A friend loves me

Hi, first, sorry for my bad english, and thanks for reading me

At the beginning of this year, a friend I've met on Internet a long time ago just told me that he got feelings for me. We are both mens.
The problem is I'm not gay or bisexual, and I have already a girlfriend.
He's 15 years old and me 19, we had never seen us in real life, he didn't ever have a picture of me.

He tells me that he knows this is weird, but he could never find somebody else like me, he never felt happier than with my company, and I'm the only person who can make him laughs and have fun.

So I explained him that I'm sorry I can't go with him, et cetera.
Since, we just done like if there was nothing, kept talking normally, and I thought that was cool.

But recently, he said me that he feels very bad, he keeps loving me, he thinks about me everytime, and he dreams about me... He wants to end his life cause he knows that I could never be with him, so he does nothing at school and he can't sleep the night...

I just don't know what to do, I can do nothing for him, he knows the situation will never change for my side but he keeps hoping that a day I would of him...

And... I like that he is interested by me, I don't wanna make him sad, but I like the fact that he loves me and he would do anything for me... you know what I mean... I'm feeling guilty...

What can I do to make him happy and helping accepting the fact I just want him as bestfriend ?..


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  • You are such a kind and nice person .
    Someone else maybe would mock the boy but you still like him and want him to be your best friend .
    It is logical to have feeling for you for your character .
    But you don't have to feel guilty you can talk to him and be his friend but if you don't want to be in a relationship with him then don't .
    It would be awful for you and especially for him .

  • You both need to accept you are not responsible for his happiness. You look after ypur own self Mister. Truthfulness to yourself will be honuring him too. Good luck!

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