I'm attracted to my cousin and her feet.

Just happened one night like a switch turning on. Ever since I have never seen her the same way. We are still close somewhat and our relationship as cousins remains. But there is definitely a sexual tension that rises whenever she visits.

I should mention I have an admiration for feet and am not ashamed of it. Her feet in particular always manages to capture my attention. I dunno what it is, I'm just drawn to them. Can be difficult trying to steal glances at times because a part of me thinks she knows and has realized. She is no stranger with flexing them off in front of me on occasion.
Sometimes it almost feels like she's toying with me. Like a test to see if I crack. I've seen her expressions with the way she throws looks at me whenever she does. Like an invitation. This happens whenever it's just us in a room.

I could be reading too much into it though? Part of me wants to confess in some some form to her. But I'm terrified that if it backfires it will forever ruin the relationship we already have as cousins. She may never look at me the same way ever again. An eternity of awkward encounters.

But I also can't let my fantasies take control. I can't keep struggling whenever she visits and pretending I'm not interested. I can't keep getting distracted.

Not only did I come here to confess but to seek honest guidance too. Every perspective helps.

Oct 14, 2017

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  • My female cousin and I had a secret sexual relationship. Be both are married but omg it was the hottest most kinky s** I've ever had.

  • I have the exact same problem, I almost cracked once while my cousin and I were in a room together. I was about to admit my feelings for her and her feet but I remembered, we’re still cousins, and it would be so awkward if it backfired and she thought I was some sort of incest freak

  • That's definitely the biggest hurdle. She could either be really understanding or completely grossed out which would end in a life of awkward interaction. My hope is that if I ever do confess, she'd be willing to give me a chance and hear me out. Like I dunno, maybe she could see the benefits lol. I would worship the heck out her feet.

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