I rarely cry anything other than silent tears

I know I sound like a crazy idiot with a flair for the dramatic, but I've gotten used to crying that way, I feel ashamed to cry out loud, even alone, it's been that way for several years.

It's pretty fulfilling though, in a sense that something really has to be wrong if you have to cry silent tears, and that facter alone, the silence of my actions, makes it as loud in some ways as a scream.

I'm in trouble, big trouble. God promised me a way out of this, and I trust Him. Right now I'm at that turning point stage though, where I wish that the third option was to quit all of this, my troubles, life and my very existence, and walk away. He must have something mighty planned. My story is often unbelievable. :( I did get myself into at least half of this.

Jan 14, 2011

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  • That's how it's gotten for me too, loud crying almost seems over the top

  • Why don't you tell me what it is then? :)

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