I believe i am voyeur because i like to watch men and women and children and animas doing s** or masturbating.
But i like it when i am in front of the men or women or children or animals.
When i said ''children'' or ''animals'' don't freak out i'm not pedophile neither zoophilie i don't want to touch children or animals sexually but if i had the opportunity to watch them i would liked it.
Its preety to see pleasure and o****** in people's faces.
And if you think voyeurs are only men think again , i am female.

Dec 6, 2017

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  • Your hot as h***

  • I am the same way. I do love watching the same things. Men, boys, women and girls m*********. Especially if they do not know I am watching.

    Watching horses or people with certain animals is hot also.

  • I think that's hot..
    Not so much into watching men but woman children and dogs I'd watch with you ;)

  • That's f*****

  • I know what you mean, I have always made girls and women c** first when I f*** them because always makes me so h**** to watch a woman or a girl have an o***** that it makes me c** harder than anything

  • I'm like that, too, minus the animals. I love to watch people f*** in person, but p*** just doesn't do it as well. It works, I can still do my thing, just not as well. Lol

  • Omg i love watching others f*** iv had s** with my great aunt 68 and my obese super ugly cousin i love to watch horses c** and i always fist female horses i also spy on this 13 year old black girl shower iv also watched her f*** three dogs in one day she also likes to watch me c** im 30 but was being raped for years by my uncles wife loved it she was such nasty women

  • I would like to have s** with a female horse

  • You did when you f***** your mother

  • Interesting !

  • I know what you mean. I love watching p***, but it's just not the same as watching real life. I would love to watch my wife f*** another guy, but she doesn't understand and thinks I will get mad about it. I try to tell her that I would love nothing more than to watch a live p**** staring my favorite women. Some day maybe she will.

  • Same for me , if i had a boyfriend i would like to watch him doing s** with a guy. But no with a woman i would get jealous . But watching him with a guy i would get h****.

  • You really want to see your boyfriend take another mans c*** up his ass?

  • I would get h**** and wet but I would like to know that he loves me

  • I would love for you to watch me rub my c***, and shoot my seen while calling out your name.

  • To be honest i would liked it too !

  • No baby you're fine... You just need someone who keeps your facial expression like you're c u.mming yourself... Keep watching.... Stay wet till that hero comes and gives it to you

  • Thank you !

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