I think about killing/death an uncomfortable amount of times

Please don't judge me, so, I think about killing myself, I think about killing other people and animals, I'd never act on my thoughts, since, 1, it's illegal, 2, I could never act on it, since I know I'd back out before I did it or regret it afterwards.I think it's a kind of coping thing, it gives me a sense of control and power, I don't think of killing just anyone, I think of killing ones who have wronged others bad enough to deserve it, I promise I've never, nor will ever act on my thoughts.

Dec 27

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  • I’m a former police officer, I killed a ‘man’ who’d just killed his ex girlfriend and their 3yo son, he wounded 3 other adults then we exchanged lead, he lost. Justified or not, killing messes a person up! Don’t get me wrong, when I found the dead boy inside, had the neighbors not showed up to see what was going on, I’d have shot him until I ran out of ammunition.

    Go ride along with an ambulance crew, fire company or police department, death messes with your mind.

  • Have you tried creative writing as an outlet? These types of thoughts could work as a script in slasher or horror film. Just an idea


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