I want to have s** with a girl

I am not a lesbian but i saw a p*** video a month ago with women . There were 6 women and the 5 women of them for punishment put d***** and vibrator to 1 woman and sat on her face and pulled her hair and put their shoes in her mouth and pulled her head and put it on their chest and they put strap-on in her v***** and butt and the 1 woman yelled to stop . And at the end they left her faint and naked . I couldn't believe that i liked it and then i masturbated . Because this was rape ( a fake one but still ) and i am against rape and i had never sexually aroused with women before . Now i fantasize that if i ever had s** with a girl i want to be like that 1 woman on video . I mean to have passive stance . I want more than 1 girl , 4-5 girls would be good that are seems stronger with active behaviour than me . I can't even imagine myself having active behaviour , i am passive person by nature and since i was a kid i was passive . I am afraid sometimes that if i will be in relationship someday with a man maybe he will use me and hit me . But if this behaviour is only on s** then its okay i guess . This fantazy maybe will stay a fantasy i am too shy to do it this with girls .

Jan 2, 2018

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  • Do it, Do it, Do it...I waited to long and never did it with another girl until i was 39 and now i wish i would have started when i was 20, I could have enjoyed the amazing love life i enjoy now for a lot more years.

  • Girl i feel you, I’m not a lesbian but I’d honestly like to experiment with a woman. The rape thing doesn’t jive with me, but i can definitely see myself burying my face in a girls p**** and liking it 🤷‍♀️ I love d*** to though like a lot and i love being with a man. So it’s To each his own.

  • Some fantasies need to stay a fantasy.

  • That's true

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