The Candy Man

I am 27 and I get ** by the old man that owns the candy store in the shopping center. He is from Croatia and he tells me that the best girls to ** are Croatian. We are Croatian, my parents came here after the war there and I was born here in 1996 in a refugee center.

My mother tells me that when we were in the refugee center we had cots and a small taped off rectangle, that was 'our house'. There was no privacy and people got naked in front of people and people ** in front of people. She got ** in front of people. I was conceived in that center. People didn't care. She's told me liked **, it was the way that she went off into her dream land. That's what she has taught me about **. Go to your dream land until he is done ** you.

The man who ** me came before the war. He tells me that they would go to Zagreb to ** Croatian girls. I don't tell my parents who ** me, they think I see boys from the university. But I don't, I go see the candy man, and he ** me. And I dream of a nice house.

Dec 14
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