In my own world

People would say i am on my own world or that i am stupid . I get used to it so much that i can't feel anything . The only thing i like to do is to sit with closed eyes and doing nothing . I like to see my interior self . I like to live in my mind and thinking i fly up to the sky . I like to hear angelic voices and thinking that i fly to the sky . People from here told me to die because they misunderstand me for pedophile but i didn't feel nothing . Don't worry i want to die anyway but not for the reason you want me to die . Maybe if i was just disappear while sleeping and disappear from the world and people's memory who know me like i had never born . I feel like i am nothing and can't do anything about it than just accept it but i don't know if i ever accept tha fact that i feel i am nothing and other people seem to me like they are something . Tell me egoistic and jealous someone told this to me , i know i am but i don't feel nothing for this either. I kinda understand why some people end up doing drugs or alcohol. They want to get away from the world and from themselves too .

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