My work took everything away from me

I graduated college with a BS degree. With limited options, I took a job with an Insurance company. Competing with other employees as difficult because they had gone to a better college than I did and because they had better degrees.

To offset this I worked much overtime and including weekends. Other people would be partying but I would be working. After ten years the Atlanta branch closed down but I was rehired by the same company in Tampa Fl. Tampa was blazing hot but I stayed there ten years and then this branch closed down also. I was offered a job with the same company in Charlotte NC.

I worked there ten years when my company shut down my department leaving me for a short time without a job. I was soon offered a position with our company biggest competitor. I was fifty-two by now.

After thirteen years with this company, I was retired on although the competitor didn't give me much money because I had only been with them thirteen years. On my sixty-fifth birthday, I received a much larger pension from my original company. Social security kicked in and I have three retirement checks coming in,

So what did all this work get me? Financial comfort but not much else. No wife or kids and no family either as both my parents are deceased and I was an only child.

I have been away from my hometown so long that no one knows me or if they do they really aren't interested.

Nov 5, 2017

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  • Work didn't do that. You did that. We all make choices every day. You made yours. Work didn't make ANY of them.

  • It’s never too late, go find a companion

  • When people say "it's never too late", they never stop to think about the long game. It's all very open-minded of you to say "it's never too late", but in some ways it truly is.

    A new relationship or getting a degree or taking up a new hobby is a VERY different experience at 50 than it is at 20, and no one ever takes that into consideration. Pretty ageist, but since that's not a fashionable -ism, does it really matter?

    The tone of this thread would be very different if OP had been black or trans, and that's because people are short-sighted and stupid.

  • ^Absolutely true.^ And as the Nike people say: "Just do it."

  • F*** outta here with your unthinking bumper sticker "encouragement"

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