Weinstein girls

Many girls use their bodies to their advantage. Some guys use their power. Doesn't worry me. I know it is not PC. I have no concern for the Weinstein girls.

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  • Agree, from the waitress with the first three buttons of her shirt unbuttoned showing a lot of cleavage hoping for a better tip to these actresses going to a man's hotel room hoping to get a high paying role in a movie. They all knew what they were going there for. But today you are just supposed to take their word because they are the "victim" and the man is automatically guilty just on their say so.

  • Glad you said it. I feel the same. Mayim Bialik said what you said -- in print, in the NY Times -- and was criticized and treated so badly that she finally had to apologize. FOR BEING RIGHT. You'll probably catch some of that here, too, but ignore it. I'm with you.

  • Finding men who have interject their sexual pleasure as a power tool over others is pretty easy to find. Women, cops and judges.... anyone who offers doing something for something.....

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