I f***en Hate ALL Russians .

I hate'em with a passion. Every time i see a stupid Russian Hoe dressing like p*** star named Natasha or a drunk-t*** named Vladimir or whatever, i just want to throw up...and yes they are all ethnic Russians, not a minority (Kazakh, Bashkir, Armenians.....ETC) or other Slavs .

Russians are rude and cruel . They are ill-mannered and conceited as they are infesting my country Germany. I work as a dentist and Russians are the cheapest, rudest a******* I have ever met !! And it's not just one, it's EVERY Russian that comes in. They smell like they just got out of a swimming pool of sewers too, and I f****** hate their gross accents. Ugh. I feel so damn temped up to beat the crap out of some Russian dude i live near by .

There is so much violence and it is well known that Russians easily lose their temper.

F Russia and all Russians, All of'em should be deported back to their Great Russian, not only from Germany but from all Europe. End Of,,,,Period.

And yeah,,,their women are arrogant and stuck up b****** .

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  • You live in Germany and you hate Russians. Some things never change.

  • True, as Russkies are untermensch compared to the supreme Germanic Race.

  • Blacks and dark skinned are hated by Russian men because many young Russian women, raised on a diet of p*** and butt s** from their teens, secretly desire foreign exotic c**** for a***. Call It the russian man's p**** envy or revulsion for their own women's inherent matriarchal whoredom. I will say this - Russian women are the #1 reason why Russian men drink and smoke so much. Their women simply don't care for them. A*** doesn't count as s** for them because they don't get pregnant due to it. This is why you see Russian women chasing or slutting it about on their vacations abroad and spreading disease to their own men. What happens abroad, what happens to their ass on bed with foreign men, doesn't count once she's back home. She's back to the traditional, femininity, refined girl she will put on the mask to be to her own men and foreigner alike.

  • The biggest danger Russians pose to the world is through prostitution, their lack of morals,deceptive matriarchal ways and women. The traditional moralistic Russia you read about in books died with the Tsars, it's never coming back. Its a mafia state, run by oligarchs and matriarchal closet whores. The head of the Orthodox Church is supposedly an ex KGB agent. It's uncommon to see one place abroad of Russia where Russians have infiltrated to - either on holidays or on work - where they haven't corrupted through black money, mafia, prostitution and drugs. Thailand, Bali, Mediterranean, Egypt, Cuba, Europe, Dubai, Greece, and other parts of Asia are just examples of that. And the influx of Russian women is the first step, if Russia will ever rule the world, it will be by sending it's whores throughout the world to enslave and corrupt men through disease and leave them as a husk in the end, just like how they've enslaved their own men through generations. That's the first step and often most effective one, even more effective than its nukes.

  • T's common to see words like "Blyad (w****), suka (b****)" exchanged among Russian girls when they convo even among girlfriends. Not only among couples during fights. Because whoredom is part and parcel of Russian society and culture for generations. Their own Empress Catherine of Russia was an imperial s*** who promoted her lovers to top posts during her reign, and had her own girlfriend "sample" them before. She's idealized as a great empowering role model for women taught in schools in history to young girls. So how would you not expect these "educated" women not to resort to those ways when they grow up, when their own Queen was a hoe? Doesn't matter if she's traditional or Orthodox, even those traditional values and religion couldn't prevent Catherine from slutting it about. This is just one example.

  • 6. The authorities put a temporary ban on condoms in 2015 to deal with rising AIDS numbers saying people should abstain from degeneracy!? In a country where social prostitution is a cultural acceptable norm since 1922 for EVERY woman at some point in her life and women start having s** in their teens, often within the family or relatives! Whoredom is a matriarchal custom passed down with every generation from mother to daughter there.Talk about AIDS control.
    7. The authorities don't care about women over the age of 30 or women suffering from STDs. They're happy to export them to foreign countries to spread the Russian virus. Russian women would rather have s** daily and die than learn self control.

  • 4. Butt intercourse (a*** s**) was given the green light by the authorities during the FiFa world cup because women were only warned not to get pregnant with exotic men. Their president himself said that Russia has the best proostitutes in the world.
    5. AZT pills (used for HIV infection) is easily available on the black market in Russia without prescription for 20$. Young women often carry it in their handbags thinking having it before an unprotected sexual encounter or doing drugs will protect them from HIV infection.

  • Some facts you need to about Russia:
    1. Highest population of AIDS, syphilis, Chlamydia, HPV and gonorrhea carriers in the developed world , and among white nations. The first two spots go to South Africa and Namibia. The worst cities/ provinces in Russia with this problem are St Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, and Irkutsk. The whole talk of Orthodox Christianity, traditional values, femininity is all a sham designed to fool western world (and men).
    2. The average divorce rate is 60% and infidelity percentage is 40%.
    3. Butt intercourse is the most preferred and searched activity on internet among both men and women alike in Russia.
    Pornhub stats on Russia in 2015 revealed it forcing the government to shut down access to it.

  • Russian men are often aware of this, so they instinctively turn to illegal money, violence, vodka, promiscous s** to "compensate" for this. Deep down, they all know Russian women are all whores and s**** who often have no souls even if they may present an " emotional heart of this. They've seen their fathers, brothers, friends and sons cuckolded by the matriarchal s**** they're saddled with in their country. They know that every Russian woman will have three types of men in her life : the "husband" type with whom she's gonna act prudish, refined and dignified , and the lover who'll f*** her senseless for free with whom she sees no future, and the rich "sponsor" who'll cuckold her main man by paying to treat her holes like a c** dumpster which will be justified by her as "work". This is the truth among 90 to 95% of the female population there and is socially acceptable because this is the trend passed down through generations there. A foreigner will not understand this but once you dive deep you'll understand the mating mechanism of Russian women (a cultural trend what they've unfortunately passed on to the women of other states of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc which was under their control before.) A Ukrainian woman may be more uncouth and less "polished" in the way she does this, but a Russian woman will do this "gracefully" maintaining her facade of femininity and culture. However, it's the same s***, just different smell.

  • Russians are the worst scum of the earth. Wherever they go, they take their diseases with them - lying, cheating, AIDS, HIV (Russia has the third largest population of AIDS and STD (Chlamydia/gonorrhea/syphilis carriers in the world after South Africa and Namibia which are both third world nations). Over 1 million people suffer from AIDS in Russia and this population is rising thanks to the government's blind eye to the problem and the rising popularity of a*** s** among both men and women. The possibility of finding a Russian woman who has not had her a*** f***** at the age of 20 is like 2%. They start f****** in their teens in their buttholes that's why their a**** grow large but are unfortunately are full of STDs. Rocco Siffredi, most famous male p*** star in the world, himself said that the recent outbreaks of HIV in the p*** industry is due to the influx of Russian pornstars who infected everyone. Just look at Adriana Chechik the US Born pornstar of Russian descent. That's how your typical Russian woman behaves when she throws her "traditional" mask.

  • Russian people, and in particular Russian women, are the most outrageous self contradicting women on this planet. True, gold digging, slutting about, prostitution, lying, cheating, racism etc has existed since antiquity among all races but Russian women are the masters of this - it is simply ingrained in their DNA and blood. It's no surprise that a hoe will raise a hoe, and Russian women all exemplify this and they pass on the s*** gene to their daughters from their mothers with every generation. It's a matriarchal society, which poses itself as a tough patriarchal society on the surface. It's actually a meme. No amount of superficial "traditionalism", "femininity", house making skills is gonna change the inner s*** present in every Russian woman. She's grown up seeing her sisters, aunts, girlfriends, mothers do it - either openly or secretly - so she will do it too when the occasion presents it conveniently which will be justified by her with her own logic - she did it for "love", poverty etc. And you will often believe that because she will present her Orthodox Christian values to fool you. The truth is every time you have s** with a Russian woman, she plays you or "games" you, not the other way round. She's grown up seeing how other women in her country have perfected the art of playing men from generations, so don't ever forget that.

  • As a man who was born at the end period of soviet union – I can say – it’s one of the best and objective articles not only about Russia, but the whole area of ex soviets. In families here is almost always a matriarchy. And it’s very rare to see patriarchal couples. And as article says – is abnormal how many judges and other important positions are taken by women.

  • They are ugly wh*res with fat faces . Yeah, they are thin to begin with
    because they’re starving in their country. Wait until they come to the
    they blow up faster than you can say Shamu (it’s a whale, in case you
    didn’t know). They dress very tacky thinking they are stylish with the
    most atrocious ensembles
    and everything out of their mouths is a lie, starting from their
    schooling right down to their “training” of various things they claim to
    be good at or well-versed in. They also have zero values when going
    unavailable men. Yeah, that’s somebody I’d want to make my wife, a
    slutty opportunist who turns into a fat creature once she turns 25.

  • You smell like jealousy and Insecurity…Actually no, you STINK!

  • They are not jealous at all. That Russian narcissistic delusions makes you think. Like you do when somebody call you jealous I’ll deny it. And yes denial of that in that case is undeniable proof they aren’t jealous.

    They just attack you because you are totally retarded and delusional. Your comments show how much ”beauty” you have in your inside and outside. So stop humiliating yourselves.

    American women aren’t dumb to say ”You are jealous.”. That’s what autistic children use when bullies make fun of them. You are a joke, you will never be capable of jealously. Stop trying to reflect your jealously to othrmers, it’s unhealthy habit.

  • No its you who smells like jealousy and insecurity !! why don’t u guys stay and rot in communist russia instead of flocking to the US and selling your cheap selves to our men…….

  • Because our toddler of a "president" has made it trendy to get peed on by their h00kers and railed by their leaders, that's why. The same teatards who love to whine "socialist" are AT THE SAME TIME now all "better Russian than Democrat", because fvck critical thinking skills! LMAO

  • You sound like a jealous girl …no offense…there are more b****** in USA….and USA has many nations mixed …and this is only russia not swedish polish german etc. get it straight and dont be such a hater 🙂 they get 2nd place in b**** land with ukraine

  • Another delusional racist fuckwad. Yeeehhawwwww

  • American women are trashy. period.

  • I always complain about Russian women. We hate each other. Russian women are cold rude dominant career oriented b******. I’ll date only South American and Asian women

  • Most of Russian chicks are dumb and really trashy/classless. all they care about is money. American girls are more refined, classy and loyal to their men. and not gold diggers like Russian chicks

  • I was attacked in russia becuz of my black skin

  • I am absolutely against western values coming into Eastern Europe. Western values are degenerate and counter productive. Having said that, not -beating your wife is NOT a western value. Beating a woman is something condemned in the whole Slavic world and SHOULD be punishable by law. A man who beats a woman is a lesser man. This is the first time im disappointed in Putin

  • You Russians talk about Russian culture and Russian family, but your economy is shrinking apart, your population also. You are the same as Ukrainians although you fight each other at the moment, maybe you belong to each other... You're still the same. I don't see UKR in EU, No, Never! I'll take care of you, Russian bastards!

  • I agree with op. add that monsters and nazis are protected in russia, This is horrible video i was in youtube.. pitiful. A police woman mocking a woman who was being beat by her boyfriend?? Then he KILLS her?? nuke russia, such a disposable race

  • Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 116. (in the edition of the Federal Law of 07.02.2017 N 8-ФЗ) (see the text in the previous wording) Poboi or other violent acts that caused physical pain but did not result in the consequences specified in Article 115 of this Code, committed out of hooligan motives, as well as on grounds of political, ideological, racial, national or religious hatred or enmity or motivated by hatred or enmity in a social group, - shall be punished by compulsory labor for up to three hundred and sixty hours, or by corrective labor for a period of up to one year, or by restraint of liberty for up to two years, or by forced labor for a term of up to two years, or by arrest for up to six months, or by imprisonment for a term of up to two years.

