Am i the only one who thinks this?

Lesbians are weird

Nov 21, 2017

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  • What people don't know is that being gay was always treated as a mental disorder until the late 70's early 80's. There were psychology books written about it. Although same s** relationships are common in all mammal species, obviously it leads to a evolutionary dead end for species. Logic suggests it is a mental disorder no different than gender dysphoria or other disorders and should be treated as such. Yes, the person is born gay and it is a mental health issue that, for the most part, is harmless unless it leads to depression or worse.

  • I wanna f*** a lesbian today.

  • I like donating sperm to lesbians. One couple is pregnant now and another will receive my sperm this month.

  • I'm so jealous

  • A person's sexuality, doesn't define or foretell, what sort of individuals they're. Stop submitting your stupidness and ignorance!

  • ^This is true (minus all the damn commas. Seriously, dude.) Now somebody please tell that to all these Identity Olympics-playing snowflakes who expect us to honor and worship them for being whatever made-up gender they are today!!

    If I like or don't like you, it's because of who YOU are, not whichever kind of super-special _______sexual you claim to be this afternoon. Save your LGBQTOMGWTFBBQ s*** for the next "pride" parade which has nothing to do with actual pride.

  • Sheesh stop with all the commas already.

  • Happily, lol

  • Only the ones who hate men

  • ........and the ones who think they ARE men....

  • Which one's are you referring to? Do you know any personally

  • Actually yes I do know a couple lesbians who can't stand men. They openly say that they wished all men would just die.
    And yes, they are f****** weird!

  • Everybody knows them. They dress like men, cut their hair like men, act like men, and dominate their women like men.

  • You don't know everyone. So don't convey your opinion on behalf of everyone, as if you do.Do it only for yourself.

  • All of us are weird. Not just lesbians.

  • Good one mate..

  • Well said :)

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