I am a Secret Sissy

I am submissive to my Girlfriend of 7 years. We are in an FLR. I wear panties full time, she shaves my whole body except for my head. I wear nighties and stocking sometimes when we play but I don't dress or identify as a woman. I am frequently spanked and locked in a chastity device from time to time. Nobody knows about this except for she and I. I have gotten some strange looks and snickers whenever someone sees my shaved legs, chest and underarms at the beach. We do have great s** when I am unlocked, and I give her many o****** in between. She has lately admitted that she has told one of her friends at work about our relationship. I know the lady and it is very embarrassing for me and not sure how I will react whenever I see her friend again.

Mar 28, 2021

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  • When a man is like this, he enjoys the humiliating of people knowing. Glad you are happy. FLR couples are great.

  • How will you act when you see her friends.
    As you always do your you and that is what you you are.
    That doesn't make you good or bad just you.
    A guy that feels like a girl and that is so wrong with that?
    If a girl can be a Tomboy why can't you feek like a girl inside?

  • She shouldn't have told her friend at work.
    But as for you doing it, so what..
    Others might smile or snicker at the beach but you have to be that you are and you can live with that and be very happy with your self and her.
    Enjoy amd do not over think about how you have fun. Who knows it might be the 3 of you soon, you and 2 females!!

  • I think its perfect.

  • Would love to get this sissy to suck my little c*** while his gf watches.

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