  • His is another ''feminazi'' myth and lie spread on media this past few weeks.. Everyone is claiming russia allows this, but it's a lie, and I am not pro-putin at all believe me he should be in jail if you ask a lot of people who follow world news... but this topic is a lie, Russia only made it so women cannot have men arrested by hitting themselves and blaming the man (i have seen this in America, women always can easily get any man arrested, you may not see this but ive seen it a lot with hateful women trying to lie to get a man in trouble). The story lies, the women can record and prove they were hit and the man still gets arrested! Horrible and biased feminist reporting.. almost all of the lies and myths feminist groups talk about are lies that have been debunked and proven wrong at least 10 times each. Especially the women pay gap lie, or the CEO women myth. Women just work less, they do not apply themselves to business and work like men do, they stay at home and live off the breadwinner fathers.

  • So police world wide are garbage. Yeah in NYC if your skin is brown the 40,000 police will stop and frisk you, every year they stopped 600,000 black and brown people and 10,000 white people. Stop generalizing ! idiot .

  • What is she talking about? I grown up in Russia and I personally don't know any women who got beaten by a man. At least I never saw anyone with bruises like this. I'm sure there are Russian men out there who abuse physically women, but it is not common! Stop lying about violence domestic culture! Make a video about middle east or Africa where there is a real violence!

  • F*** off you russian w****, i am a white polish, i lived in middle east nd north africa, if you lay your hand oon a woman, the big brother or daddy will kick your ass, or the police will throw you in jail unlike in russia

  • Zionist media is destroying Christian Nations by spreading false news about so called family abuse . All this is fake news

  • I hate women because my Russian mother beat me hundreds of times, she is monster like majority of Russian women. Russian women are extremely aggressive, they usually beat all men (husbands and boys) in Russian families because of Communist matriarchy. In many Russian families women savagely beat boys so they become maniacs! Sarcasm

  • GAy

  • Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Russian patriot, defender of the Orthodox faith, bare chested action man, used his ex-wife for judo practice.

  • I am not Russian but wtf... why is the Russian state going backwards? I am soo angry at those a$$holes. They beat those women to pulp, so now who is supposed to return the same favor to them? Is an egalitarian society a taboo thing in Russia in this 21st century?

  • All the pro Russia fan boys are upset about op. People think domestic violence only happens in Arabic countries or non white countries but that is far from the truth!

  • This makes me want to move to Russia, girls who've been through this who finally find real men tend to be the nicest, most loyal, most honest women there are, plus Russian girls are pretty, and tend to be in better shape than western girls.

  • So what youre saying is that if you beat a woman they become better people?. Wow

  • From what I see here and on my local news TV channels in Australia, I can say that there is less domestic violence happening in middle eastern countries.

  • 14,000 domestic deaths damn every yeear in russia

  • Russia just keeps looking better and better. Neo n*** revivals, facists patriotism, homophobic government policies and domestic violence epidemic.

  • Then move there, MAGAT! You're not wanted here.

  • Ha ha libturd. More like YOU should move there instead. After all, intolerance is a key feature of your kind, asshat.


  • So many people with russian friends told me that russian men are the most voilent towards their women (wives and girlfriends), and treat them horribly. it can also be depicted from the mass raping of german women during the capture of Berlin and on the other hand, no matter how cruel Nazis were, they were are not allowed to harm women by military code.
    So it shows that Russian are very voilent towards their women,
    and also they have 100 women to 86 men ratio, bcoz of which men get a little special treatment which adds to voilence against women,

  • Whilst far from being a uniquely Russian problem, domestic violence is shown to be far more widespread in the former USSR than anywhere else in Europe. Culturally normalised, domestic violence claims the lives of thousands of women every year, and is showing no signs of abating.

  • Support Russia from the Czech republic! :-)

  • F*** RuSSia from Czech republic!!!!!

  • F*** russia

  • Trying to be polite so will tell : "Sexual act with Russia from Canada"

  • The things that Russia supporters dont wanna know... Russian foremans bully workers in Kazakhstan. Russians dont speak a native languages in post soviet nations just Russian language.Because they are so proud. Russians have own city in city of Prague.Imagine a strange nation build a city in your country.And construct another in Germany. Russians thinks they are only victims.But they are dominate power in world and have a many nations under they control. Russian goverment have same goals like USA they both cooperate. Russians thinks they freed Europe in WW2. No they were part of war and they occupied nations for years.

  • I can see this thread is over flooded with brown Ukrainian cockroaches and Butt-hurt dumb pollacks , Don't worry when we Russians are done with Chechen and Georgians we will conquer all Slavic nations to create great Russia .

  • Why is "Mother Russia" the name? Because the Russkies have no b****


  • You are stupid lol

  • Lololololol stupid ruskie fuckwad

  • Der wimmin r golddigers

  • ITs because their country was poor

  • So ur saying ur country was once poor so now all the women are gold diggers. So was every country at one point in history. But their women did not turn out to be gold diggers. Sure Russians are beautiful, they might even have a degree. But if they r so smart why don’t they get a job instead of clinging to a rich guy. Fine let her marry a rich guy. Be faithful to ur husband at least. But most Russians divorce just to take half of the mans wealth. This is sick. So no, Russian women are not faithful for life. ( I dont want to generalize….. i am sure its a few narrow minded women who ruin it for the rest) . Instead of trying to defend them, u should probably write an article telling them to be more independent instead of hitching a ride to the top with a rich guy

  • Deep down, Russians dont like foreign people in their country.

    Hundreds of years of history have created that mind-set!

  • Is that so, u americunt fat b**** ?

  • They are imperialist a****. They are harrassing smaller countries and have done so for 100s of years. and they have not been punished for example the invasion of Finland and the baltics.

  • I live there. I am a schoolboy steel. I am very sad for my country. It crushes. I just see that main enemy(US) of Putin wishes Russia better things,than own government. Propaganda is everywhere,especially in T.V.. Laws are really against of people. Very little salaries(500 USD per month is average). No freedom of business,word,opinion. Individualist are hated. Only bydlo is prefered. Adult people hate America(especially if they're state's workers),but young persons have better opinion about it. It's scary place to live. Need to escape from here the faster the possible.

  • F*** you russian b****** !

  • I spend some years in different countries (5 in Germany),(10 in Ukraine ),(12 in Poland ),(3 in France ) (half year in Swiss ),(1,5 in London U.K. ), and my last destinations was Russia Moscow.. what I can say On my own experience I never never in my life before ( I hoooe not happens I feature ) meet so much fake, angry and aggressive people as I do In Moscow + of all of this you get some much of bad quality water food and ecology and climate,one world to say about Its Real H*** in Europe! Maybe there exist more worse people and another worse things somewhere in world but keep yourself away of Russia in Europe to compare its h***! ( and well yessorople in russia more Asian mentally )

  • All of you who are saying such horrible things about Russia are pathetic, probably brain damaged by your own propaganda people. Russia is the greatest country in the world, with richest culture, most educated people in the world and most progress oriented. All of you are extremely jealous of Russia for its achievements in science and any other area of technology. The first person to ever fly in space is Russian! Mendeleev who's chemical table the world is using is Russian... Not enough internet space to describe the greatness of Russia! By the way Ukrainians and Europeans are the ones who drink the most vodka in the world. We won WW2 if not us half of Europe would speak German! So take it please! Yes we are the best! And we do not care what you think of us, we are way above it!

  • I bet 75%+ of these comments are made by Americans. I'm a PROFESSIONAL RussiaN

  • Of course they are Americans, all they can do is yapping non stop, stupid low level nation, with no culture, roots or GOD

  • Tjere is a god in america,and they created all the culture in the world, stupid moterfucker

  • Hate Russians and Ukrainians! They are nasty and disgusting! Ukrainian and Russian women are nothing but prostitutes! They know how to turn a man's life into h***! Stay away from Russian and Ukrainian brides because you would be marrying nothing but a used up prostitute who slept with hundreds of men for $20. I know them because they admit what they do to other women and laugh at the men that they fool!

  • I have never in my entire life met a pleasant Russian. I've been subjected to internet fraud and banking scams, as well as computer hijacking. All by people I thought I trusted from Russia. Why are most Russians such fraudulent asss?

  • The biggest liars in the Earth. They talk much about Soviets fighting with Facism, while the Soviets were with Fascists at the beginning and they've invaded neutral countries.

  • Hi to all, I am from Moldova, of course I would like to love russia and other xountries as well..but... you know... because of history and because of a lot of russians that today live on my Motherland, disrespect my country, disrespect my language ....why I think this? Because we have some russians that live in Moldova for 30 years and they dont even know to speak my language that is romanian..if I ask these people smth in romanian they will ask me in russian : what? Can you speak russian? And look at you like a dumbass... of course people are different... I would like to love russians..but why?? The only russian I realy respect is Andrei Tarkowski. :)

  • To h*** with all countries, from Russia

  • Good russian is dead russian

  • Why is Mother Russia the name? Because the Russkies have no b**** And we know that since 60 years. They needed 16 divisions and 2000 tanks to crush our revolution, but weeks after on equal footing they fled like cowards

  • Oh pls die you porki piece of s***. 

  • Love for Russia, from Pakistan.

  • Love for Russia, from American MAGATs blindly following their man-baby icon.

  • F*** u paki c***

  • F*** Pakistan too

  • F*** RUSSIA! and porkistan

  • Death to Rus

  • F*** pakistan, wahabi b******

  • Russian army is weak? Want proff first checen war the Russians got owned by civilians

  • What's about russian culture? guns...working...guns...working... other things? nothing.

  • Россия всегда будет сосать

  • This is a m************ English forum, spk English u idiot

  • No pig language allowed

  • Speak english you russian s***

  • DEATH TO ALL RUSSIANS! from The Netherlands

  • Are you high or something? What did Russia do to Netherlands? 

  • I don't like you, because you're really stupid for listening to all that propaganda and thinking it's true. Also Putin will die soon, and everyone will forget him, but hatred for russians will stay in the world for a long time. You shouldn't support Putin.

  • Your separatist rebels shot down a plane with 200 Dutchmen, and now you're asking what did you ever do to them!?!?! 

  • Ahahaha! I've heard this bullshit. Did you also believe it without having any proof? Then ask yourself these questions: 1) Why was Russia blamed for that before the investigation even started? 2) The cockpit was shot from the air. You can tell this by the damaged wing, that was scratched on top, not of the bottom. 3) How come when Russia claimed the proof, U.S. and Ukraine refused to provide it? 4) Every time Russia brings this up, U.S. and Ukraine try to change the subject. Do you and people like you ever think, when you watch TV or does TV think for you?

  • Ho many russians were killed by Lenin and Stalin? Stalin killed millions of ukrainians, poles and moldovans, russians only have take benefits from it. Russians is a nation of Pigs ho dare to praise Lenin and Stalin 

  • World can be a better place without them

  • I do understand you, I studied in Moscow and was really shocked by how cruel people are in this country with each other, it seems they live just for treating bad each other, saying painful words to show how they succeed in such things..They were calling me "Angel", even though I was explaining to all that I m a normal person, they are anormal..Then I moved to France where polite, kind, unlike russians people are living and forget thanks to god about existence of this nation..Now in my workspace appeared a russian girl, so different, so arrogant, so cruel as if it comes from forest..I wonder why I can't say such things about other nations but only about russians and russians...Maybe really it is time to become human?

  • Is it true that if a russian chick is carrying her purse over her shoulder that she is a h***** "on the clock"?

  • ....they are always on the clock dude, just be prepared to wash 'em down as they ain't that big on hygine if you know what I'm sayin'

  • Funny as h***

  • And you'll end up with a baby mama wanting to get married for a green card. cover your dip stick and don't be a dip stick.

  • Agree with u

  • F*** russian wife beaters , they are as as Chinese .

  • Fck westren people, they r ugly pieces of sht, thats why they write such garabge abt russia, we will nuke the west and eradicate all central asian scum like chenchen, armenians etc. god bless russia .

  • Russian people are UGLY! if you visualize their .heads men and women who are russian their heads are oval like the shape of a nerf football very similar to a AlieN that's because whites are AlieNS" they dont belong on our planet. time to be a quarter back and start kicking their heads! no nerfs allowed. SAY NO TO NERFS!

  • Russian men are ugly Russian women are ugly you all are an ugly putrid pee hair smelling race. That's why you guys are racist. Nobodies.

