My fetishes.

I have this thing for stomachs. I have a fat fetish and it led to my getting into vore, stomach growling, button popping, etc. I don't know why but I find it such a turn on.
I love listening to my own stomach growling. I record it and listen to it. I love listening to others loud stomach growls too..
The thought of a fat stomach and how soft and doughy it feels is bliss to me. It would be amazing to have someone's big fat stomach over my face or lap. So soft and warm.. The thought of someone growing and growing until they grow out of their clothes and rips them.. Unf.
Some vore art just shows off how flexible and textured a stomach is and I love it.

Pretty much anything involving a fat soft belly gets me off.. Thing is I'm only a 16 year old guy. I probably shouldn't be having these thoughts but I can't help it.

I'm always looking for ways to make my stomach growl loud or feel stuffed without gaining any weight. I've tried drinking water and listening to the sloshing, swallowing air and listening to the noises my stomach makes. I even used to put blankets and pillows in my shirt to limit my mobility and buy and keep shirts that are purposely not my size so I can feel squished and maybe even rip through them. Is this normal for me?

The thought of a fat doughy stomach..
Stuffing someone past until they can't eat anymore...
Loud growling..
The jiggling, the bouncing, the softness..
The tightness and firmness from eating too much...
Seeing someone rip and outgrow their clothes..
The weight of it, not being able to contain it all in your own two hands..

It turns me on just thinking about it..

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  • I have pretty much the same fetish as you. Mine is the stomach growl fetish and voraphilia. I get easily very turned on by the sounds which is kind of embarrassing if you are in the public, school or when friends or guests come to visit. I also hate when someone brings it up in real life. I get very very shy and nervous and try to changes subject. I know i'm crazy and weird.. But that's who i am. Who said you should be the same as the others? I kind of had it hard to understand.. And still do a bit. But i've learned to accept the way i am.

  • I also have a stomach growling fetish that turns me on if you have Instagram or Snapchat we can talk btw I’m a girl

  • Add my snapchat christiancole97

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