Friends wife

I work at one of the larger companies in town and have a few friends who work there as well, We had our company christmas party last weekend and ended up going back to one friends place after but my wife had decided to go home because she was pretty wasted and my other friends wife was mad at him so she went home, My wife urged me to go have fun and his wife told him to not come home hahah.
We got to their house with just the three of us guys and one guys wife, He has always said that in public she is totally different than in private, I have only ever known her to be a meek and mild, Soft mannered girl. Aside from that he has always said that she is a "Freak in the sheets" which i didn't believe but apparently it is true, She is maybe not everyones taste but i have always thought she is hot. She is quite a bit younger than us (She 26, us Ealy 40's) with fiery red hair, Tons of freckles, small chested and a short very slim girl but her butt is amazing. Small, Round and firm.
I have seen her in a bikini often and even though she is not the normal build i like she is nice to look at. We got to their place and she went to change, She returned in just a pair of sweats and a tank top, She is very small chested, Almost flat chested and seldom wears a bra so it wasn't a shocker or anything but she does have pencil eraser sized nips so she did have some big pokies, We were drinking and having fun when my friend made some comment about how hot her red hair and freckles were and her husband said "And the carpets match the drapes" this made everyone laugh and i could already see a different side of her, She was very talkative and not being shy at all.
He told her "show them", She laughed and said "They don't want to see that" and he said "oh yes they do", She looked at us and we both nodded, Probably drooling and looking like a couple of pervs sitting forward. She stood up in front of us and pulled her sweats down a bit just showing her pubic hair, She keeps it short and trimmed into just a thin racing stripe but it is as red as the hair on her head, I looked at him and he said "it's soft too, Feel it", i looked up at her and she shrugged her shoulders and nodded so i reached out and brushed my hand over it and was surprised at how it was actually soft, my surprise must have been obvious as she giggled and said "Your wife isn't?", I looked up at her and shook my head no, My other friend sitting beside me reached out and she turned her hips toward him as he brushed his hand over it and then her husband stepped up behind her and said "The best part is this" and put his hands on her hips and turned her around then grabbed her sweats slowly pulling them down her skinny thighs as she looked back and smiled, He looked at me and i looked straight ahead, She has an even more amazing little butt out of her bikini than she does in one, He reached around her grabbing her cheeks squeezing them, This time i didn't wait for permission and grabbed both with my hands, I looked at her and she closed her eyes and moaned as she put her head on his shoulder.
He pushed her back and sat her on my lap and she started grinding her little bum on me as i held her hips, she took my hands and puled them to her crotch as she spread her legs and from that point it was on, Pretty soon we were all naked and banging her on the floor in the living room, At one point she had all three of us in her, Her husband in her bum, Me in her vag and my other friend in her mouth.
At one point i remember her getting off and i remember thinking that there was no way that tiny little freckle face cutie could keep going for very long after that but she came at least once more and in the end she drained each of us to the point where the three of us were sitting on the couch limp dicked as she got out her rubber d**** and hammered herself on the floor in front of us, then got on her knees with her shoulders on the floor and me and her husband watched as our other friend licked her tiny little pink, perfectly hair free butt hole and slid her d**** in it, eventually we were all groping her then she rolled over and held her legs up while my friend pulled her d**** out and shoved his d*** in her bum while i pinched her nips and her husband jerked off, coming in her mouth.
she showered and dressed while we all smoked, Afterward it was like nothing happened as we had a couple more drinks and my other friend finally decided to leave, Somewhere around 3 or 3:30 i said i should go and she straddled me saying "One more", She kissed my neck and whispered "f*** me one more time", I looked at her and she whipped off her shirt sitting up putting her tiny little pink nipple in my mouth as she undid my pants, I am not sure how but she got me hard again and i pounded her on the floor with her sweats around her ankles and she came as i did and she moaned "God, i want you to f*** me every night" as her husband tried to j*** off on her chest and finally gave up.
I said my goodbyes and stumbled home, Sneaked into the house and showered, I don't think i have gotten it up twice let alone three times since i was in my 20's but i got out of the shower and was rock hard, I crawled in with my wife and snuggled up behind her pulling her shorts to her knees and as i rubbed my c*** on her she started moaning and breathing heavy, I slid it in her from behind and and she whisper moaned "Holy f*** you're hard" I got her face down and licked my thumb rubbing it on her bum hole which is usually not allowed but she seemed to be kind of getting into it so i got my middle finger wet and shoved it in her bum and she grabbed her pillow with both hands but didn't stop me, It took a little while but she finally got off and when she did she reached back pulling my hand away from her ass so i pounded her hard for a minute then pulled out and came on her back, She was breathing heavy and told me to get a cloth and wipe her off so i went to the bathroom and by the time i got back with a damp face cloth she was snoring so i rubbed my c** all over her back and ass and used it as lube to slide my finger back in her bum then fingered her bum for a minute before getting up and washing my hand and crawling into bed to pass out.
Next morning when she woke up we were having coffee and she said " night?", I said "Yeah...More so after i got home", She looked at me confused and said "Why?", I looked at her and said "You don't remember having s**?", She thought for a second and said "Oh yeah...Vaguely", I said "You don't remember?", She said "HA...Not really", I explained fingering her bum while we had s** and all she said was "yuck, you're so gross, Thank god i was drunk".
Best christmas party i have been to in a long time.


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  • Your friend's wife is awesome. As long as you just make sure the other wives are not around, it sounds like she will be up for more banging in the future. Be careful.

  • Red heads are by far the best

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