Im 11 and im depressed

Through out my life starting with being a baby I was always a good kid, I never screamed I kept it to myself. I was always popular and had a few very close friends. In 2nd grade I found out that my parents were gonna divorce being that my mom was a horrible influence and a narc now looking back on it it made sense. But my dad the person I loved most I only get to see twice a month. I cried a lot but still kept moving, by 4th grade most of my friends etheir moved away or were in other classes then me, which kind of sperated us from talking to each other. My only friend who was with me was a kid named Michael, repetively we would fight. Never physical but definitely mental. He was always a year behind everyone in our grade so i accepted that this is something ill just have to deal with. Since kindergarten ive always been protecting him from bullys. One 4th grade day in Febuary close to Valentines Day i heard a rumor that Michael had a girl friend with one of my enemies Julia. Really i would've just moved on but because of her bossy attitude i knew he wouldn't be talking to me for a while. She established a rule that my friends and i wouldn't be able to talk to or play with Michael. This was the middle of my depression. Now it being 6th grade to add onto my torment my mom moved me to a completely different town 3 hours away from my old town. Not ownly did i lose my friends but i lost my personality and my reputation. I could describe my new school in one word stereotypical. Every boy is tall and a Jock, and every girl acts like they're staring in Highschool Musical singing dancing, insulting other girls looks. I don't fit any of these, I'm bellow average height for my age and I'm a introvert who really loves the internet. Another thing that changed is my Grades. In elementary it would be shocking if you saw anything bellow 80 on my tests. Now i flunked atleast 7 out of 9. Multiple times ive considered suicide but i know theres a few people who still love me, being my dad and my friends. These people make me keep walking, thank you

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  • Liar!

  • I'm only at the age of 10
    And life already seems to me like it's heading for a dead end
    Cause my Moms be smoking mad crack
    My Pops went out for a fast snack and never brought his ass back
    Nobody knows how I feel, it's quite ill
    Cause I had to steal to fill my stomach with a nice meal
    Too ashamed to walk the streets
    Wearing the same cheap sneaks and dirty outfits for weeks
    Even my holidays got damaged
    Cause on Christmas I asked Santa for a father and a hot sandwich
    I just can't take it
    And every day I ask myself, "How will I make it?"

    [Hook: Big L]
    It seems like my life's been cursed ever since I was a child
    And how will I make it? I won't, that's how
    I walk around with a frown, I got no reason to smile
    And how will I make it, I won't, that's how
    Aiyo times was rough, I had to grow up foul
    And how will I make it, I won't, that's how
    I always knew that I'd end up doing time on the Isle
    And how will I make it, I won't, that's how

  • Please kill yourself.

  • Leave that child alone you f****** piece off s***. I would rip your head off in a heartbeat. Give me your addresse scum and we can meet up. That child could be being sexualy abused or anything and you tell a little girl who crys out for help to kill herself. Your are a piece of garbage and lower than a snakes f****** belly. You f****** coward and as for you sweetie who ever you are pleaaase get help from a teacher or adult you can trust. I have two girls and one same age as you princess and broke my heart reading this. You are a princess and a sweetheart and deserve to be treated like the princess you are. Dont listen to these negative comments and post back anytime. Single dad of two princesses and remember a princess is what you are sweetie and beautiful..

  • Yes, please. Thank you.

  • You're welcome. Are you dead?

  • You're underage and vulnerable to visit. A child shouldn't be visiting a supposed adult website, like confessionpost. There's some sick f****** on here!

  • Thats what makes it so fun

  • More fun than when you slit your little brother's throat?

  • You aren't depressed. You're just eleven.

  • You don't know how this person feels and what their life is like, so shut up!

  • Bite me, you ignorant sack.

  • I'll cut off your head and crap down your neck!

  • Insaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaane.

  • Yooooooooooooooouuuuuuuu Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.


  • High school is the worse time of most people’s lives. You’re stronger than you know. Don’t ever give up. Remember this is only temporary.

  • So true. So very true.

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