I'm 14 years old...
I say I hate when people give me attention. I tell people don't pay attention to me. really, I love attention. half the things I do are so people can notice me.
I'm an attention w****.

I hate my bestfriend. she's way too pretty, and she steals every guy i like. I think she's a s***, but I'm too scared to tell her. I'm also p***** off at her boyfriend. he's stealing her from me. She makes plans with me, and then ditches me for him.
I'm a jealous b****.

I make people think I'm naturally happy, everyone thinks I'm the sweetest thing. I get myself out of everything. I make people believe I don't like drugs. and I can quit whenever I want.
I'm a good liar.

I think i'm a s***. I've cheated on 3 of my boyfriends. I promise myself I will never do it again. I tell myself it's because I get tired of boys easily. really, it's because they're gunna hurt me anyways. why not hurt them first?
I'm a cheater.

I'm a black girl, pretending like she's white. all of my friends are racist, but I tell them I don't care when they make racial jokes.
I'm ashamed.

I say I hate talking about myself. just so people can say, why? I truely love talking about myself, it boosts my self esteem, which I quite frankly don't have.
I'm conceited.

I truely envy people who are vegetarians. but, I also envy people who have the courage to have eating disorders. I envy people who are all for "go green." I also envy people who are brave enough to steal.
I'm envious of the wrong things.

I blame everyone else for my unhappiness.
I'm irresponsible.

I want to believe that god listens to everyone's prayers. but, why doesn't he ever answer mine? I want to believe the world will change, but why hasn't it yet? I want to believe that all people have good in them, but why haven't they showed me it?
I'm a nonbeliever.

I look in the mirror everyday, and basically scream at it. when I walk around, I hide behind my hands because I get nervous around people. I wish I had the willpower to have an eating disorder. I love so many people, because I figure if I love them, they'll love me back. I don't think I know what love feels like. I say i'm outgoing, but I'm actually very shy on the inside. I talk way to much about myself. I wish I could kill myself. but, I'm scared i'll go to h***. I wish I was happy.
I'm very self conscience.

I'm 14 years old.
I'm too young to be having all of these problems.

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  • ^ i skimmed through it, to loooong

  • WAY too long.
    Didn't read.

  • It's a phase it'll pass. Try some new hobbies

  • i feel bad for you. teenage insecurity gone wild. never allow people to disrespect you. learn to respect yourself. be yourself. you're not white and racist jokes are harassment. get interested in yourself. find hobbies and interests that make YOU happy. "May all your wishes come true" is actually a chinese curse. Think about it. What you want right now is not what's really best for you. There is not good in everyone. Do you think Dahmer had a sweet side? God listens.

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