Weak Links In The Womanhood Chain

I am embarrassed to be a woman sometimes. Not embarrassed to be myself, but that some randy donkey that'll poke anything breathing even tries to shovel out a load of crap with me to see if maybe the elastic band on my panties will miraculously drop off at first eye contact. When I was a teen-ager, older guys used to yell out their car windows at me to come over and talk to them. I wasn't flattered by it and I ignored them. What made them think they could yell out their windows like that and I'd actually come? But they kept doing it, so it must've worked with some girls, just not me. I'd get mad at the guys and those unknown girls for promoting their behaviour. It's like that.

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  • Girls never come over. Guys don't think girls will ever come over. Know how I know? One time me and my friends conducted a scientific expirement.

    We got five girls. Each girl was to respond to the various "hollas" from groups of guys they passed. Each girl had to respond to five diffrerent "hollas." You know what we found out?

    They never wanted to sleep with us. Ladies, if you respond, they will say they were "just joking." They don't really think we're going to have s** with them; they yell at us because they are trying to assert their sexual dominance, to scare us for their own amusement and to remind us that they can rape us at any time.

  • Love the first part of this but really "To remind us they can rape us anytime" are you thick shut up you feminist guys aren't the only ones who rape girls, girls can rape guys it happens less but it still happens it's called date rape and i hope it happens to you with a spiky mace.

  • Stop fantasizing. Oh, I forgot. You're a guy, you can't.

  • That is without a doubt the stupidest comeback I have ever heard.

  • Nope, size 40 is. Slim, pretty women can have morals too.

  • Allow me: You've used a wrong tense and your sentence structure reads to be missing some modifiers. Are your pants so suddenly tight because all the blood in your brain just flushed down south at the word panties? I bet that's the 40th time today poor beast.

  • o u mad? fatty

  • Correct the elastic on your size 40 panties exploded all on its own.

  • Way to go ! Keep respecting your self.keep your dignity!You will never be sorry! Have a wonderful and clean life.

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