My Somnopliliac +sleepwalker husband

My husband of three years tries to have s** with me while I'm asleep. I usually wake up in the middle of things and am completely confused by his actions. I often managed to push him away and retreat to the bathroom to cry. When I mention his actions to him during the day, he seems completely unable to remember what he's done, like a sleepwalker. In some ways, this makes me feel like I'm being subjected to he actions of a rapist.... In other ways, I wonder if it's my duty as his wife to just accept his physical affection in any form.

It worries me that sometimes I don't wake up until he's already inside. Shouldn't I notice something like that?

What worries me most is that I'm not on any form of birth control and I fear a second pregnancy. We can't even make ends meet with our current accident child, much less another.

Dec 29, 2017

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  • Just let him f*** you it's the only purpose you have

  • That's a d*** response. :(

  • My husband tries to initiate s** when I'm asleep too. The thing is that he's asleep as well and has no idea about what he's doing. And it is seldom at a convenient time, like on a weekend. He is always trying to slip it in me at 4 AM on a workday or something.

    You just have to give him a hard shake and wake him up. It's not his fault, and he can't help it.

  • Your husband might has a rare syndrome that someone wants to have s** and trying to have s** while he sleeps . No you can't let him doing this if you are not in the mood that time , the fact that you are his wife doesn't mean that you are oblige to have s** with him whenever he wants without say anything . So might better your husband needs to go to a doctor or sleep in different rooms and yours better be locked.

  • OMG
    You can't be serious... maybe if it was a***

  • Let him do his thing.

  • Get on birth control and accept his c*** in you when ever he wants. It's you role in the marriage. He obviously dreams about f****** you, it's a complement he desires you so much

  • You married this man for better or worse. At least he's having s** with you and not someone else.

  • Nope. Marrying a man does mean a woman has to put out all the time.

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