Halloween 2017

I'm a 27-year-old women and recently engaged to my Fiancé since August 2017, I have no complaints about our s** or day to day life other than I wish there was more excitement. This Halloween I was invited by my close friend Gemma to a Halloween party being held across town, Me and my Fiancé never made any plans and don't normally go out on Halloween nights, But he suggested that I go out with my friend to the party and then we would meet up after In town around 10pm then join the back end of a club and get a few drinks.

My Friend told me it was a fancy dress party so we decided to by matching playboy bunny outfits and I wanted to give my other half something to look forward too after. Saturday night I changed but decided to wear a short skirt over the top of my costume, I could tell this getting him aroused and if it had not been for the only night out I've been invited too ages I would have gone back to the bedroom.

After a few drinks at Gemma's house we then get a taxi to the party, while enjoying the party and getting to know someone of Gemma's friends from her workplace, Around 8pm the party had grown and Gemma found me out to go and play these adult games with these other people she met. These games started out very mild and then turned into drinking games and then to old truth or dare game, Gemma she's single so she's not so reluctant in kissing other guys in the game, on my turn I was given some truths one person asked me “what is the most daring thing I done” I answer with dancing in a club for some guys... I was given a dare next and it had been given to me by this guy playing. He dared me to pick one guy and give him a dance, I wasn't really that hesitant at this point in the evening I had already polished off a bottle of blossom hill and started on the parties free drinks.

So I pick this one guy who I had noticed who keep eyeing me up (he was probably the fittest guy and around 21-ish) and with Gemma cheering me on I told her she could come with me and I told him to come along and the group was cheering him... we went up the stairs and found an empty room, I told Gemma to sit in corner on bed and I told the guy to sit down on the chair I turned the lights out and started to give this guy a lap dance. I felt my heart racing and the adrenal pumping, I felt his hands on my hips slowly running them down over my skirt and onto my legs, I had to keep pushing his hands back.

I felt him getting hard quick and this was making me wet and I felt my breathing speeding up, He was not saying much but moaning under his breath so I stopped and stood up and I remember him trying to unzip the Lycra skirt I had on from the back so I stopped him and remove it myself. Gemma was on her phone because the corner of her room lit up and she was giggling to her self in the corner.

I sat back down on him facing him and remember placing both arms around his neck slowly giving him the dance, grinding him and I loved it, didn't give a second thought. The guy kept telling me how hot I was and I was craving the attention and before I knew it he leaned in for a kiss me and missed my lips, so I quietly French kissed him.
I felt his one hand on my breast and his other hand on my ass which I had to keep pulling back round, he was so hard and he started to unzip, so turned on in the heat of that moment I started to push down the straps on the top half of my outfit down, exposing myself to him while he whispered Into my ear saying he wanted me, Gemma must have heard all this and said something along the lines of “OMG... you dirty b****..., I'll give you two some 'privacy' ” laughing to her self has she left the room.

Soon as she left the room I knew I should have left too, I don't know what I was thinking! But we started kissing again his tongue right down my throat, I could sense he was figuring out how to advanced the situation with his wondering hands while I sat on him thinking “what the h*** am I doing” something in me just had taken over me, I mean I know how some people blame the alcohol but The excitement and the chance I would never be in this situation again was so overwhelming. I felt him trying to finger me but he was having problem because of the one piece and fishnets I had on I told him to stop and stood up and I told him not right here and he followed me to the bed. I felt the music vibrating though the floor and I was so sure I hear Gemma with her loud mouth talking down stairs.

I told him we could not be long up here, and he said he didn't care and he wanted me, I told him I was with someone and he insisted he didn't care and would not tell anyone. We ended up on the bed while I was lay there I pushed down my costume to me knees while he unbuttoned his cowboy shirt, he was kissing around my neck area and down to my nipples he had me moaning no one every managed to work their tongue in that motion with me before. I pushed managed to push his jeans down with my heels before they hit the floor and I he pushed down his pants OMG is all I could think to myself I didn't need to look I knew this guy was big! I felt my fishnet tight tear when I had legs open I thought s***. His d*** was pressing against me and after about 20 - 30 seconds of him grinding me I told him to f*** me. I felt him enter me and I felt a little moon in the orbit! WE HAD S** IN AFEW position then he soon left as he came I tried to put back together my outfit I binned the fishnets tights there were to ruined and went into the toilet to try and clean off what looked like s**** stains from my the top of my costume, it being velvet it didn't clean off so well. I found my skirt and the zip on the back was busted so had to safety pin it back on.

I checked my phone and I had 3 missed calls and the time was 10:45pm, didn't seem like I was up in that room long so I called a taxi and made my way downstairs to only a handful people crashed out on the sofa's and bottles everywhere. I didn't see Gemma anyway and the other guy had left, I made my way by taxi into the town square and met up with my partner, he asked me what had happened to my hair and make-up and I told him Gemma messed it up, he laughed and didn't even noticed I was not wearing the tights I left the house in or my busted skirt but that night he was too drunk and ended up passing out on bed.

The next morning I had to change the sheets...

Gemma texted me asking me what happen upstairts I asked how long I was she said over an hour, when I asked where she went she said the left with her friends for town and the other guy nobody ever knew and was not meant to be there that night.

Cannot stop thinking about Saturday night or the guy not going to forget this in a hurry, not even sure how I'm meant to feel.


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  • Try f****** on the devils hour at 3am, try it at 6:66pm which is 7:10pm. then again at 13.13 which is 1.13am and 3.33am then back to 6.66am etc for satanic ritual s** orgies are good too in graveyards for halloween fun.

  • What a bunch of BS!!!

  • Did he c** in you?

  • Wish some of my wifes night's out went like this ;)

  • Fantastic story

  • You fall for anything.

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