I fuked a......

When i was 17 i had s** with a cheese savoury baguette, it happened in my towns shopping centre i was going home then as usual i had an urge, i found a place no one could see and did it. this is just one incident of my list of odd behaviour. i think these acts were a direct equasion of a deprived s** life, namely mine! f*** you bastards and world!!!

Sep 2, 2012

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  • This is hot. Describe it in detail.

  • Um it was a long time ago im bit older..... well i basically got hard and eased my d*** in it n started like masturbating myself with it and doing s** motions

  • I disguarded the baguette like a dog does a w**** after it f*** her p**** , i was on my way home from a programme to help me find a job :p. i have another confession, its in the school category

  • Its titled weird or h****....it should be at the top. i have others aswell. r u a boy or girl?

  • Sounds like you have a problem with chronic masturbation.

  • Lmao, yes i do, i can have up to 6 a day :) its fun, i love girls n c******

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