My boyfriend asked me to marry him last valentines day so we'd get married after we graduate from high school this coming june and we have been engaged every since. but then when school started back up like a month ago we got this new asst principal and i fell in love with him right away on the first class day. he knows how i feel but he says we cant do nothing until i'm legal and i'm out of his school but waiting is getting super hard for both of us and i dont think either of us can wait much longer bcuz when we kiss sometimes we can almost not even stop ourselves anymore. i dont know whats going to happen but my fiancé is starting to realize that my head is somewheres else. and my parents will s*** when they find out i am in true total love with a married black man.

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  • Your thoughts and ideas while in school are limited in experience. The High School Sweetheart relationship is more fragile than you know. Once one of you goes to a college or university, the attraction will fail. Your brain has already developed some, and will still develop until about 23. Then you are an adult and you will believe it too. A long distance relationship fails most of the time. Other personalities will interest you. You will be introduced to hundreds of new people and experiences. You have no control over developing a crush on something/someone. But you can control the follow through. Except you will feel the relationship with him fading. You will understand that what levels you attain in high school, may mean nothing in a few months.

  • I understand what your said but I think with the asst princ its different on account of his being more mature and he really make me feel so special and I swear to you that he can make me have o***** just looking at me in his way. its so so so hot what we have an it getting more every day we see each other at school. it is so real. thank you so much for being nice

  • You don't know or appear not to care that you're being used.

  • I don't think that is what is happening. It is love between us what I see.

  • You could have just stopped after, "I don't think..."

  • Only the woman involved here can know what she feels. She feels that this is love so that is what it is. It is what it is.

  • You two deserve each other. Just know, you lose them how you got them.

  • Are you trolling?
    If not, a few things:
    1. I understand that we can't control our feelings... however, you do owe it to your fiancee' to tell him what's going on and how you feel. It isn't fair to string him along. Honestly, I think you self-sabotaged because maybe deep down you didn't want to get married in the first place.
    2. Please be very, VERY careful in this situation. I get a bad vibe in this situation. I think your admin is taking advantage of you. It happens very often, when an older man will take advantage of a younger woman because she is easy to manipulate and control, especially in regards to having s**. Be careful.
    3. If you really care about this man and believe it's love, I suggest thinking about it further. Just as another person said, there is a huge risk that he will lose his job, family, HOUSE, and yes, he could go to jail... and he will resent YOU for it... would you want to be with someone that lacks wisdom anyways?

    This is simply suggestions and advice. I can't stop you from living your life, though I do urge you to think deeply about this. Think deeply about why you are in this situation to begin with.

    Good luck. Take care.

  • My fiancée is still that and he wants to be because he love me and even though he knows my head isn't where it was before the starting of school this year but he just dont know why. i did want to marry him but that was before i found true love. i dont think my new true love will take avandtage of me on account of this feels like real true love between us. i am being carreful but love is love and it cant be defeated. him and me both know there are risks in this but we are being careful which is why we have not had real s** yet. i dont count oral s** as real s** because oral is the same as kissing and i love to kiss him. i soooooo love to kiss him. i do apreciate your caring about us both which is unusual anymore and you seem so very very nice about it which some pelople have not been. and yes i will think more about why. thank you.

  • If you get caught, he will lose his job and his wife and family, and he will likely go to jail. That's a high price. Are you worth that risk? Be honest.

  • If you don't stop now you will be sorry when he gives you a baby.

  • I am on b/c but i know i will be a good mother and he has already told me that so it wouldnt worry me if i had his baby in fact it would just mean that we would be together and have our own family and be happy.

  • To be honest, you seem like a bit of a w****.

  • I know but its on account of him having these 4 other white girls from school being out to get him first and I am soooooo NOT going to let that happen. I want to be the one that blows up his marriage and ends up with him.


  • Thanks for your admission.

  • First of all, you are full of s***. Second, learn some f****** english.

  • The school admin dude doesnt love you: he just wants to hook it with you.

  • No, no, no. He love me.

  • You are moving too fast. Please stop and wait. Don't do anything you can't easily undo.

  • I love him and he love me.

  • I assume you're waiting until next year because neither you nor your boyfriend are old enough to get a license without parental authority. That's a sign of trouble. Your parents know what's best for you. And if they wouldn't allow you to marry the young guy, they certainly aren't going to be happy about your getting involved with an older married man (of any race). Do what your parents say. Please.

  • Do you really think the guy is like going to leave his wife for you? Do you really think you'll be with him like forever?

  • Yes I do. I love him and he love me.

  • Imbecile!

  • The school guy doesn't love you.he just wants to get with you.stay with your bf.

  • Your boyfriend isn't going to marry you whether or not you hook up with the man at school. And the man at school isn't going to do anything with you ever bcuz its too risky for him. Please end it with both of them and just go on your own.

  • Fake

  • Agreed

  • ...this is not romantic....its just trashy.........very trashy..................

  • Just because your DTF doesn't mean it's a good idea.

  • You must be crazy. It's one thing to agree to get married while you're still in high school, but to allow yourself to become involved (or "promised" to become involved) with an older married man is quite another. You need to chill the f*** out, and just enjoy life. There'll be plenty of time for you to make huge life-altering mistakes when you're older.

  • Not to be cold, you child have no idea just how much you don't know. You need to grow up and mature first. Kids getting married and playing house is high on the dumb meter.

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