  • Spoken like a true pure Russkie .

  • I hate russians, their culture is so evil. and she will have a hard line on everything you do and say. Having a opinionated woman on your arm is exciting, but she will feel free to express her opinions any time she likes. You may feel as though you are talking to a brick wall, and you will not have the opportunity to be with a soft woman.

  • I`m russian too, and i feel shame...and fear about future of russian people and my own future...
    sometimes i feel like Jew in berlin 1938 ..too many people around me - become a true war propaganda zombies...agressive and totally mad....they hate all world.... exclude zimbabve and north korea (our best friends today - what a shame ) ...
    russian TV - is a total facist s***.
    they talking about facists in Ukraine ,but true facist - is Putin....
    he sold all my country ....and his propaganda machine - transform my citizens -to something evil.... like in n*** germany in hitler times....
    i really fear the future....

  • I hate russians more than any other people. I would laugh if all countries in the world got together and bombed that country to small pieces, and then shared the country area with each other.

  • Though I'm Russian myself and live in Russia I have to admit that Russia is a degraded country in all respects and Russians are really a repulsive nation. There were days when I was proud of being Russian - now I'm badly ashamed of it.

  • I really hate russians i hate that smelly country they are so awkward their culture their food .........all of it really annoys me.....do a search on them look how they act and look

  • U r f****** a****** racist ... u smells like a s***, their culture and their food is best for them motha f*****.. dont mess with them ... they will rip off ur ass and make u begger on a busiest street of moscow :)

  • This comment just puts russians in a worse light. You should repay bigotry with education and kindness, not hateful threats.

  • Russians are f****** rude and arrogant.

    I just returned from Vietnam and I have found the Russians to be extremely rude and arrogant.
    While at the beach one day a Russian removed my beach towel from my chair and placed his towel sat down. . When I politely told him in Russian that was my chair he told me to sit somewhere else. Well my short temper arose and I picked up my towel put some rocks in it and told him he'd better get off of my chair immediately or i would bust his skull. He got the message and left the beach with his wife I'm sure I ruined his day. I certainly wouldn't let him ruin mine.

  • Cmon, stop judge Russians by moscow/st.pete. pff, its like judging americans by NY citizens. ull get the worst expirienced you can get in whole Russia if you visit moscow/st.pete at first time.

  • If they weren't so rude, they may have not killed so many of their own and people of other nations - they are the only culture which is more aggressive against other world peoples than the US.

  • I went to Russia to attend university when I was 17. I learned the language so well that I can now pass as Russian. In all honesty, I have never met a Russian person I could actually get on with, not counting ethnic Russians born elsewhere.
    In general, they are rude, highly misogynistic and have the feeling their opinions are asked for (even when they're not) which makes them openly criticize you about things that are of no importance and have no bearing whatsoever on life itself.
    As an example, I was told numerous times that something I was wearing didn't suit me or that I shouldn't smoke or that I had bad posture, bla bla bla, the list could go on endlessly. I don't see the need for this type of behavior. Yes, it's rude, and no, it's not 'honest', because it's just your own highly subjective opinion which is best kept to yourself.
    I also hated the fact that everything was about looks, people insulting each other to their faces and behind their backs...Russians are very mean-spirited people and will bully anyone if given the chance.

  • I didn't bother even to read about Russians but I will tell you gays Russians rude and not friendly people. They all need something from you if they smile and talk to you nice. I have been in theirs country and my look shock them! They are all so unhappy people. I am sorry for them. Pure those people who have colorful skin, Russians just thing they are not humans. Russians give to them name "black bottom". I see that Russian people extremely racist.

  • F*** them, Russian people are downright rude. i can't describe the dis respectfulness of their behaviour. i had to live with about 10 of them during my work and travel and it was not a pleasant experience. they would huddle up around the table and talk about my bulgarian friend and i. and i know because the bulgarian girl understood some of what they said and could translate. they drove me and the bulgarian girl crazy during the 3 months. at one point i literally wanted to fight one of them but people encouraged me to keep my cool. even one night the bulgarian girl wanted to past one of them and the russian girl stood side ways, wouldnt move and pretended like she didnt see her. the girl had to squeeze past her to get through. they are rude and inconsiderate. it's the first time i met russians and i have nothing good to say about them.

  • Russians are a*******. I live in NY in a Russian neighborhood and these people are a nightmare. I also work in a hospital and they are always fighting with us for something. They have a 1:00pm appointment, come in at 9am and demand to be seen. We explain to them what appointment times are for and they just wave us away like we're the ones being ridiculous. They also always try to fight for free transportation and say "Please, help me....I come from Brooooooklyn." As if they traveled 18 hours to get to the hospital. Pathetic.

  • I've just heard some complains from my English friends about Russian people being very rude on holiday in Egipt. They weren't pleasant not just by not smiling or not using or never replying to an obvious 'hi'. They literally phisically almost grabbed and moved or pushed people that are on their way in the corridor or shop. This is considered as aggresive valiation of private space in most countries. I'm Polish and I tried to defend Russians and explain all those cultural differences. The complexes, hard life, lack of international experience. Some Polish are simillar but Rusians have their pride on top of it - strange mixture of feeling very important and feeling portraid as bad and poor in american movies. I ve seen Russians in action on a coach in Rome pushing and banging on a front seat because she did not have space to cross her legs. That was just sad.

  • I may feel myself that some sort of abstract rudeness is more common in Russian culture than most others, but the last commenter was ridiculous and parochial in mentality:

    "The taxi drivers do not smile" --Taxi drivers most everywhere do not smile!!!

    "people on the streets just like to stare at you without a reason"
    --That is far less true of Russia than other countries! I can say that either you stuck out like a sore thumb (which is probably your fault), were being loud and annoying (definitely your fault), or you had bad vibes and are overly sensitive.

  • I live in Finland and would have to agree that the majority of Russians I have come across are extremely shallow, self interested people, bar maybe one of them. Sorry, but this is just how they behave. For one I have never met a single Russian that did not smoke. They all follow a desperate stereotype of what is assumed to be trendy (Perhaps a mad rush to catch up with what is wrongly perceived as new age) and it just comes of as simple mindedness. I once dated a Russian girl who was shocked to hear I played video games. Only the nerdiest of losers at school in Russia play games! She was also baffled to hear that I had not taken up any form of martial arts training. It appears that in Russia all men are supposed to train to fight/box (because they are men and that is manly)and a women's priority for the most part in life is to look pretty...such a culture that is so hyper aware of status and power is so vain..It just seems that even when you scratch the surface of a Russian, a nice one at that, there is still very little there. Perhaps this is the 'lost generation' that we refer to which is the result of being born in between the changing of political ideologies. Just my honest two Euro cents about the issue, thought I was the only one who noticed this behaviour.

  • I was born and grew up in Russia, in the very heart of it: Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). And it was often very obvious to me that most people around me were very rude. Not all, but in their mass, Russians tend to have bad manners - and it is not because of our "different culture", as the author seems to suggest here, but because 'proletarian' manners, intolerance to others' opinions or desires, lack of consideration for others was cultivated for a long time during the communist regime, while isolation and difficult life exacerbated the problem. Hopefully the nation will overcome it as it becomes more open and quality of life goes up.

  • First off, i am not racist. second of all i come from a very diverse background but consider myself to be an american. third, russians are the rudest, dirtiest, cheapest, smelliest, meanest, most horrid people i have ever met? they'll skip you at the supermarket because theyre in rush, they'll pickpocket your grandmother, theyll let their dog s*** and not clean it up, theyll shoplift and pretend they dont speak english, they scam the govt for foodstamps and public assistance while having a shitload of $ in the bank. before you respond like a total uptight ass, i have plenty of russian friends and they too will admit this:russians are vile, greedy, disgusting people.i dont know about all over the world but i can damn sure say this holds true for the ones who live in brighton beach, brooklyn.nuff said

  • In fairness without living in a community you cannot know anything about them. If anyone believes Russians are per say rude they would be absolutely correct! I live in Moscow, the propaganda, nationalism and xenophobia is incredible. The state controlled media everyday tells one country or another is against the motherland, but Putin will save them. So take that mentality then add low wages or tips and WOW you get bad service. Who'd have thought?

  • Im a european born american. i've never set foot in russia (unfortunately) but i have come to know *a*lot* of russians, most expats, through my life. a few of them even became close friends. the interesting thing is that *every*single*one* of them are to a varying degree rude cynics who instinctively assumes the worst about just about their bosses, politicians, even their neighbors.

    while not IMO a pleasant characteristic, being a rude cynic doesnt make you a bad person anymore than being loud and obnoxious (yes, that stereotype does fit quite a few americans) but it certainly is a national characteristic that fits many if not most russians.

  • I agree, also they stink

  • I am sick of reading the justifications of Russian rudeness. Russian people are rude, vengeful, disrespectul people. The only polite Russian people I've ever come across are "Americanized" Russians who assimilated into the American culture.

    I live in a neighborhood of Russian-Jews and they are so rude. I've seen these people NOT make way for elderly people on the sidewalk. They will also jump in the line at a grocery store not respecting the rest of the people waiting.

    I am so glad there is an awareness of Russian-rudeness in this country. I also hope there will be an awareness soon of the fact that Israel and the Russian mafia run the United States.

  • I hear a lot of comments from friends and collegues that when they meet Russian tourists in countries like Egypt, Turkey and Thailand, that these people are (for the most part) incredibly rude. They will ignore a line of people waiting to be served for food, and head for the front of the row. Doesn't help to say something about it, they just seem to shrug and go on.
    Off course this isn't true for all Russians, it can't be. But I've heared it from a lot of people experiencing this.

    I know the Russians are a proud people, but do they feel themselves superior to others? And so not bound to (unwritten) rules that apply to others? Or is there allways chaos in Russia, and no waiting lines?

  • Hot russian girl? oxymoron

  • That is a very weak rationalization. Every Russian I have ever met (admittedly never in Russian) is as inconsiderate as possible. Just last week, a Russion physically pushed his way to the front of a souvenir stand at the Beijing Olympics to but a pin. Why can't Russian tourists stand in line (queue), Mr. Sociologist?

  • Hey buddy, we already went over this. You report some facts and some opinions. ;) In my opinion, Russian women can be pretty controlling once they get their hooks into you, but that's just my opinion. Or is that a fact? haha.

  • And you were wondering what became of the Neanderthal Man? It should be obvious by genetic study that he moved North into Russia. That is the reason that they can't count beyond 15 and they stink. They know what the wheel is but they still haven't figured out the thing about soap and water. So many diseases in the world come from Russians s******* their animals.

  • I met a Russian woman once and they stink to high heaven dude! Everybody called her Hairy. Something to do with her back.

  • Your mom must smell like ten Russians the way she pounds vodka around the clock - what a drunken bum....

  • Well Tiffany, you know that if you stink worse than the Russian you wouldn't be able to smell someone that stunk a little less than you.

  • A bunch of useless immoral idiots spreading your evil filth around the world and causing chaos in every situation that you can take advantage of. Rotten stinking ruskies should be barred from entering the United States on the grounds of impossible morality. You have no idea about what honor is and spread your filth everywhere.

  • Obviously some people fail to get the big intelligent picture of mankind. But they believe that some monkey bones found in Africa prove something. But they don't even consider the extremely large population of human beings in the Mesopotamian Valley all the way up to the border of Russia between what is now the Black sea and the Caspian Sea during the stone age when manking was still not even able to produce pottery. Jericho was built during this period of time. People should read a little bit more about archaeology before deciding blindly that we evolved from anything. Humans adapt to their surroundings animals do not turn into other animals. The archeaoligical record will show that we came from somewhere in the region between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. Noah's flood was real and the entire bible is true. We were created.

  • It should be a policy that we have a person who can explain to the Russian diplomats what the bath tub and shower are for and teach them how to use a modern toilet. And the women! OMG! give them something please! At least shave the hair off their back and use some deodorant! I mean it's no wonder that Ivanka likes Russia. She fits right in. Where the men are men! and so are the women!

