Belly punch

My wife has a belly and navel fetish -----she likes to watch men fight too --she told me she had a guy that would punch me in the belly in front of her -----i would love to watch it she said -she would walk around the house with her belly showing and no bra on --------she is hot and hard to keep your hands off her --------go to the bedroom and put your shorts on with no shirt ..i thought WTH is this -heard a knock on the door -when i came out -there was a musclebound guy standing next to her ----she told me -this is the guy i got to punch your belly in front of me -------i just gulped and said -if this is what you want ok ----he came over to me and felt my soft belly -------this is going to be easy he told her --i closed my eyes -----the first punch went into my belly real deep -------she was turned on by the punch -----ohhhhh yes she said -i love it -----more ---he continued to punch my belly until i fell on the floor --getting up holding my hurting belly --he left ---------my wife was so wet ------her c** was running down her legs ----------she was so happy to watch my belly get punched --------i looked at her body --perfect belly -navel ----nipples out ----she thanked me for getting my belly beaten up in front of her -she then had me kneel down and put her belly in my face telling me -kiss my belly and lick my navel -i did do it -she was so turned on -we talked about it after -there she was sexy as h*** -her belly and navel showing --------thanking me for getting beaten up in my belly in front of her ----------gotta say it though -----the best s** ever she came right away ---my c*** wasn't even inside her yet ------------well she got what she wanted saying it was a fantasy of hers but it took its toll on my belly

Mar 10

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