I hate Malaysia

I'm Indonesian who living in Malaysia. I living Malaysia since 10 year old. Now I in university.

BTW, Malaysia is very unwelcoming to foreigners and international students. I feel happy when I was young. First time when I come to Malaysia I thought everything is good. Teachers are good, and I was able to make local friends. But I never realize that Malaysia is actually very BAD TO FOREIGNERS.

And now, I already be a university student and I realize, Malaysia is F****** RUDE AND UNWELCOMING TO FOREIGNERS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. My parents keep telling me that I need to earn my own money, so that I still finding part time jobs. But nobody wants to hiring me, because I'M A FOREIGNER. They keep saying "MALAYSIAN ONLY" and not wanna hiring me. I even ever saw a f****** shop that hiring a vacancy but they f****** say "NO FOREIGNERS". What the f*** man??? I'M NOT A TERRORIST OR CRIMINALS. I just wanna work here. Because Malaysia and Indonesia use same MALAY LANGUAGE I have no problem to speaking in Malay. But they keep reject me.

I have friends from Bangladesh and Nigeria. They also finding part time job but no one wanna hiring them, too. We are just a ordinary foreigner, NEITHER TERRORIST NOR CRIMINALS. But Malaysia is just F****** LIKE THIS.

Think before, those F****** MALAYSIANS if you at least come to our country or else go to abroad CAN YOU BEHAVE LIKE THIS? What do you feel if THEY REJECTED YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST A FOREIGNERS IN THAT COUNTRY? Why you always like this? LIKE F****** S****? Do you know that YOU F****** MALAYSIA'S BEHAVIOR IS LIKE A N***? THAT NOT SUIT FOR 21ST CENTURY?

Let's boycott Malaysia. We should boycott and against this F****** S*** FASCIST COUNTRY THAT HATE FOREIGNERS. SEE WHAT WILL HAPPENED. Later MALAYSIANS ARE THE ONE WHO WILL BE DAMAGED. BETTER WATCH OUT. We, proud to be as foreigners, F****** DISLIKE YOU, MALAYSHITA. B****.

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  • Where are you studying? im a foreign student in malaysia too and so far i find that Malaysians are nice. Im a Nigerian, studying in Puchong.

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