Rohit and his sister-in-law

Hi everyone! This is the story of my friend Rohit from India.Rohit always had a soft spot for his sister-in-law. She was only a couple of years older than Rohit, so they were good friends. But deep down he fantasized about f****** her hard. She was voluptuous with the perfect curves and a deep innie navel. Rohit was sure that his sister-in-law would not mind if he made his move on her. But there was always someone or the other in the household, so he just did not get the right moment. One day, while his parents had gone to visit a relative and his brother was in office, Rohit was at home on account of his college being closed due to a professor’s untimely death. He was sitting on the couch, reading the morning newspaper, when suddenly his sister-in-law entered the room. She was dressed in a blue saree which she had worn in such a manner that a significant portion of her belly could be seen. When Rohit looked up at her his eyes were fixed on her. She noticed this and smiled, ”What are you looking at Rohit?” she asked him. “Err..nothing” Rohit muttered while still ogling her belly. His sister-in-law asked again, “I know you were..tell me..what do you see in me?” “Well, to be honest, I was checking out your shapely waist, you are just too sexy bhabi” Rohit replied. “What! You’re just too naughty. Time for you to get a new girlfriend.” His sister-in-law had turned away and was walking towards the kitchen when Rohit tiptoed behind her and grabbed her waist from behind, jamming one of his fingers inside her navel. She was stunned. “What...what are you doing! Please!” Rohit whispered in her ears, “Why don’t you become my girlfriend for today babe? I know you tease me a lot all the time so lets just have our day today. He continued to rotate his finger inside her navel and hold on tightly to her waist. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He put her down on the bed and then went down, removed her pallu and put his nose beside her navel breathing hot air into it. His sister-in-law had closed her eyes and grasped the sheet. He kept on breathing harder on her navel. He could smell the sweet perfume that she had put there, it made go and on. Finally, she could no longer sit and laid down on the bed. Rohit climbed up and parked his nose inside her navel and began kissing all over her lower belly without his nose leaving her navel. He then pulled his nose out and gave a couple of kisses on her navel before going up and undoing her blouse. He pampered both her b**** with his tongue for a long time before going down and pulling her saree down and f****** her like crazy. His sister-in-law loved it so much that they used to sneak off and have some fun whenever they got time.

Oct 27, 2017

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  • F*** off Indian c***, now go make me a curry f*****

  • Freakin Indians. Now go do something else like get back to your telemarketing calls.

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