I'm only 98% that my pregnancy belongs to my husband. I feel so horrible. I don't think I had s** with the other guy but I was drunk and it was a stupid mistake. how did I end up here? How can I make this feeling go away

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  • That is awesome. Talk about paying for your sins. For the rest of your life this is going to haunt you. Good Job!

  • Thank you for your nice comments.
    And you are right. It is your life and you have to live it. AT these times it might be very difficult.. But i'm quite sure it will improve for you. I can read from your short messages that you are a kind person who deserves love...
    Will you tell your husband? Or keep it a secret and let him enjoy his child?

  • I wish every one was more like the husband above me, unfortunately people aren't. I don't think anyone here can tell you how to handle this situation. You need to listen to your heart (cliche I know). If you listen to your fears and other people's comments it is only going to make things harder. How are you going to live with yourself if you don't do what your heart tells you is right?

  • If you are 98% sure that it's your hubby's than why worry? Plus if your husband loves you he should/will forgive you if he finds out that it's not yours. Maybe for your own peace of mind you might do a DNA test.. Anyway, I'm a husband and I surely would not care about that.... I would value for your actions in general and not for one mistake...
    People should be more forgiving and more accepting. Life would be a lot easier...
    Good luck.. And Merry Christmas..

  • 'bible thumper'??? Science confirms the zygote is a living human being and could not be anything else. I never mentioned religion as a reason to not kill the child. It is a human rights and civil rights issue. You may want to bash religion as a reason to kill it but that only makes you an idiot because secular science and civil law say otherwise.

  • ^ Why give the child a questionable start?

    You wanna keep calling each other names A******?

  • ^^idiot^^ Why give the child a death sentence?

  • Abortion.

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