectful to all the people actually in that situation.
    Nice try though. Go look for attention elsewhere.

  • You're correct!

  • While your working in the dance club, earning money, find a nice married man with a bit of money and become his mistress. He'll pay your bills for you and then you can save everything you earn from dancing. I know you can do it. Best wishes!!!

  • Yes, being a dancer and a mistress will get you the money you need to begin the life you want to live.

  • Nice fiction. Now turn off mum's computer and get a job.

  • Sounds like you are doing pretty well and have good self-awareness too, with regard to what you have that can be appreciated by men. I hope things keep working out. Keep living the dream!

  • Sounds like you fall for anything.

  • If your dream is to become a stripper then you set your goals way too low.

  • I admire your resolve and your nerve and your planning.

  • Dudes here be thirsty af it's disgusting

  • Don't listen to any naysayers: keep doing what you're d*** and working toward your dream.

  • This is what I think too. Its so true.

  • Because you are an imbecile?

  • Don't worry you'll have a home in prison soon. There are ways you can get help other than stealing.

  • If you can't or won't help her, leave her alone.

  • You can't recognize fiction?

  • She got homeless for a reason. Most likely because SHE f***** herself over. Women have much more protective measures than men do when it comes to homelessness. That's why there aren't nearly as many homeless women as there are men. She is one of the reasons why some men view women as objects.

  • You're such a heartless b******. You don't know what happened, or what she went through. For all you know, she was kicked out of her home. Or she had to leave because she was being brutally abused. I don't know what happened either, and she could very well have gotten herself into this mess. But to assume that off the bat is wrong on so many levels. Judgmental p****.

  • I do know that she is telling a tale to rope in morons and she has you all tied up.

  • For whatever it may be worth to you, I think you've done remarkably well with what you have. Please don't stop now. Keep up all your good work! Make your dreams come true.

  • Come to where I live. I would love to take care of you.

  • ^CREEP

  • ^^ PAEDOPHILE ^^

  • No one chooses the path you travel except for you. Your accomplishments are yours, and yours alone, same as your failures are yours, and yours alone.

  • Your lucky you have T & A. Use it. I do frown on the stealing though.

  • Got to do what you got to do. If i were in that position, i'd steal without hesitance. If i'm caught, at least prison would make sure i don't starve.

  • You would get killed in prison because of your stupidity.

  • Yes, sister! Don't you dare let those men take advantage! Use them until you use them up!!

  • Sexy AF

  • If I was one of the men you met this way, I would not want you to leave in the morning. Or ever. I would want you to move in and live with me. You sound so sexy and so fun. And you certainly sound very smart. You also sound like something else: marriage material.

  • You actually DO have a future: it's the one you're already busy making for yourself. Well done!

  • Waiting her life away while you applaud.

  • I agree with ^this^ post. You are doing so well with so few resources that I'm really proud of you. You GO, girl!

  • ...same here......and i do wish you luck as you asked.......lots and lots and lots of luck....stay safe and be well......

  • I actually love what you are doing. And I love you, too.

  • What city, state do you live in

  • ^^^^^ s** trafficker alert

  • ^^^^^ UR full of it


  • Sorry you are going thru this. I know 2 strippers who became very successful in life. One hit bottom and thru welfare got retraining and she has a great steady job; the other, took her dancer earnings and went to law school; she also married a lawyer. I'm hoping for the best for you, avoid the drugs be safe

  • Best of luck. You gotta do what you gotta do. May God be with you

  • Where was God BEFORE this fictional "she" became homeless and had to become a thieving wh0re to survive?

  • Don't bring God into this.

  • God told me I could.

  • They have pills for voices in your head, dear one.

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