Mean wife?

My wife and I had a major fight months ago. She told my daughter in front of me she is only with me because of her. We made up after a few days and things were good
Two eeeks ago we had a major fight and she told me again. Days later she made up and said that it's not true. One more year and my daughter is off to collage. I believe this is in her head to do
I am a good husband. I clean. Do laundry. Don't drink . I even massage her to sleep most nights.
I paid all the bills for twenty years but recently took a pay cut. Now she pays at least half Its tight. But I do my best
I think when the time is right she will fly. Why would she say it twice. And once to my daughter

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  • Your wife is a b****. theres no way around that simple fact. she a b****.

  • I would say yes she is at least pondering the thought of a different provider. I said it like I meant it "Provider." There are givers and takers in this world. Takers will use and take with their hand held out for more until its gone and move on to the next. I woke up and fired my using and abusing wife. She was devastated and I got a happy life since then. I also remarried a wife that was also a giver and life is so much fun now.

  • Thank you. I think you nailed it for me. I remember 10 years ago lowering the heat to 70 from 75 and her calling me and saying if I couldn't pay the bills she would find someone who would
    Another fight last year she said I am a loser. At my age I have almost nothing. This from a women that had to drive a BMW or Benz for the last 20 years
    Even though she says she is just saying it because she is angry I feel she will pick a fight the day after my daughter is off to collage and do it

  • Your probably more right than one you. Get things quietly done legally and protect yourself. Having a kid in college this is going to be expensive. In my state not only are you to pay for the entirety of education but the ex also gets child support while your kid is in school. Sounds fair doesn't it? Be prepared to close bank accounts and credit cards! I over looked that and my ex took it all and tanked my credit for years to come. Emancipate your kid asap. Its a great tool to unhook you from the ex using the children to forever be in your wallet.

  • In that case, you are an a******.

  • You are just a j***. Probably have a small p**** and have to play with yourself because no one will sleep with an ugly loser like you. Yes you should admit this to yourself. Your life is a failure . Total failure. Last to be picked for sports. Last in your school. Lowest at work. Poor little small d***

  • I could see where you would be bothered about a small p**** becauase a size queen like you can never get enough c-o-c-k in your a-s-s!
    You love tho lick your s-h-i-t off of it when your a-s-s has been pumped full of c-u-m from 75 guys.

  • B****.

  • A-S-S-W-I-P-E!!

  • Wow. Your wife does not appreciate you nearly as much as she should. I feel that some time away from you would make her realize how lucky she is. Not every women is as lucky to find a man that is willing to do so much. I wonder what more does she want? I think that maybe she just isn't happy with herself and she's taking it out on you.

  • Start f-u-c-k-i-n-g your daughter and your battleaxe wife will leave. Problem solved and you have some hot p-u-s-s-y! Win-Win

  • You are a sick F. Just die

  • You know you want to. ADMIT IT!!!

  • That woman you married is not just a mean b****, she's a crazy one. Vacillating from liking you to not liking you, from criticizing to making up. Cray-cray. Get out before she has the chance to really hurt you. Get out NOW! She's a huge b****.

  • You don't know my wife but you sound like an abuser yourself. I will bash your teeth in if you keep posting your stupidity.

  • Maybe, but then what do you plan to do about YOUR stupidity?

  • I got it all from you.

  • You didn't get all of mine.

  • I got it all and then some.

  • You idiots don't even realize that you're agreeing with the criticism. Sheesh....

  • You poor little reprobate. Your stupidity is your most redeeming quality in an otherwise waste of a life.

  • There is life after a divorce. There is no life in a dead relationship. I was but a work horse and an a s s kisser. Someone to parent the kids so she could have her leisure time away. I realized I was being used for her security. I realized she used s** as a weapon against me for control and punishment. I filed for divorce without discussing it with her first as there is never really a true discussion with her. I shunned her every attempt to reconcile. I knew she was trying to play me, there is no way she would change the way she is.

    She was shocked then turned up the mean nasty threats. After a period of recovery I became happy. VERY happy. That incensed the ex even more and the nastier she got but that is her problem. She was an abuser than now had to live with herself. I have had such a wonderful life for years now and value each day with my truly beat friend in the world my 2nd wife.

    The ex finally remarried and is large and in charge of her new man who provides for her. I knew she would never change.

  • Damn! That p**** must be some kind of good if she's able to call the shots and run the show.

  • As good as you mum's p****?

  • Man it sounds like your experience is just so like mine and many others.

    I've been married 20yrs. First 5 maybe as much as 10 everything was great. Then for about 10 years until about 10 months ago I was pushed more and more distant. I did not realise it at first then realised there was no passion and it was cold I kind of thought what is wrong with me. I searched and went to self development courses and spoke with counsellors and psychologists trying to fond out what was wrong with me.

    I felt depressed. I researched suicide. Seriously considered jumping off a cliff. Even looked into how high it needed to be and make sure no trees to soften the fall. Scouted the area. Problem was every time I drove and then walked that remote area, I felt great. I loved the wilderness walking.

  • Jan this year, it was like a light switch. Nothing wrong with me. I'm pretty normal and my reactions to her freezing me out all pretty normal.

    The realisation that "not me" it was just so good. I moved into another bed room. I stopped having s**. I made sure I never bad mouthed her. Always pleasant. Always complemented her on her clothes, hair whatever.

    She has started to think, I think, That maybe it's her.

    I'm now in a good head space and if she does not want me then I'm now OK to chuck it in and divorce.

    Maybe she will regret it. I know I will be really sad but I do not wish to stay in a cold distant in emotional in romantic relationship. I want to kiss someone who wants to be kissed. I want to hold and hug someone who wants to be held. I want to f*** someone who wants to be f*****.

    I told her this and said she's got space now but the day will come when I just move on out. She can keep the house (I paid for) and the car and whatever. I've chucked out most of old junk & old clothes. I've packed one carton of personal memorabilia. I've photographed the photo albums and made copies of all the family digital photos so I can move out easily with all my stuff in my car in one go

  • My ex could get pretty cruel. 100% in charge of or that mouth yapped. She got quite spoiled as I made good money. She broke me down and I divorced her. She cleaned me out of money for another 15 years but it was worth getting out for my own sanity.

  • I think you have described my wife perfectly

  • She said those things with that audience to hurt you. She did it intentionally. Why? Because she's hurting, and she's able to convince herself that you're to blame for it. I don't know why she's hurting, and you probably don't know either. In fact, SHE may not even know. But it's always easier to lay blame on someone close at hand than it is to locate the actual source, or -- heaven forfend -- admit to ourselves that we are the source of our own trouble and pain. The fact that she keeps "making up" would seem to indicate that she's aware that she is causing a part of the difficulty. I would suggest going to see a marital counselor or therapist and making a concerted effort to determine what's going on and why, and then how you can both correct it. Together. It seems unlikely that seeking professional help would make things worse for you, and the possibility actually exists that it could make things markedly better. You both seem to want to do that -- make things better -- and so this may accomplish the desired result. I will pray for both of you, and for your family. Be well.

  • Let her go - you deserve better

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