Wife was pimped out to mature friend

Through work I got to know a restaurant owner who is about 20 years older than me and we became friends. Quite regularly my wife and I would go to his restaurants and we all got in well. My wife liked him and he always made her compliments and told me what a lucky men I was.

When he and I met up on our own and had a "Boys Evening" we enjoyed talking in all graphic details abut s**, what we liked, what we had done, which partners we had and as he was currently on his own and was not in a relationship he enjoyed me telling about what happened between the sheets in our bedroom. He always wanted to know every detail and everything about my wife.

When he had the urge and need to get his rocks off he either went to a lady that offered massages with a happy ending or went to brothel in the nearest town or used escorts. He said that the best value for money was the lady with the massage and the others were far too expensive and a rip off.

He then said, "If you could arrange a little naughty session with your sexy wife, I'd pay you £1.000!" By then he knew th at we had done a few partner swaps and also had a few threesomes with other men. If you consider it and you can make it happen, I pay you the money and will regularly take you wife out shopping and buy her the clothes, handbags and other fancy items that every wife wants.

Over the next few weeks I slowly prepared my wife that we should perhaps try something more regular and that I would love if she could consider the possibility of more mature gentlemen. She would be able to give so much pleasure and bring happiness to somebody who really needs it. She was reluctant at first but then asked if I had anyone in mind. I said that I did not have anyone in mind but should just go with the flow when that opportunity presented itself.

A few days later I told her that my mature friend, the restaurant owner had invited us, for a private dinner at his house. She loved the idea and said that she was looking forward to it.

It was arranged for next Saturday and when the day came I told her that I would love her to dress up provocatively and offered to help her choose the outfit. It took a bit of convincing but in the end she had black high heels, nylon stockings, she agreed to wear no knickers, she work a tight and very short mini skirt and a beautiful embroiedered whit blouse which revealed her naked body underneath.

When we set off my wife said she felt very sexy and hoped that my friend would also be pleased and said that she was aware that is was practically unavoidable that my friend would get a pretty good view of her naked intimate parts but she would not mind.

My friend was delighted but also had outdone himself with the preparations. Everything was perfectly prepared, my wife just loved the wines and the food and when we moved to desert she was chatty and glowing and visibly tipsy.

My wife asked for the bathroom but when she stood up she asked our host to help her as she felt a bit unsteady. Once she stood both my friend and I realised that short skirt had risen up and over her pretty pert little bum and both of us admired her display of p**** and ass. My friend took her hand and placed his other hand on her naked bum and steadid her to the bathroom. He stayed with her while she relieved herself and she took no objection to him watching her and then we all moved to the living room where my wife and my friend sat on the sofa and I sat in an arm chair opposite.

My wife drank the amaretto sour that my friend had prepared for her and chatted how great the evening was and how hot she felt.

My friend then grabbed something from behing the sofa and it turned out to be a necklace and earring combination, very tasty, with great detail and diamonds and obviously very expensive.

He said to her that he would love nothing better than to spoil her, that he and I had talked and that I would have no objections and that she was under no obligations whatsoever. It was just his pleasure to spoil her a little bit as he found her so absolutely delightful.

My wife was buzzing from the surprise and all the attention. She said that I had a very nice friend and she was happy that we had talked about her but as my friend was being so nice that she felt that she would also at least go along with a wish that my friend would have.

My friend took his time and said that if she really would be willing to consider doing this then he had one little but slightly unusual wish. My wife said he should not be afraid and simply tell her what was on his mind. She would not be offended and if she felt she could not go along with his desire he would have to accept that she declined.

He then said that he took great pleasure from seeing a woman in the presence of dressed men, where the woman would only wear high heels and stockings but would otherwise be completely naked.

My wife looked at me, then at him, said nothing, got to her feet and asked to use the bathroom again. We helped her there, she closed the door and when she emerged she was naked except for high heels and stockings.

My friend then took her back to the sofa. More drinks were served and soon my friend's hands roamed over my wife's naked body and his nimble fingers stimulated her in all the right places. From there they moved on to kissed and to no holds barred making out and then my friend f***** my wife on the sofa in front of me for over an hour.

Two hours later my happy and satisfied wife and I left. In my pocket where £1000 and she had a diamond studded necklace and earrings to match.

There were quite a few repeats and several trips to shops. For every time my friend met up with my wife I got my reward. My wife has never found out that I had pimped her out.


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  • You’re the one being pimped out LMAO

  • My wife has been pimped by one of her old age friend to different guys, sometimes I used to took her to customer and wait outside so she can be f***** by the customer. I totally loved the thrill.

  • My husband owed money to a bloke and couldn't pay it so I let him and his 3 brothers f*** me. Debt is paid but I still let them f*** me

  • Love it! Does your hubby know you still let them s_crew you?

  • Once a married women gets extra c*** they don't seem to be able to stop lol

  • She has accepted prostitution from day one, she probably has many other clients

  • Great!

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