I hate Malaysian oppositions

I'm Korean and never ever visit Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysian oppositions are far-right fascists. Especially DAP. They have a governor in Penang, he is Lim Guan Eng. What did he do? He banned all foreigners to cook local food just because it ruins the origins. Malaysian foods are based on Penang, therefore lots of foreigners were used to cook at there. But then, the DAP governor suddenly banned it for that far-right reasons... and then, go find "DAP foreigner". They always complain about foreigners and the common reasons are "to protect local". How come this kind of party is called as "democratic" and "centre-left"? Go to Europe, no leftists or socialists make this kind of laws. Even in Korea, no such left parties make this kind of laws. If leftists than they should accept and protect foreigners. But how come they like that?

But the more s*** is that Namu Wiki (Korean version Wikipedia) is going to support DAP. I described the party as "far-right" as the truth but some people suddenly delete all things that described the party as "far-right". But the admins are supporting those bullshits and I was blocked for a lot... so I decided to quit the Namu Wiki, as it seems like they're also far-right...

Why do many people deny the truth?



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