Getting Too Exited Part 2

***This is the second of a two part confession because of character limit, the first part has the same title***

The Event:

The day was January 25th. It’d been more than a year since Debby and I had started dating. That day I went to her house for the first make out session since the previous one. I still had every intention to listen to what Debby has said and not do what I had done last time. When we got to her room she acted normal, and made an attempt to do something other than kiss. But my longing for her after not seeing her over Christmas drove me to it. I kissed her and she made little effort to stop. We made out on her bed again. My l*** for her was driving me crazy. I tried my hardest, my absolute best, but I came to a resolve: I’d make a small effort to go beneath Debby’s trousers, and if she protested AT ALL I’d stop immediately. I shifted my hand down, further, further, until I reached the top of Debby’s jeans. I motioned to her to make make her aware of what I was doing. Yet again, she made zero effort to stop me. I moved further in, over her underwear, until I reached the top of what must be her v*****. I kept moving downwards. It felt like bliss for me. I wanted to experiment so I moved all over, trying to get a reaction out of Debby. However, she was actively trying to stay as silent as possible to avoid alerting her parents. After awhile I stopped, pulled my hand out, and went back to making out with her. Soon, though, I became eager to find out more. I again when towards her jeans but this time I made an effort to go below Debby’s pants. As slowly as before, I crept beneath her underwear.

I still got no objection from her. So I went forth, and felt he unshaven pubic hair reach my fingertips. This was getting more exiting by the second. I reached further still and found the folds of her v*****, then the wet exterior. I played around for a few minutes, moving my fingers up and down her, and I started to see the effect this was having on Debby. She had started to breath heavier and was now really concentrating on making as little noise as possible. When I had had my fun I drew out of Debby’s jeans, now feeling her wetness on my fingers. I went back to kissing her for a while.

Then, I had an idea. Again, if she protests, then stop. I sat up and clutched her hand in mine. I then looked to my trousers. I made to move her hand towards them but, almost immediately, she pulled back on her hand. After a second, to make sure of Debby’s decision, I stooped as well. It was then I decided to continue with my experiments.

After some more kissing, I made to go back to her underwear. I reached in, and saw the same effect as before on Debby’s face, heavy breathing, but near silence. After some rubbing up and down, to warm her up again, I found her v***** hole. I think proceeded to push my middle finger inside. If it felt like heaven for me, I can’t imagine what it felt like for Debby. I continued to insert myself inside her again and again, Debby starting to breath even heavier. But before I could get ahead of myself, I stopped. I wanted to make this last.

I took my fingers away, and immediately Debby pushed me to the bed, and surprised me by straddling me, evidently confident in what she was doing. I felt the weight of her on the lower half of my body as she proceeded to kiss me deeply. I kept this up for a few seconds, then drew away. I grasped the bottom of her top, and pulled upwards. I could now plainly see her bra and erect nipples through them. I then reached round her back with both hands, and undid her bra. It came loose and I once more got to see her brilliant b******, now much bigger than the last time I saw them because of how much time had passed and the difference in gravity acting on them. I immediately grabbed and squealed them, and sucked on them. This was also having an effect on Debby. Debby had started rocking in place, almost dry humping me from it. After a while, I reluctantly drew down her top over her bra, and flipped her over, so I was on top. I then kissed her gratefully for a good while.

Eventually, I become restless, and reached down into Debby again. I plunged her repeatedly until, through her trying to be silent, I managed to receive a small moan for my efforts. I kept going, and managed to receive another moan, slightly deeper than the last. This was getting really good, but not wanting to potentially spoil anything, I stopped and looked to Debby. She used this opportunity to go to the bathroom to fix her unhinged bra, which was evidently making her uncomfortable.

When Debby got back we continued our snogging, then I, again, went to please beneath her pants. We continued for a while, and then, to stop our progress, the doorbell rang. It was my dad, here to take me home. Very reluctantly we walked downstairs, I said goodbye to Debby and I left.


Instead of that, the next day my Dad told me that Debby didn’t want to see me anymore and then said that she had told her parents about what’d happened and asked me what I’d done. I lied of course.

To this day I still don’t know how much Debby told her parents despite me asking since. However, I am truely sorry for what I did and I’ve used the experience to make me a better and kinder person, and have since had another girlfriend.

***Now say what you will and say what you think of me***

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  • No new confessions again!!!

  • Yep, it's disgusting, how long it takes for these people to act. They're a bunch of fish d****.

  • Find your moe, find your magic!

  • I was brought up to submit to men. My first boyfriend put his hand up my skirt. I was totally frozen. I did not know what to do. I could not push him away. I could not resist him. I went home and cried my heart out. Told my parents because that's what a good obedient daughter did. Next date was actually an arranged date and parents instructed the boy about what he was allowed to do and not do. Looking back it was weird to be standing there while someone talked about what they were allowed to do with me and I had zero say in it.

  • Seriously, you do realize your a*** don't you? What you are fortunate about her dad is not a father like I am. I would have brought an absolute shiitstorm down on you in a second. There is no question about that. Only God knows how bad I would beat the the low life s***** bag that touched my daughter as you did.

  • First. Don't say snogging again. It's a childish word that nails down your maturity to a 9 year old.
    Next, you KNOW she didn't make the serious advances. You pushed to see how far you could get. She might not really know what s** was and wanted you to stop. But she liked you and kissing was nice. Later she felt guilt and you were clearly the aggressor. You shot from first base to third base. Kissing, over the clothed fondling, under the clothes groping, nudity / s**. No home run. You pushed to third before she was ready?
    All the fooling around in the bedroom was bad. You clearly wanted to get in her pants. Just the fact you did it there makes it look like a sexual attack. You didn't ask for permission. You just quietly pushed your luck. People will think you planned on going all the way, all along.
    Next get consent. Ask what she wants. Not just see how far you can get putting what you can in her v*****.

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