Millennial babies

The millennial generation b****** about how they have to work 16 hour days at 3 minimum wage jobs just to pay their bills and they still don't have health insurance. They want to compare themselves to the greatest generation for hardship.
Are you f****** kidding me. Let's break this down real quick. What bills do you have? House payment on a nice house, internet, cellphone, Netflix, Xbox live, and Hulu. Not to mention spending money on unnecessary things like PS4 and the games, Xbox and the games, going out to eat every meal, and purchasing an overpriced car in order to keep up with the Jones.
Do you know why you have to work 16 hours at 3 minimum wage jobs now? You spend a shitload of money on unnecessary stuff living beyond your means.
Now, why are you working a minimum wage job? Maybe you went to college and received a degree in social arts. What does that degree translate into as a career in the real world? I'll tell you what, absolutely nothing. So why did you go to college for that? You want a career, get a real degree or go to a skilled trade school.
When you work 16 hours just to get enough money to put food on your table without knowing if or when you are going to work the next day then you can b****. When you live in a 3 room shack with no power amd you have to go scrounge wood to burn just to stay warm, then you can b****. When there are no jobs for anyone and you literally fight to work 1 day to survive, then you can b****. When you watch your loved ones die because they have a cold and no money for medical help, then you can b****.
You have no idea what the greatest generation went through during the depression and I hope you never have to experience that life. So please stop b******* about how hard your life is and put a little work into making the world a better place.

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  • Starting with the millennial generation, everything is about "feelings" over rationality, how many Likes you get, and products that don't quite do what they they're supposed to but have really cute packaging, so that's okay.

    Now you know why a spraytanned narc of a failed "businessman" who needs intensive mental health care is in the White House, because he's been on TV and cares more about self-promotion than anything else. He is the perfect representative of how society "thinks" now.

    "Idiocracy" has truly become a documentary.

  • Feelings are important, but so is dealing with the unpleasant parts of reality. Pretending they aren't there will not make them go away

  • For over a century the FED, Wall Street and the federal government have conspired to drive our economy back to the stone age and now you blame millennial's for complaining about it? You come off as some spoiled old fart who has already taken your money from the ponzi scheme and has profited from job outsourcing while leaving the younger generation with the housing inflation, the s*** jobs, and and the national debt. FYI, you are the problem! Not the millennial's. They deserve much better than the economic wreckage that you're generation has left for them! Think about it!

  • Typical Mil. You are professionally aware of how other people have made life harder for precious little YOU, but you can't spell or edit to save your life. Just like a little kid who knows how to program CPS into speed dial but is too stupid to put their socks away without help. Behave like that little kid and you will be treated like it.

  • FOR THE LAST DAMN TIME... Millennials, you are NOT THE ONLY ONES dealing with this crap economy. You just have it stuck in your sweet, bubble-wrapped little heads that that is the case. While you make some good points, you are also reinforcing OP's point!!

    I have thought about it. And my conclusion is: Shut the f*** up. (Not that you will, but I will enjoy envisioning your tears from someone not validating you! Lol)

  • In your own words you said "they deserve". That's the problem. You don't "deserve" s*** unless you earn it. Especially self entitled millennials who think the world owes them.
    And you don't know s*** about me, so quit assuming you do.

  • I have a millennial that started work here 6 months ago. I have no clue how to deal with the entitled attitude. Makes good money and is always broke a$$.
    Just this morning he mentioned something about he had declared bankruptcy.
    I'm thinking well don't go buy 2 new trucks with fat payment books. Yesterday he took a company vehicle home. I know in his self entitled brain of his he thought that was ok to do without asking.

  • They don't want to do anything either. I have a girl on my team who's 24 years old and all she does is shop on line or bullshit on the phone with her friends all day. Then if you ask her to do anything, she acts like it's the end of the world because she is soooo busy.

  • I think they B**** maybe about the fact that collage tuition had gone up significantly within the last 40 years, in order to pay for the student loans they take out they need a job, but the jobs they need that would help support them financially are all in need of collage degrees. They also think that they deserve a promotion every week but that just depends on if their parents were actually good at teaching them the world isn’t fair and doesn’t revolve around them. A lot of millenials are used to having their parents help them in every way. It’s sad to see what that generation has come to.

  • Do they charge too much to go to a university? Probably, but there are less expensive colleges or apprenticeship programs. Just like some of them think they need a $500k home right out of college, they are too good for a fixer upper. Some of them just don't have real expectation or think about what is best for their financial situation.

  • Cry cry cry, look you made me cry talking about that. they gave me a ultimatum of shut up or zero. shape of s*** toilet water movie.

  • I think you are exactly what the OP was talking about. They are trying to tell you that life today is not bad, but all you can do is make stupid comments because they p***** you off with the truth. Congratulations for making the OP's point.

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