  • Could smell something this morning that was rancid and had a feces smell to it. I looked to see if something had torn into the trash last night and I looked up and there was this Russian standing there. Stupid look on his face. What idiotic people. Das Va Danya mf now go back where you came from. Evil freaking rotten people. Spent so much time destroying my life for a few dollars with their kkk Donald Trump Commrads. I wonder if they would give us $10.00 for Donald Trump and his family. We could sell them to the Russians and they can take their doghouse with them.

  • Russian women are ugly

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  • You got to be a Russian troll.

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  • Why are blacks inferior to whites?

  • Simple: Negroes are not Human.

    They are a failed sub-species of humanoid, but they stopped evolving and progressing tens of thousands of years ago.

    Negroes lack that 4% of Neanderthal DNA all actual Humans -- Asians, Hispanics, Whites, etc., have in common.

    That's why they have such low IQ's and fail at everything.

  • The common BM ain't being judged for skin color, but judged for their behavior. I generally don't declare any gender/race to be superior to another gender/race but the problem is, neither are BMs despite his "propaganda" all over the web.

    if BMs were, they'd be becoming happier, not angrier and should have taken over the world by now, with the stories y'all tell. Like a member of your own brethren (LL Cool J) said, "Shakespeare couldn't tell... a story that well".

  • They haven't fully evolved yet.

  • Most blacks that got white in them don't even associate with regular blacks contrary to popular belief obama did

    actually his daughters probably don't even like black guysl ike the white dna is so incompatible that it just stays away from regular blacks..

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  • The Russian bytches fly to Florida to drop their anchor babies.

    While Trump rails against U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants, his Florida properties have become a playground for birth tourists from Russia’s upper crust.

    It won't bother your kind.

  • At McD's yesterday, this older Russian women comes walking down the aisle and shoves me out of her way!
    Russians: take notice: If, there is another occurrence I will drop any gender! The law states: harassment defined as a kick-punch or slap.
    I have a bad back, and it's painful to be shoved. Fkr eastern block moron Slovak idiots anyway! Once they know we will not tolerate rudeness, they will learn manners!

  • You need a taser, I heard someone sprayed pepper spray on someones cart when they walked away from it, and when they went back to their cart and touched it, OOOO .


  • You "heard," huh? No, you didn't. That's not how pepper spray works. Moron.

  • Just returned from Moscow, Russia. I can't think of the words to describe the trip and no it wasn't great.
    People there were so rude and unhelpful, they hardly speak english although me and my boyfriend were lucky enough to meet a couple of russian who could speak english and friendly too.
    The hotel we stayed in The Peking Hotel, the staff there were unprofessional. We haved booked a double room for two nights, but when we checked in, they gave us two single rooms each for one night! Thankfully this matter was resolved the next day after we checked out of the single rooms and we got our double room but that room looked as if it hasnt been used (or the cleaners were very quick to clean the room!)
    SIghtseeings were wonderful, they were the only thing we enjoyed. On our last day, we couldnt wait to get back to our home country.

  • I'm an Indian looking fellow. British born and all that.

    Our here in Cyprus. Stunning island, been to all the best beaches, Nissi, Fig Tree and Konnos etc.

    The hotel we are at there must be 80% Russians. It's Fukin crazy to be honest. They all looked p***** off, women have their fake eyelashes on in the pool and kick off when their designer hair gets wet.

    They never say hello. Also because I am tanned to heck and already of brown skin they just stare at me trying to place me in terms of exactly what species I am. It's actually hilarious....

    Maybe it's education on their part, I gather a lot live in remote places but having done research I gather Russia alone is propping up some of the euro countries economies.

    The hotel staff hate em, the taxi drivers hate them, my Cypriot mates who live hate them.

    If I started going on about the kids who are practically feral and up till 1am I would be here all day.

    Right back into the water I go!

    Note for next time, avoid Russian tourists.... I'm hoping they ain't saturated Koh Samui as we will be visiting there again next year.

  • I had the same in Sharm. They'd push in to the drinks queue and just say 'rum cola' very loudly until they got one. We played a guessing game around the pool as to whether the middle aged overweight russian was with his wife, mistress or daughter...

    Not the best of hotels!

  • Dubai used to be like this, I haven't noticed it quite so much in the last 3 or 4 years, perhaps they've decided to holiday in Cyprus? laugh

    Incredibly rude, without humour and tacky beyond belief.

  • Cyprus and Greece are favourite spots because of the ease of access to western Russia, and also the shared culture (Orthodox).

    The good news is that, as mentioned, the staff hate them, and that means they end up liking the Brits more than before. As above, look after the staff, and they look after you. We went all inclusive in Crete a few years back and just had to be near the bar to be served our normal drinks at a table. The Russians had to scrum (they can't queue) at the bar.

    Also Cyprus allowed Russians to buy EU passports by investing €250k - easy.

  • Are you sure they're just not a bit dubious about your choice of swimming shorts?

  • There were many Russians in the hotel where we stayed in Sharm a few years ago. The only thing I really noticed was that unlike us Brits, they have no concept of queuing at the buffet, and will take everything as if it was never going to be replaced. A bit off to begin with.

    I did my usual thing - be friendly to the catering staff and they'll look after you

  • Had this in Turkey a few years back at an all inclusive place. They would just barge into the front of any queue then take all of what was on offer, piling it onto several plates then go back to their table , eat a mouthful then leave the rest. Utter utter wkers.

    Always looked grim constantly pushing people out of the way , if you didnt step aside when they were coming through you'd get shoved into a hedge or in a few cases I saw the pool.

    Staff hated them and wouldnt serve them at tables and made them go to the bar and they werent allowed to join the entertainment - pool games, archery etc at all.

  • Many moons ago I was on holiday in Sharm, the Russian's seemed to love that place back then too. Very odd holiday makers IMO, miserable, angry, confrontational, "us and them" attitudes and frankly rude on times. The hotel next door to us, which we were told was 100% Russian was the most morbid looking hotel the world has ever seen, right up until around 11pm by which point I assume they were all ass holed off cheap Vodka, then the hotel turned into a mental 1980's rave with the worst/loudest dance music the world has ever had the misfortune of hearing.

    Bizarre hotel that one......

  • I am a friendly guy and always treat people with upmost respect. I have travelled the world and have made many friends. Russia was a bad experience to me and I was merely just giving my own version of events to the original poster

  • All tourists should avoid russia until they develop manners

  • Russia is the worst country in the world. They think that they can invade any country without any consequences, and after that they expect the good relations with that cpuntry, for instance Poland. Russia in the WW2 without declaring a war, invaded Poland, saying that they want to help Poland to help fighting with germans. That is Russia.

  • They think they're the coolest. They underestimate Americans by far. NEVER FORGET HOW MANY WARS WE HAVE WON AND KICKED SERIOUS ASS IN.

  • Russia is always a threat to it's neighbours. Greedy bully pretending to be a superpower with the budget the size of small Netherlands. Laughable

  • Hate Russia because it's killing people in my lovely beautiful peaceful country - Ukraine.

  • The most HORRIBLE humans there are! They are all over Europe during summer holidays and they are rude, incredibly selfish, very opinionated, very vain (in the most ugly way) and take over wherever they can (restaurants seats, sun beds, taxis). I drop when I see them coming and the locals absolutely HATE them. I have yet to find one who will say please and thanks. Leave them in Russia away from everyone and let's protect the Gay people (who Russians beat up daily in Russia).

  • Arrogant p*****, no dreams and goals in life, cursing a lot, don't care for the government and where their taxes are going, aggressive, corruption in the whole country is considered normal. There's big gaps between very rich and very poor. You need connections to be someone, not skills. Also war criminals. Worst country for sure.

  • The Anastasia website, is yet another one of those dating scams, that profit from innocent peoples misery and loneliness. All the women on that website, may be prostitutes and have unhappy marriages to feed their children etc.

  • I don't know why everybody hates Russia. I know Stalin was bad and maybe the Soviet Union was too but if the western world can forgive N*** Germany, they can forgive Russia. They do know what they did is wrong and they regret communism now. Russia is an amazing country and I love Russia. The problem is USA not Russia.

  • Yeah, but Russian refuse to acknowledge their mistakes and change for better as opposed to Germans, there lies the difference .

  • Country of uncivilized, uncultivated, dumb haters, xenohobes, terrorists Gas-filling station country which gets money selling oil and gas, nothing more that money goes to oligarchs, that's why the only more or less nice cities are Moscow, Saint-Petersberg and a couple (2-3) more. The other part of Russia doesn't differ much from some 3rd world country somewhwere in Africa, the villages are ruins, dirt and rubbish everywhere. Definitely, Russia is the third world country with a button to nuclear bomb, that's it. And nowadays the whole world sees what they do in Eastern Ukraine, kill, rob, and deny everything.T.V. propaganda completely brainwashed Russia's population transforming it into a dumb bunch of haters. This country has no future, when oil comes to its end, Russia's end will be soon. Now we see oil's prices fall down... Putin is the terrorist �"�1 after ben Laden, I hope this failed "empire" od evil will pay off for all the blood, victims, pain and evil they have done to their neighbours.

  • Dude I can not express my hatred for Russia, they are the worse people ever and I wish Hitler ended them before he killed himself.

  • F I lived in Russia, I'd rather kill myself than live in it. Right now I'm a Lithuanian, and my country has been a part of the Soviet Union. Honestly, even hearing the Russian language makes me feel angry.

  • At least Americans can express their hatred of their own country. Anyone who openly challenges Putin is often assassinated or receives threats. He constantly violates international airspace, and he has called out America's "imperial ambitions". Hypocrisy at its finest. He annexed Crimea and is taking a jab at Ukraine now. Literally a fascist copy of Stalin. Not to mention the homophobia in Russia. Socially and technologically, Russia is a fairly backwards nation. It's disheartening to hear how brainwashed it's people are as well. They support an authoritarian, imperial government while their economy crumbles. I hope one day it will change its ways so that true peace may flourish

  • Fck off u western imperialist pig

  • Russia was ruined by communism. It destroyed Russia's culture. It also has made it's neighboring countries h***. It also helped ruin millions of lives for the people in East Germany. And they have killed more people then the Nazis ever had. They are also the reason the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster happened. Putin is also a j*** and is very corrupt. And they built crappy aircraft. I wish they'd stop taking over Ukraine because it's not there's. I feel bad for the Russian people, they don't deserve all the terrible and corrupt governments they have had.

  • Vulgar individuals... The new riches of the world, buying their a*** off when going overseas... Can compare them to those disgusting and trustless Indians... Just watch them wearing those expensive clothing with that pale skin and those rounded faces... Pd. Nazis in Russia? Please!

  • Russians are stingy, racist, mean and unfair people that's why I hate the

  • Fawk u westren s***

  • Holy crap you all are dull bigots who clearly have too much bias in their hearts to have a single opinion. I don't even understand how you all can even think to put Japan and South Korea on here. Japan is probably one of the greatest countries in the world, and South Korea is extremely nice and hospitable. The fact that you all are just trying to be edgy hipsters or nationalist bigots disgusts me, and I'm from the US. Russia should easily be #1. Not only do they have one of the worst histories in the world, what with Stalin and all (the only redeeming factor of their history being Catherine the Great), but they are extremely racist, homophobic, and over all bigoted people today. Their culture seems to be a fad today, which saddens me. People, behind that very thin line of culture they have is a dark place which you would never want to delve into.

  • They are liars. They lie about everything. Russia have in every country their spies and they are manipulate other people. Don't trust in any word from Putin's mouth. Russia is like cancer for the whole world but some countries don't want to realize it.

  • Russians has historically deep complexes about being backward and underdeveloped in comparison to Western nations. It has lead to development of hateful attitude of Russians to the developed part of the world, and extremely arrogant view on smaller nations, especially those once being part of Soviet dominance. At the same time Russians form main part of non-educated, criminal-minded, alcohol addicted lower social class in the countries they have immigrated and forming "Russian-speaking minority". It is difficult not to hate them.

