I'm not a perfect goody two shoes

Ive been married for 20 years & no I haven't been a goody two shoes through it .. I'm still struggling in a lot of areas or you can say I haven't really "grown up" because I've made a series of bad decisions & the thing is, I'm gonna continue making them .. Being faithful and committed often creates boredom & lets just say I have ways of beating boredom & if my wife knew about those ways all h*** would break loose .. Overall I work hard to keep a roof over my families head & food on the table it's just that, I get extremly bored & burned out on family life .. Yes I love my wife but the reality of it is that it doesn't blind me from being attracted to others and it doesn't stop others from being attracted to me .. so yeah I don't belive in calling any woman a side chick but it's hard to keep a normal friendship with a woman if they are incredibly sexxxy w/ a beautiful ass & they constantly telling you how much of a crush they have on you .. therefore i didn't choose to have a side its more like the side chose me & thats how I'm livin ...

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  • What do you mean "bored and burned out on family life?" Elaborate

  • You just described millions of men

  • Yes and this is why the word is doomed.

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