Mother in law

Been having s** with my wife's mother she is pushing 70 I'm 48 looks and f**** like a 50 year old better than her daughter in bed.

I love f****** her

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  • My wife is 10 years younger than me, and her mother had her when she was 18. My mother-in-law is not only a very attractive woman, but she also needs a lot of s**. I first had her before I married, when my wife was still my girlfriend and at school. I went to her house on my way to work. Her husband, a teacher, and my girlfriend had gone to school.
    My mother-in-law was wearing only a short nightdress. She didn't object when I held her and kissed her on the mouth. Soon, our tongues were fighting each other, and I had one hand on a t** and the other on her p****. I felt her hands undressing me.
    I pushed her onto the bed, finished undressing, and worked my c*** up her. I held myself up and let her f*** me. I had never experienced anything like it. Her v***** muscles clamped and released my c*** until, after seven or eight minutes, I spunked up her. She begged me to eat her out. It was the first time I tasted s****. I f***** her many mornings after that, and we continued to f*** even after my marriage to her daughter.
    She's 73 now, and we still f*** each other whenever we get the opportunity.

  • I ram my mother-in-law whenever we are alone together, which is seven or eight times a month. She's still married but her husband is more interested in getting his leg over his young secretary, leaving my mother-in-law very frustrated. My wife isn't much interested in having my rod up her since the birth of our daughter, so her mother suggested that we satisfied each other's needs. Surprisingly, she's a lot tighter than my wife, and her mouth-jobs are out of this world.

  • So she's fine once you brush past the cobwebs? nifty.

  • #disgusting #verysickfuck

  • How long have you been doing her?

  • Is she nasty?

  • Tell us about the relationship. How did it start? Who initiated the sexual contact? How long has it been going on? Where do you make love (your house? hers?)? Is she married? Is her husband your wife's father? Is she dirty? Does she f*** other men? Has she always been a player? Can she take a hard f******? Can she deliver one? Do the two of you do anything risky, like bj's or handies in an adjoining room while the family is present? Does she dress sexy for you? Does she ridicule her daughter in your presence, knowing she has the upper hand when it comes to making love with you? Does she like that position? Is she dominant? Tell us everything!!!! Please????!?

  • Lots of questions fancy an update ?

  • Yes, please!

  • She sound fine. F*** on!

  • Lucky man. This is hot AF.

  • Let me join im in Cleveland geogia

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