  • They think that they are over all. They humiliate other nations. They copy other ideas (technologies, films, music... ) and then state that they are original

  • How is Russia not number one! Russians are rude and disgusting! It should be illegal for Russians to move any where else but Russia!

  • Totally agree. Russians are one of the most opinionated people in the world. They are h*** bent on everyone for their own faults. They are a language police when people try to learn their own language. They look at other countries in a very sarcastic and rude manner. They need to be isolated and be kept to themselves.

  • N*** genocide against Russian dogs is hoax, even it happened, it was justified .

  • Kill em all

  • Eh, ya... so, I have been dealing with alot of Russian Models lately. I have been getting negative vibes from them. Remember, I am in NY so it might be different. But a typical Russian girl to me, sterotypically consists of...

    1. Tall
    2. Always giving the vibe of better than you
    3. Very confident
    4. Don't usually have attractive boyfriends, always a shorter guy that looks like he has alot of money
    5. Always giving the cold shoulder
    6. Impolite
    7. Impatient
    8. ALWAYS smoking
    9. Have an expressionless, intimidating face that looks like they care more about a sewer rat than you.

  • Russian love stalin even if he f***** half of em

  • I agree .

  • You are so right Russians are animals they love violence they crazy people stay away from them they are very bad people

  • Try telling that to Apricot Antichrist or any of the tear-streaked pyromaniac sisterfuckers dumb enough to still think highly of him.

  • Russians are awesome.
    Vodka is awesome.
    FPSrussia is awesome.
    If I could be any nationality, it would be Russia

  • Fck ruusian dogs, never such a heartless, rude. arrogant, ego cenric, selfish, greedy, and volent sons of b****** in my whole life as much as Russian dogs , nuke Russia / period

  • I agree with the OP. I am a Thai and I remember the first announcement that Pattaya would be transformed into a family destination, and I'm putting my neck out here, but I'm going to boldly state that the Russian influx into Pattaya has ruined the place. Other nations populated the place but it retained its charm, apart from a few Brits, mind you.

    Now, you see couples strolling with kids for f**** sake, which I think is a waste of time. Yes, its revenue for the city, but what they are sacrificing is your good, honest, old fashioned s** tourist. No wonder many are heading for Cambodia. And it is still a little bemusing for the s** workers, who don't expect a man they hope is looking for 'boom-boom' to walk into a bar accompanied by his wife, kids and shopping bags. It doesn't mix.

  • The Russian men never smile do they? Looks like they're having a lousy time.

  • The russians are my biggest gripe about pattaya these days. Not because they ruined the naughty bits of pattaya but just simply because they are in the way all the time. Everyday you see the sidewalks clogged up because 2 russians decide they cant take one step to the side and let people pass as they stand there talking to eachother. See almost every day in tuk tuks how they take up space enough for three people while you have people standing in the back who would prefer to sit. Just going for a stroll these days can be a pain with russians makeing it a pain every step of the way.

  • I am a white American and my black friend described Russia as A living h*** on earth. First they spat angry words at him. Then they struck him in the face with an iron bar, knocking him unconscious.

    The men who jumped the Ivory Coast migrant at a crowded Moscow train station last November did not rob him. But they damaged his jaw to the degree that doctors had to install a metal plate to hold it in place. It took Bazie four months to raise the $3,600 to undergo surgery.

  • Wow sorry about ur friend, did he complain to the police ?

  • Long live i hate russians thread

  • Not as fuuny as i hate chinese thread

  • Indeed, they have a stinky breath, i will never kiss a Russian .

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  • Better to kiss a dog then a Russian.

  • Did you know having s** with animals is legal in sweden?

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  • They threw bananas at me in moscow

  • Solution,, africans should get out russia, and treat the russians in africa the way they treat africans in russia. An eye for an eye

  • Most of Europe has no use for a negro. So pull your pants up, comb your nappy head full of lice and move back to Africa!

  • Why does every russian man does each day ? drink vodka, beat his wife, sleep with hookers and kill animals, disgusting .

  • Kill all russian mofos

  • I agree with OP, fack all (r)ussian animals, these people r subhumans, they beat their wives and yet they think its a sign of love !!! my ass you russian dogs, it a sign of hate .

  • Fck russian animals

  • I don't hate all russians, but i met so much stupid people from Russia (no offense) in MM... They're talking theirown language and don't give s*** about others, always shouting and trashtalking. I understand that there are stupid people from all nations, but most of retards (that i met during MMs in both CS and DotA) were from Russia.

  • IM from vietnam and i gotta say that Because of their: driving, attitude, ability of not speaking English, respect to nobody..should i go on ??

  • Numerous things they do, driving like 30km/h under the limit, not using a turn signal, parking places where you're not supposed to (and leaving emergency lights blinking) and so on.

  • It depends on people, not the whole nation, but i have to agree with you :\

  • Feel free to share some anecdotes :)

  • Probably because of their aggression towards other people, its normal in Russia but people from other countries get offended and therefore hate on them. Just a guess though. They are also very disrespectful when on holidays in foreign countries, trashing hotels, shouting, etc. I'm pretty sure Russians are even banned from Cambodia and parts of Thailand because of their behavior.

  • If you live in Finland, you will learn to hate them. Especially near the border.

  • One thing about them that totally p***** me off is that they talk russian. For f**** sake you are playing on European server,try to f****** learn english and communicate with others. There are just too much of them so they talk with each other and "troll" others on their language,this is so pathetic.

  • Russians deserved to be hated

  • Because your country is pathetic - allowing groups of people to kidnap and torture people as young as 14 for being gay. Your country is a pathetic joke for a modern society.

  • Russia -> Animal Planet xDD

  • Suck my d*** (c) Ron Jeremy

  • Is it delicious ?

  • And the rest of the world respects Russia?! World hates and put up with them because of Gas and Oil. By the way , respect was only then when Russians had Mendeleev,Dostoevsky,Tolstoy. Churchill once said that "Russian's promise and word costs as much as one piece of paper." And back in a days when Old Georgian Kolhida exhibited word "Russia" did not exist in History's books. And if you think that you are a REAL RUSSIAN please take my advice , take a look in a modern history book and you will research that true Russians nationality does not exist. I'm at least proud of the fact that I'm a child of a country with a huge history and I prefer to be a slave of a hole Europe which has a huge history and culture as us and slave of America too , which with it's efforts and will created one of the strongest democratic country in the world , RATHER THAN TO BE A "FRIEND" of those people who are called pigs in hole world. Remember this quote "Tell me who's your friend and I'll tell you who you are" and I won't be pig. Otsasi cyka !)

  • Did you really INDIRECTLY ask us to remind about WW1 and WW2? Oh right, there is probably propaganda in Russia to hide this shame.

  • Do you also hold WW1 and WW2 against all germens alive today?

  • Germany admitted its faults and don't run propaganda to make entire country to be proud for world scale oppresions and genocide.

  • You're sick. Consult with a therapist.

  • Your nation's is sick with megalomania and instead of me all of you should go consult with a therapist.

  • Jesus, just stfu

  • Y u stel my salut et toi y u do des guy ples no dnt do des ples

  • I hate rusians they drink vodka like water because potatoes from which vodka is made was the cheapest vegetable available in their country,

  • TRUE STORY : READ CAREFULLY...Russians are sub humans...end of story

  • Those s*** you're talking about, are you sober? or is it just after you make love to your gay boyfriend?

  • Russia is Russia, you can do nothing

  • AOTHER TRUE STORY : YOU ARE....an idiot..end of story

  • Nukerussia#

  • The Russians I had the misfortune of meeting were rude, aloof, arrogant, ignorant and loud individuals who drank themselves within an inch of death; and all the Russian women that I have met looved money... Their women are ridiculously over-rated too. And they are everywhere like some kind of plague

  • Same experience here

  • Just don't like Russians. Cold, rude, ignorant people. Their women seem like gold-digging control freaks and their men come across as ill-mannered bullies. I just want them to stay in Russia. Yikes.

  • No wonder Donnie J is so in love with them :D

  • If they don't have regular body odor then they smell like vinegar or cabbage or something!

  • In soviet russia cabbage eats you

    So maybe you could use the few brain cells you have and take advantage of the knowledge I have given you now. Oh, I am sorry. You probably do not have a brain. beep boop beep.

  • That would turn me on, brb bonerin'

  • B**** achieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You sick f***

  • I concur

    nasty vaginas too

    they are hot tho

  • I agree, very sexy.... but smelly breath and bodies. Its a mindbender.

  • Forget the oligarchs, no one is attracted to money like the new army of Russian beauties taking over London.

  • By far the most horrid people in in In London... Rude, arrogant, brainwashed and jealous. In holiday destinations, the worst kind of tourist: thugs with lap dancer tarty girlfriends. Hostile and miserable in their own land. Utterly blinded by their own propaganda: do you see Germans still defending Hitler? No. But Russians defend Stalin even though millions of their families died in gulags. They twist everything in history because they are fed utter biased rubbish keeping them ignorant. Corruption in business, sports management, foreign property ownership, people trafficking. Never been to a country where absolutely no-one smiles except the drunks. Made enemies of all their neighbours. Nasty thugs and heartless cold Orwellian minions.

  • Russia is seriously the most racist country in the world. In the past, officially the non-Russians in Siberia (the natives) were called "inorodsi" meaning foreginers. To this day the Asian people are discriminated in Russia and in this country there are a lot of skinhead groups whose only job is to made lives horrible for these "foreigners". From the European part, perhaps Romanians and Polish people are the most hated in Russia (for trully stupid reasons).

  • I am Jewish and I live in Russia. I can say that it is hard to live here because the majority of people every day say that Hitler was cool and I must be in a gas chamber. It is offensively

  • You guys are wrong! Russia is so racist... you just haven't seen or experienced racism yet... and if you haven't seen anything or experienced racism in Russia let's just face it... I guarantee you there is a 98-100% chance you're a white person A survey was taken and 70% of Russians feel differently (in a bad way) towards other races. It's true! According to reports some places outside of Moscow is racist some way more racist than others.

  • Russia is so racist. If you think they hate only non white people, it's not true, they hate more people - they hate all non Russians.

  • Fack russian commies, kill em all

  • Russian people should burn in h***"

  • Me 2

  • Me 3

  • Most Russian people I’ve met during my life in the USSR (ending at 1990) were open, helpful, friendly and compassionate; good neighbors like Mr. Rogers. Such things, as automatic plastic smiles and automatic exchanges: “How are you?” with expected “I’m fine” were not typical for regular people who were not Communist Party Apparatchiks. They were honest and if they disliked you (or found something funny in you) they would openly tell you why. They were parts of collective and they were collectivists. They disliked those who tried to cut corners grab more, to take advantage on others.

  • An overwhelming majority of the Russians I had a contact with had been really friendly. This means friendliness in conversation, willing to help/assist (say workplace issues), opening personally (say invites to family events).

    The fact that I know Russian and a bit about the Russian history/culture was probably helping, but I do not think “Russian issues” were dominating the exchanges.

    I had zero contacts with novena-Russians, which are, from what I heard, a bit of a different breed.

  • Russians usually do not smile to strangers (basically, smile is reserved for friends, family and informal situation - it is a cultural thing. Smile is not a “sign of politeness”), also word “friend” has heavier meaning. A person usually has very small number of friends (in Russian meaning of it) during their lifetime, and everybody else is considered to be an acquaintance.

    Basically, people are reserved and on guard by default, and may be direct/blunt if you ask something.

    That may make Russians appear unfriendly due to cultural differences. Actual “friendliness” of is a trait of individual people. I don’t think you could apply it to all Russians. Some are friendly, some are not, cultural differences apply.

  • Friendliness, or absence of one, is rather a personal trait, not the feature of whole nation.

    Thus, there’s no definite answer to this. Depends on whom you deal with. And the answer won’t change if you replace ‘Russian’ with any other nation reference

  • Racist as h***, ignorant, arrogant, rude, regressive.. you name it!

