I Want My Wife to be Much Bigger...

So we've been married for aboit 4 years. She knows that im into feederism, and she knows that i love big things... She even supported me gaining some weight at one point, but i dont think ahe actually was into it. The thing is, id really like for her to gain.

Shes always been a little on the thick side, well endowed. But id love to see her grow much larger. Sometimes i think she thinks about it, because she knows i love her body, and tell her always how i do. She makes comments about dieting,but never does. What could i do to get her over that hump? Has anyone run into this?

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  • My wife doubled her weight, just as I wanted her to, but it took ten years for her to gain all that weight. And it didn't happen right away. Two pregnancies did the trick. Do you have any kids yet? I know, trying to make your wife fat is not reason enough to start a family, but a pregnancy would be your best chance to make your wife fat.

  • My wife didn't gain on purpose, it just happened on its own. She weighs about 400 pounds. I like checking out fit/lean girls but at the end of the day I'm glad I have a fat wife.

  • I'm guessing the OP lives in FAT AMERICA. I'm ashamed of America and our fat ways. It's disgusting.

  • The OP is a troll, we know they're a f****** a******. What's your excuse?

  • Each to their own. Personally I like the the anorexic look. I starve my gf. Every time I visit I have her stand on the scales. If she gains weight I tell her she is fat. If we go out, I only buy her water. Sometimes we will go away for the weekend and I'll let her have only a small garden salad once per day. If I am at her house and her parents give us dinner, after I get her to purge.

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