My first c***

I go to adult video booths from time to time. I like it because it is private and away from everyone. I saw gay videos but always skipped quickly past them. I found a s****** video once and didn't realize what was going on until I saw the c*** on this beautiful babe. I loved it! Made me want to be with one. I always lock the door when I go in a booth however I must have forgotten to one day. Well, I was watching a s****** video and hand my pants down stroking my very hard c***. The door opened and surprised me but I was so worked up that in that moment I must have frozen up. The guy immediately started sucking my c***! I was so hard and h**** I just let him suck me. It was a great bj and I warned him I was going to c** - he just kept sucking me and I exploded in his mouth! He swallowed my c** and suck for a while after I shot my load. When he stood up I saw he was rock hard. I grabbed his big c*** and stroked it thinking I want to suck it. I had never sucked a c*** but then I never had a b******* from a guy either, so I sucked him until he was ready to c**. He pulled out of my mouth and shot his c** all over my chest. Then he put his c*** back in my mouth an I tasted his c**! Wow I was so happy!

Oct 19, 2017

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  • You should keep enjoying it!

  • Same thing happened to me. A white man dressed in nice shirt and slacks said he saw me walk in and this was totally new to him. Asked if I wanted company. I made him show me a pic of his wife and she was hot as h***. Next thing you know he was sucking on my brown c*** and telling me how much he would love to see my c*** in her blonde p****. He was at the point of convincing her to try. After that I never went back

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