  • The most annoying, full of stupid and uncultured people in the world. Political instability and constant oppression of the poor. This is a country inhabited mostly by people who have been nowhere in their lives,

  • Full of prostitutes, alcoholics and thieves. Do not walk the streets at night. Filthy place. Very cheap cost of living. But its like it was back in the war. Dated, dirty and dangerous. AVOID IT

  • They kill strays for fun. They have no empathy they are like Neanderthals.. Modern people do not slaughter dogs like they do...kinda like Chinese .

  • I hate every single Russian in sight for two reasons .They are nothing but a bunch of sadistic low-life scumbags and degenerates with no morals, and definitely no souls whatsoever!

    They just love to ruin other peoples' lives for their own mischievous benefits just to take out on their misery...bunch of animals that deserves to be treated as such!

  • The land of brainwashed zombies.

  • 'm a french slav, I love Russia and I also love Ukraine. Beside the corrupt government, people are nice, girls are pretty, and men are loyal and respectful. What is their mistake? To defend their own country against terrorism and invasion? -

  • I fell sorry for Ukrainians. They are good Christians, but country still has a long way to go to become a Western state in governance and living conditions. Good news they chose to go that way..

  • Unfortunately Ukrainians were associated with Russians for too long. Hopefully it will change now and Europe will build big and tall wall separating these two countries, so Russian influance will stop there.

  • Mistaken for Russia or Belarus too often to count... somewhat sad.

  • I'm from Ukraine, and everything that Russia says about Ukraine is a lie

  • I know. Russia has been trying conquer your country. PICK ON SOMEONE ON YOUR OWN SIZE, Russia!

  • I hate ukrainians like op's mom. They are lazy and greedy. All they want are money and they hate hard working. Marry ukrainian women? Never. Once hard times come to your house, she will thrust a knife into your back and leave to a better place.

  • Disgusting people! They do not take a bath! Especially women! All the Russians women in U.S. , sorry to take baths and they smell horrible! STINKY, NASTY UKRAINIAN WOMEN!

  • What are you talking about? Are you crazy? How can you say it about all women? Something is seriously wrong with you! btw Ukranians arent russian

  • They are jewish you idiot

  • Yes, you exactly know what I am talking about. Now it is out in the open. There is nothing wrong with me. I hate stinky people and they do stink! Don't blame me for revealing the truth! Every one I knew said that they do not take showers everyday and it shows because they smell bad!

  • OP is German .

  • Unfortunately there are many Russians who are mistaken for Ukrainians. Ukraine is a beautiful country and real ukrainians are warm, educated and hard working people. Russia wants to destroy their economy and take up the territories.

  • Ukranian with german citizenship .

  • Ukrainian women are more disgusting! They stink! I hate them. They get pregnant by you and force you to marry them and destroy your life! If you want what h*** is like, just marry a Ukrainian woman and you will find out!

  • I was born in Ukraine yet I'm part Russian,Ukrainian and Polish.When I was 4 my family moved to Austria and since then I live there.And for the last 16 years that I live here I feel nothing but hate towards the regularrussian person,they are a bunch of ignorant,narcissistic,racist brutes.
    They don't care whats happening in the world as long as their little lives are fine,the only times when they say they want to "help" someone in the world is because they want to make them selves look good.Those people here have no art,culture or taste of their own,most of their art&culture is stolen from other cultures that immigrated in the late 80's and early 90's with the fall of the USSR.
    I can go on but it will be just to long.

  • They're a crazy breed from what I've seen. I saw a group of thugs get the s*** scared out of them at the station by this psychotic Russian guy after nudging him to the side. I thought he was going to sew em up in front of everyone. Funniest thing I've seen in my life

  • Dislike them too for the same reasons. I'm definitely not Russian. I'm actually French and Swedish.
    I do have very pale skin, blue eyes, and darkish wavy hair. I'm also tall. But I don't see how people automatically assume that I'm Russian.

    Do you just walk up to people and assume you know their ethnicity by their looks !!!! It ruins my days, seriously .

  • I actually can predict ethnicity from people's looks. Not always, but I'm better at it than most people seem to be. I was introduced to someone and before she opened her mouth, I thought, "She's Finnish". And she was.

  • I've had people ask me if I'm Russian too, but they're always Indian. It's happened twice.

  • P**** indians

  • I dont hate them all, but i think russian online gamers should be seperated from normal CSGO
    Russians should only be allowed to play with other russians. These players are f****** ruining this game.

  • If you dont get retarded kids in the team, then 80% off time they are good. Use csgoserver picker if you dont like russians.

  • Ve played like 7 games with baguettes last week Only 2 of them I was lucky to play with not toxic ones I know russians are usually toxim but If i were French i wouldnt talk about normal and russian cs

  • Russians do rarely speak English at all, if he is from France and speaks English good enough to call, then thats perfect

  • Lie They speak only Russian as stupid animals

  • Turks are equally bad tbh. Playing with s***-mics from internetcafes or marriages, according to the background-noises. Spamming the ingame-chat with a language which sounds even uglier than Russian. Being as toxic as Russians, even though you are older than the 10-yo Russian kids. And yes, I know, Germans can be bad as well and are hacking more often than usual, but that's how stereotypes work, and the one I drew of Turks in CS:GO is not that wrong.

  • GS GO ??

  • I always match up with a british in my team who is the last one with a few kills and he still teaches the whole team how to play

  • Haha that made my day

  • Doesn't matter what platform you use, Brits will always be the biggest backseat gamers in Europe

  • Counter strike global offense

  • Aha i see .

  • Seriously I am a Russian girl and i find the OP quite stupid. Are these supposedly as*holes who attend your clinic like 2 and 3 ??

    1) -Russians are not any more dangerous than any other big country! Of course, every group has its bad neighborhoods, and if you’re looking for trouble, you will always find it. However, if you abide by normal safety rules and don’t do anything stupid, you will not be in any more danger than you would be in New York or Paris.

    2)-Russians love alcohol in general, and vodka especially, but most of them are not alcoholics. Russians drink a lot but because of this, they have a very high alcohol tolerance! Yes, alcohol is present at almost every occasion in Russia, but this is a matter of custom and tradition – not alcoholism.

  • 3)- Russians actually love Western trends, media, music, and culture. They tend to get access to these things later than the rest of the Western world – the first Starbucks in Russia did not appear until 2007 – but they appreciate them even more. Starbucks, for example, is outrageously popular in Russia.

  • 4)-Russian people are actually very open-minded. They may not be aware of the polite way to talk about people from other cultures, but that does not mean that they have any malicious intent. In fact, they are usually curious about and happy to talk with visitors from other countries.

  • 5)-If you take a look at Russian people on the streets, in the metro, or in the stores, you may well think that they never smile, like I once did. The truth is, however, that Russians are warm, friendly, and extremely funny – just not in public. It is a norm in Russia to have one’s “serious face” on while in public places, and being too loud or showing too much emotion is considered strange and perhaps even impolite.

  • 6)-This is another Cold War-era myth that is best not mentioned to Russian people. There are some Russian people that still think Communism was a good idea, but they are few and far between. For most Russian people, Communism meant scarcity of food and other resources and being afraid of both one’s government and one’s neighbors. Not only are most Russians not Communists, but I would even say that Russians are especially unlikely to endorse a Communist regime.

  • And yes I am talking to all HATERS. Thank you for wasting my time you waste oxygen @ OP and all other HATERS .

  • It’s usually a combination of some of these things that produces such an attitude:

    One thing is alcoholism: Alcoholism is a very serious problem in many of these countries (especially in Russia) and many die young because of it. Many eastern Europeans are raised by abusive alcoholics and become abusive alcoholics themselves later in life.

    Second thing is the economy: Many of these countries still feel the after effects of the USSR regime, namely the economy. The middle class in these countries is not very strong, and most citizens live poorly. Because of this, many of the women try to find providers to help lift them from their situations.

    Crazy Male SP: I have no idea where this originated from, but the stereotype of the ultra alpha 1.0 male is true in many respects, though I normally see this in younger guys (teens to 30s). Those who fit the stereotype basically feel insecure, so they overcompensate with bodybuilding, being antagonistic, and constant mate-guarding. I think this insecurity probably comes from the effects of point 1 and 2.

  • I don’t think the economy is a reason. Many other countries have bad economies and their women might be provider hunters, but they are not THAT high drama, bitchy etc. And they certainly don’t show you their intentions in that an open way. Russian women are demanding. Women from other countries with bad economies might be girly girl when going out on dates. They try to “buy” you with their kindness. Russian women don’t do that.

    It’s like “I will be the boss forever buy me s***, come and pick me up, take me to a fancy restaurant” etc.

  • 294 comments. 1 commenter.

  • For someone who kept a running total of the comments, I am thinking you don't have any room to be making assumptions about how many people are participating here. Take a pill for your OCD and go outside!

  • Are you drunk again sergie ??

  • Stop ruing da thread u azzhole

  • How ??

  • I just know. Stop embarrassing yourself .

  • I am not OP you moron and this my first step in .

  • Their wimmin are weird

  • Hello. My wife is Russia stereotype.
    1. Can fix a car fast . No mechanic education - is veterinarian.. Paint, plaster wall, work like estern europea men but no complain.
    2. In early 30 body is of 18 yo. Deadlift her weight but petite and no muscle. Of strong. Blond, blue eyes, big lips, cameltoe.
    3. Is of racist. Hate black and yellow, no like US and UK boy. Want dominante, but loves be put to place, no likes weak man. I run from her if angry.
    4. Is chauvinistic, say soviet union very good, but no remember anything. Say Russia invent everything, BMW too.
    5. Love BMW.
    6. Don't drive BMW, but s*** car.

    I don't know why but all women I had were Russians. The smarter they are the more naive. Can give You hearth and soul and head on first date. Very open personalities.
    British girls are similar altho they are fat, ugly, saggy t***, it seems down syndrome ravaged through Ireland and UK, but I digress.
    It's just my experience with women. Russian women

  • This is just ridiculous if you ask me. There are different types of women everywhere you know, you go to a museum, you meet a girl, you talk to her, ask her out for dinner and BAM she'll come dressed as as good as they come. You'll talk to her all night, over time everything would turn out better than you could imagine and it would be time well spent. Wont go into much details here.

  • Frome my 2 trips to Russia, my personal impressions of russian girls my age is that they're just like other east europeans. Very cold(colder than bulgarians and balkan peoples) unless you're very good friends, shallow uniform interests, extreme care on appearance in public(this stereotype is true),prejuduced, snobbish, focus more on first impressions rather than true character and preference for mafia, military serving(spetsnaz or VDV only), or martial artist "bad boy yet gentleman" types.

  • Hy is it that the manosphere place Eastern European girls on such a high pedestal if they’re as bad as you describe them to be. Every time I read one of their blogs, it’s high praise for Ukrainian and Russian women.

  • Many foreigners who used to date Russian women and were left by them complain that Russians manipulate men taking as much as they can and they go farther to the next victim. You should realize that it is nothing more than bruised ego. There are much more guys who are completely satisfied with their Russian significant others.

  • I have dated about 10 women from Russia. I do not have have the same experience as others. I will say some of the traits listed above are present but I just don’t characterize them that way on the whole. The women others describe I see in all cultures and actually less in the Russian culture. Everyone has their own experiences and attracts certain women so to each his own.

    I am not saying the Russian women I was with were problem free. With the positive comes the negative. Russian women are very emotional, passionate and can be deep. Of course if you go always for the hot, modern young lady you will only find materialism. But on the whole Russian women take love serious. They are by nature more feminine than the western women and actually western men can be attracted to this because of the superficiality and out of touch with feelings as American women can be.

  • Many Russian women come from broken, dysfunctional homes; divorce rates are sky high among them and paternal absenteeism or paternal vodka abuse common, with kids being raised by their financially emaciated mothers alone. It makes, in my view, a fertile breeding ground for lifelong daddy issues and might also explain the willingness to date older men and the materialism / provider obsession.

  • The only positive experiences I’ve had with Russian women has been in non-dating formats such as some sort of social circle interaction leading to s** or straight up nightlife hookups.

