Owned by a girl

My ex totally humiliated me. We're in a tough area where fighting is ignored by teachers. Today was my ex's last day in our school, so at lunch she hit me with a brick at the back of the head to make sure I stayed down. I wasn't knocked out but I could hardly move. She then enjoyed 10 minutes beating the s*** out of the lying down mess that was me, and many people came around. She then in front of everyone made me kiss her shoes. The most embarassing moment of my life and I'm gonna get bullied so bad next year. She was pretty hot tho, but that was so humiliating

Dec 19, 2017

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  • She owns you and is going to punish you for every thing you did that she didnt like. i advise you to do every and anything she tells you to do .She is going to become more and more dominant. You think it was humiliating what she just did to you?? Wait till she beats you up and makes you suck one of her guy friends c***.She is going to use pain and humiliation to control and punish you . If I were you id go ahead and start dressing more fem and be more submissive.She hates you already and wont want you as a boyfriend ever again but if she sees you feminine weaker she might feel sorry for you and might actually want you as a friend since you are girly she will get bored of bullying you .

  • I've paid for worse tbh.

  • You let a girl give you that kind of beating? your a b****.

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