    I think the very act of going on a ‘date’ of any kind puts these women in super-provider hunter/b**** mode, no matter how strong of a frame you present. Of course they’ll get there anyway if you actually try to pursue a relationship with them. But from my limited experience one can have a strictly FB relationship with Russian girls if you can get there without ‘dating’, and the s** is amazing enough for her, and her s** drive is high enough.

  • I live in the UK and there are plenty of Russian and FSU women here. I have also been to Ukraine quite a few times to try and get laid and I am going there for 3 weeks this summer. So I have dated Russian/FSU women in the West and on their own turf.

  • The other thing that REALLY winds me up about Russian/FSU girls is that they expect the man to pay for EVERYTHING, and it seems like that is the deal forever.

    so if you got into a long term relationship with one, you would be paying for 2 people for life ! My hunch is that even if she had a decent job, she would still expect you to pay for all her s***.

    I’ve been on about 30 first dates (plus mltrs and fbs etc) with them, the amount of times they have offered to pay for anything: 1 out of 30 girls !

  • I’ve been with many Russian women(meaning ex USSR countries also) and had a long term mono gf back then(worst period of my life probably aside from the good s**). They are by far the worst in terms of drama. By far. Damn their beauty is irresistible. But f*** that s***. Really, most women normally behave with this system. Not Russian women, they are too confused with their lives. And no there is no difference between being abroad or are in their home country. They are the same. They always b**** about not having the world at their feet everyday. Even if the world is at their feet, they will still b**** about it.

    I was out on a date couple of months back with one and she told me after the 1st date “I see that you are not ready to commit.” with an angry tone. Because I was sexual. They are hilarious.

  • Trying to get s** on date 1 with a Russian girl is usually MUCH more difficult than with a USA/Brit girl, not sure escalating hard early is good advice, but seems it has worked for you 🙂

  • I once briefly (you’ll see why) dated a Russian woman who would literally do shots of vodka first thing in the morning, right after she woke up. I thought it was very strange and obviously a terrible idea, but since I’m outcome independent, it didn’t bother me.

    All was well until she started viciously attacking other women on my Facebook page. At one point, my sister-in-law (my brother’s wife who even had the same last name as me) posted a friendly post on my personal Facebook page, and this Russian woman lost her mind. She started posting multiple comments about how my sister-in-law should “watch out” and how I was a “bad guy” and how she shouldn’t post on my Facebook page anymore. She also started direct messaging another woman (a FB I hadn’t seen in two years) after she liked one of my photos.

    When I told her to stop doing that crap, she complained that I didn’t text her when she had gone to Disneyland with her friends that prior weekend. I told her that indeed I had texted her on that Saturday, and that she was free to check her phone to verify this. She then started b******* at me about something else.

    I hard nexted her ass and never saw her again. I don’t do drama, especially stupid drama.

  • M

    I don't like Russia or Russians one bit. An ugly country with unfriendly people with no manners


  • 288 comments. 1 commenter.

  • Terrible food, unfriendly people, corrupt government, grey, miserable - need I say more?

  • The rich people gets everything in this country and the poor is getting hurt more and more every day

  • Russia ain't that bad! I want to visit this place, it sounds good to me. And Moscow looks really cool. And I think Russians have an interesting culture

  • It isn't a bad country but as for me, who came from Asia, the language is a very difficult thing to understand. I am quite interested in the language but then I can't navigate around as a tourist for every word is differently pronounced as it is written.

  • I hate the OP with a passion. He needs to meet with the same fate as his butt buddy, boo .

  • Yeah. Russianwomen are hot. The guy's a moron. His taste is up his ass.

  • Did you know Russian girls have pink tight vaginas just like their sexy lips ?

  • Whoever has enough time to make 274 comments on their own post should really get out of their parents basement and find a job.

  • If you get offended by the jokes and comments on here, go ahead and blame your parents... for raising a p****.

  • I agree

  • F*** you m*********** ...I will kick your ass if you every come in front of me.. if m************ russians are so dumb f*** good , why don't you go back to your communist country ?

  • Sounds like your jealous of the large c***.

  • How do you know they are all the same person? can't you see they have a diff writing style.

    They cannot be the same, stop saying bullsh*t.

  • 273 comments. 1 commenter.

  • Haha I f****** hate (r)ssians. Its s***! The people are uneducated and rude. The Chinese are just disgusting aswell. I hope North Korea accidentally nukes the place when they launch a "test" warhead. F*** russia and all its russo supremacy

  • Yess.. F*****g russians,they are most stupid people in the world.. Dont have ideas,uncreative,only claimed everything but,trully they are dont have anything.. Racism and stupid

  • Ugh I feel you , I’m actually a Russian citizen ( Georgian) citizen but damn I hate those typical Russians as f***. To be honest, I can wait to migrate from this country. People here can be so manipulative about their religion and often use it as an excuse. They are also NARROW MINDED and discrimination is everywhere. I’m so sorry that you guys had been through all of these though. But s**t, I’m sucked here and it’s irritating, not to be exaggerating but I feel like dying.

  • Then do not be around them. I am sure people do not like being around whatever you claim to be. Shouldn't they just avoid your people and culture?

  • Racist!!! What makes you,think you're superior? You're just a fellow cretin and human being,like the rest of us! You aren't a god,messiah or anything special!! So get off your high horse and take the d**** out your ass!!!

  • Rotten country. No human rights cruel to animals and cheap as f***! Russians would run over a child hit by a car to avoid paying compensation they r monsters. Disgusting country we should deport all of them

  • Russian people lack humility and consciousness. They are money f****** prostitutes such a shame they have no meaning to their life

  • I find that most Russian people have some degree of autism and unable to understand that other beings have thoughts and feelings. Throwing garbage on streets, they don't understand that it disgusts others? Russian teens beating and even murder/torture foreign people on streets, Do they not understand that foreigners are humans with feelings?

  • You are just listening too much to anti-Russian propaganda, not that i like Putin, but you're an idiot .

  • Ts not a safe country for LGBT people. They do not enjoy freedom of expression. They are not given ebough security. There is a rise of hate crime against LGBT rate in Russia. Worst country ever n i am lesbian ,

  • Can i lick ur P*ssy ??

  • OK, you can.

  • As a Russian, I invite all of you haters, to explore the beauty of my giant country. Unbelievable views, architecture, cuisine and history. My country is a country of contrasts. You can see how ancient weave with hi-tech. One step from the city and you plunge into beautiful nature. And our winter, mmm, there is a lack of such beautiful things in the world. So, once you have tried the northern spirit, you won't forget it.

  • LOL WUT ??I have many Russian friends but even they can prove that Russia is one of the most dangerous countries in the whole world. Even their presidents are criminals -

  • Why are you coming here, not to be rude but I think every foreigner should go study or live at other place than russia. This country only give you depression because of their shitiest people.

  • If you buy an expensive car, be extremely carefull! Drivers in Russia is just... so dumb.

  • Russian spirit is pure and noble.. I do not speak of political decisions, I speak of the people and their hearts. We always welcomed foreigners and offered our best to them. We always protected those who have asked for our aid. This is the Russian way. so stfu Racist posters .

  • I disagree, my wife is russian and shes wonderful

  • Donald, get off of here and go post another stupid tweet showcasing your mental instability!

  • Shut the f*** up! I want you to know, if you weren't such a b****, we'd feel sorry for you. I do feel sorry for you. But as it stands, the way your people behave — I feel I can speak for the entire office when I tell you — go f*** yourself, you f****** popsicle.

  • Does your wife have std ?


  • She must be cheating on you at the moment ,

  • Babushka vodka

  • Even the so called rich people live like s***. Even the poor ghetto trash in America have a higher standard of living.

  • These people are; inconsiderate, arrogant, cheap, demanding, lacking in respect, they are literally the worst human beings I've ever had to deal with. I've worked at bestbuy, RadioShack, armani, countless local shops and now I work at one of the biggest dealerships in the state for my particular brand.

  • I disagree. I am Russian, and, although we have a pretty racist president (Putin) not everyone is racist, you know!

  • A declining population and and endless supply of land to settle. You'd think they would let in immigrants from around the globe, places like Africa for example. As it turns out, the most it will let in, albeit begrudgingly in the case of the darker ones, are those from former Soviet states and that's only because the Russian government thinks they still own those countries.

  • Having lived in Russia for several months already, I can confidently say from experience that there is little to no racism in this country. Having met people of all ages, from big cities, small towns and even rural villages, I am honestly quite shocked to read all the comments that there is some enormous problem in this country, as I didn't meet any racism at all. To be clear, I am of an Indian appearance, so I can't speak for all races, but I would be surprised if the attitude towards foreigners of other appearances would differ significantly, given the warmth and friendliness the people exuded towards me. As with most problems that western media manages to dig up in this country, they completely blow them out of proportion. This includes the issue of racism. While nationalists gangs do exist, they have been strongly dealt with by the government authorities over the past few years.

  • OP should be the next fuhrer who shall lead the next generation of Aryan army to cleanse Europe from rats and turtles known as Russians .

  • Hail op hail op

  • Russia is a #shitholecountry. And Russians are #shitholepeople.

  • Very poor communication and social skills, poor construction standards of infrastructure and buildings, lacking integrity, organization and initiative, drab, boring, sensitive, dull, politically instability, National Security, Economic insecurity, fraudulence, and inferior and evil cultural differences, are many of several endless reasons

  • Stop embarrassing yourself

  • You're not persuading anyone. You're just ranting. And you're embarrassing yourself.

  • Russians are the lowest subhuman filth on this planet.

    They hate us white people and yet want to come live in our white countries. I am a white American guy living in Russia and so I know directly how evil Russians are and how much they hate us.

    When are we going to exterminate these f****** subhumans?

  • Not anytime soon, since our dear "leader" has a plastic female one for a beard and a high-ranking male one for a lover.

  • STFU

  • Same here

  • Russians are beating foreigners, if they don't find foreigner they beat their own women. They have one of the poorest population.

  • I hate russians. And I'm Slovak. Evil people. Russia is the cause of all evil. Someone should nuke the place for good.

  • The Russians, generally, is a very unreliable, deceitful, cunning, amoral, unethical, poorly behaved, self righteous, self centered, dirty, smelly, filthy, littering ugly member of the human kind. For a tourist the advise would be : Please avoid Russia. It will scar your holiday if not your life.

  • They are rudest one. Simply speaking, trusting Russians is the worst thing you can do. The people are self centered. I don't have a single point that describes russia as good.

  • Most disgusting selfish self centered people I have ever met.

    Never had anything against them until I started working with the coward scum and living with people in the same apartment block. Incredibly up themselves, think they are king.

    I could also go on for hours with stories I have from my own experience and friends experiences with these people.

    Incredibly dirty, smelly, and rude. Would rather eat a dead rat than have a meal with a Russian and im Dutch .

  • Russia is pure evil, offensive, insulting and globally disrespected. Because Russia is forever conservatively and strictly blind from reality, they all deserve to be soaked in cow, monkey and stray dogs blood.

  • They are racist and only interested in money and when you are white they treat you like a god, when you have a dark skin they treat you like trash, until you have a lot of money. They pretend like their country rich which it isn't at all.

  • Why russians look like swines ? is it because all the pigs they consume for food all the day .

  • Yeah lol

  • When you marry a Russian man you marry the whole family too. The in-laws expect great respect from the daughter-in-law and can sometimes even be bossy in the couple private lives (this is cancerous, sub-human and unacceptable and completely wrong). If there is trouble, you will be to blame (also wrong).

  • Filthy, revolting, stinking hole, full of dirty, money grabbing, deceitful, uneducated, stinking, diseases excuses for humanity. They treat their own like dogs, and treat foreigners like fools.

  • Russians are selfish, arrogant and not smart. I was on the road the other day in Toronto, they were chasing the ambulance and firetrucks that were on route to an accident! No other race did this, not Asians, Whites or Blacks! Only Indians! I could not believe my eyes. This says a lot about how selfish Russians are.

  • Only russians*

  • Russians make me wanna puke. I can t even list all the bad things about them, I can write a whole book, rude, impolite. They have no respect for human beings.
    And yeah you will live the worst experience of your life if you work for a russian employer or they are the supervisor you report to.

  • Most disgusting and racist people I have come across. I was eventually removed from my accommodation because they had traveled thousands of miles to my country but couldn't tolerate anyone but their own kind in what became 'they'd house. I was subjected to racist arrogant diatribe, constant noise, hideous smelly cooking which permeated the whole house, threats, lies, physical attacks, broken windows and lies to authorities about things they did that they attributed to me

  • Russians over confident and idiots nothing of their own just copying west..from bed time stories to russian movies everything copied, they even don speak their own native language to their children... How any one so ashamed of their own, can be called good

  • Did you know that the west actually copied everything from the Indian and Muslim civilizations.

    Go check Indian and Muslim civilization especially Persian and Arabian and then come talk to us. You just don't understand how much hurt your sick, sadistic comments cause, you bozo.

    Stop calling us copycats anonymously.

    Come and try living here once, you stupid pampered westerner w****, and we'll see if your view doesn't change. If you had so much guts you would come here and tell it to our faces what you think about us. Coward .

  • They can't raise their children either, the little bastards scream and run around everywhere and don't care if I tell them to calm down in the hotel lobby. It never helps if I talk to the parents either (big surprise right? ), they will just say "yes yes" and then history will repeat itself the next day.

    I don't feel like a hotel receptionist, I feel like a preschool teacher surrounded by over 100 retarded adult babies.

  • Unfortunately, that could describe most breeders these days.

  • They only think of themselves and are inconsiderate to the others around them. Whatever they do is acceptable and whatever the others do isn't. They also have a sense of superiority over everyone for some odd reason. I shouldn't be making judgements from a few minor groups of people but I seriously have to say, that I hate Indians with a strong passion.

  • Wrong thread ops

  • Try starting up any Businesses there. Good luck with all the bribes you will have to pay and the zillions amount of paperwork to be filled out to get even the simplest permit. Their 'officials' are barely literate and are incapable of even correctly filling out the forms that they themselves mandate. From education to government jobs, nothing is based on genuine merit and achievement but on nepotism and paying bribes.

  • Disgusting corrupted, filthy rapists, pedophiles, outrageous nazism, even the law are a bunch of rapist a****. It is full of filthy sick minded uneducated people. Way to many brutal rapes even of the youngest children. Incest. Men rape women whether they're accompanied by a male or not even if they're with family no girl/women/child is safe in this vile country.

  • How about you shut up the f*** because of people like you, Russia is turning to shame. I am an American and I think Russia is great. Yes there are problems, but people like you do not need to go around rubbing it in, because the politicians are trying.

  • 211 comments. 1 commenter.

  • Well that's what I was thinking. Lot of commenters for only a hand full of people reading this shithole web site.

  • It's interesting that so many of these comments are people thinking of the Soviet Union era. Yes ok this country still suffers from homophobia and stuff, but full of slums and pretty much a Gulag? Russia has changed a lot since the fall of the corrupt super-country that was the USSR.

  • Cunning, Scheming, Selfish, Arrogant, Dishonest, Thieving, Shirkers, Herd Mentality, Discriminatory, Rude and Impolite. Which group of people in the world can be described so perfectly with these adjectives except the Russians?

  • Shut the f*** you russian son of b**** .

  • Russia is a place you don't want to live, not even once. People are sadistic and plain stupid and drunk most of the time. Going alone at night ain't something to do. People are poor and don't want to learn any other language than Russian. Corruption is common. Ugly buildings looking like those cell blocks from prisons. Very high pollution. Accidents are common, you may know because of those "Mother Russia" videos. Definitely a place you don't want to live

  • I was in Russia. I want to tell you that it is the best country in the world. Russian women are the most beautiful. Russian people are the kindest people. I am grateful to them.

  • UGLY Drugheads here. WORSE THAN IN THE US! And that means a lot!

  • Been to Russia many times and the stereotype of the women being beautiful is just a stereotype trust me there was many ugly Russian ladies there

  • Russkies have too much H*** Sovieticus DNA in their gene pool. However, the genes are slightly mutated nowadays; they prefer Mercedes to Lada in terms of cars, so he or she steals rather a Merc than a crappy Lada - that's progress!

    Anthropologist DR.Vodka Nazinov .

  • What's wrong with Russia? It actually seems like a pretty sound country and judging by interviews, Putin has to be one of the best leaders of today, honestly Moldova is a worse country

  • Aggressive, militaristic, uncivilised, HIV-ridden, full of drug addicts, brutal, ugly, vodka-sodden and thoroughly nasty.

  • And they call us Americans racist when I have seen nothing but rude remarks from them and they generalize others way more than we do. Plus Putin makes Obama look like an angel, sad fact, cam't believe people think Putin is good when he is nothing but an evil tyrant.

  • Save that sh*t for sick Albanian bastards .

  • Albania? Are you kidding? Russia causes more suffering in a month than Albania can dish out in a decade! Consider the scale of the brute!

  • Everything is normal in Russia. Just you watch too many movies.

  • The always lie, think they are the smartest, and behave like pigs. The russkies there are one of the most racist people

  • Nope, comments are based on real life experience not on the Western media rivet agenda you idiot .

  • Shut the h*** up you stupid Russian son of b****, you guy are worst and most pathetic gold diggers on earth .

  • I am living now in this country. Most Russians are fascists that hates all the world. Russians truly believe that they are God's chosen people.

  • Russian language, Russian peoples and Russia DOWN DOWN and DOWN

  • Would u like some vodka friend ?? hehe...i can sell you my wife for a cigarette ?? hehe frrrrriend

  • Russia is a cancer of the planet Earth. nuke it .

  • Only if Trump's over there getting peed on again when the bomb gets dropped :)

  • OMG so hilarious

  • Racist, Rude country. Full of uncultured bastards. they don't care about anything bad happening outside Russia. and are filthy, Germans call them pigs

  • Gas them all

  • Rude bastards. Russians think they are the best. In the past 1000 years, Russia has been attacking Europeans countless times. I'm Polish and we have defended Poland for many years and proud to defend our nation! I WILL FOREVER HATE YOU RUSSIA!

  • Russia is full of vodka drinking retards.
    They speak Russian EVERYWHERE and does not care about other cultures, or that not everyone speaks Russian.

  • Russian outright refuse to speak any other language other than Russian. Asking them to speak anything else is seen almost as an insult and is met with laughter and ridicule. This is a country with a history of poverty, oppression, dictatorship and crimes against humanity, yet it's inhabitants are some of the proudest in the world

  • Drunken, brutal and ugly barbarians

  • The Russians I had the misfortune of meeting were rude, aloof, arrogant, ignorant and loud individuals who drank themselves within an inch of death; and all the Russian women that I have met looved money... Their women are ridiculously over-rated too. And they are everywhere like some kind of plague.

  • Very Rude, unpleasant and Impolite people. living here is damn difficult. Very bigoted people, Russians are very proud of their country, but they are not much patriotic. 60-70% of people in Russia want to leave their country. these Russians don't care about the world, environment, very stupid people

  • I just don't like Russians. Cold, rude, ignorant people. Their women seem like gold-digging control freaks and their men come across as ill-mannered bullies. I just want them to stay in Russia. Yikes.

  • Worlds largest populations of neo Nazis
    Mafia run Moscow
    Brutish police
    Rude people
    Savage dogs roam the streets of Moscow
    It's super cold
    Has too many nuclear weapons

  • The most racist country on earth. Especially black people are not welcome in Russian not even diplomats or football player. Exchange students from Africa have been mistreated, and many have quit their studies.

  • Russians are like insects... They are everywhere... No matter how many you can kill.

  • By far the most horrid people in in In London... Rude, arrogant, brainwashed and jealous. In holiday destinations, the worst kind of tourist: thugs with lap dancer tarty girlfriends. Hostile and miserable in their own land. Utterly blinded by their own propaganda: do you see Germans still defending Hitler? No. But Russians defend Stalin even though millions of their families died in gulags. They twist everything in history because they are fed utter biased rubbish keeping them ignorant. Corruption in business, sports management, foreign property ownership, people trafficking. Never been to a country where absolutely no-one smiles except the drunks. Made enemies of all their neighbours. Nasty thugs and heartless cold Orwellian minions

  • The most HORRIBLE humans there are! They are all over Europe during summer holidays and they are rude, incredibly selfish, very opinionated, very vain (in the most ugly way) and take over wherever they can (restaurants seats, sun beds, taxis). I drop when I see them coming and the locals absolutely HATE them. I have yet to find one who will say please and thanks. Leave them in Russia away from everyone and let's protect the brown people (who Russians beat up daily in Russia).

  • They want to be isolated from the world so why aren't we isolating them already? Deport all Russians to Russia in order to protect your free society!

  • I hate them. They vever said a word of truth. They didn't offer anything positive to the modern world.

  • The country is rotten, the politicians corrupt, and the people are either terrified or brainwashed. I pity them. I really do

  • They are generally all rude as who think they are the best and think that Russia is the absolute most amazing place in the world

  • Their people are getting more and more rude and keep insulting the west I don't know how this isn't number 1

  • Dude I am from Sweden and i can not express my hatred for Russia, they are the worse people ever and I wish Hitler ended them before he killed himself.

  • Russian soldiers are raping and abducting Ukrainian women

  • Brainwashed N*** alcoholics nation

  • I have never in my entire life met a pleasant Russian. I've been subjected to internet fraud and banking scams, as well as computer hijacking. All by people I thought I trusted from Russia. Why are most Russians such fraudulent asss?

    Also, some of the worst atrocities in human history has been under Russian influence. Need I mention China and North Korea's communist movements? All supported by Russia.

  • Time to wipe out all Russian scum .

  • I pity Russians. No amount of praying at their so-called Orthodox churches can save Russians from divine judgement.

  • Russians are depraved pigs who lack human emotion and conscience. Look at how the Russians shot down MH17 and pushed away blame without remorse. Look at how Russians drive. They don't even have basic respect for their own kind, what more of other people from other countries like Malaysia and Netherlands.

  • Extremely racist, homophobic, and xenophobic. 'Russia for Russians, ' they say. will apparently even attack Asians or non-Russian-looking whites. that is scary.

  • You are talking about Neonazis you moron .

  • All russians are neonazis

  • Biggest liars in the world. There is so much propaganda there, it makes me sick. They can intrude any country and act like there is nothing they are doing and at the same time blame someone else for that. This is pathetic.

  • Otally agree. Russians are one of the most opinionated people in the world. They are h*** bent on everyone for their own faults. They are a language police when people try to learn their own language. They look at other countries in a very sarcastic and rude manner. They need to be isolated and be kept to themselves.

  • I'm Russian. I know how racist Russian people are. We never show our racism,but every white Russian believes white people are the best. I used to think so, until went to Ireland, Canada. I met many different people so my attitude changed. In Russia you will never be "Russian" if you are not white.
    Doesn't matter you were born in this country or speak perfect Russian.

  • Very racist country. and it's so dangerous. many foreigners die every day in Moscow by N*** gangs random attacks. very aggressive people and has no respect for others. avoid please.

  • Russo is not racist or white supremist. They are just Russo supremist.

  • I agree strongly they are very racist and aggressive people who feel that they are superior than other. human races

  • Russian components, American components, all made in Taiwan!

  • Im Estonian and i agree, in Estonia lives many of russians, many of them are hooligans, junkies, nshiit. And some russians have lived in estonia for 10 years, but still haven´t learned our language and some of em even want schools which main language is russia. Internationally most "estonians" who are cyberattackers, smugling narcotics, or something like that uses russian names and are from Russia actually, but their nationality is estonia, f*ck them all

  • Russia is so racist... you just haven't seen or experienced racism yet... and if you haven't seen anything or experienced racism in Russia let's just face it... I guarantee you there is a 98-100% chance you're a white person A survey was taken and 70% of Russians feel differently (in a bad way) towards other races. It's true! According to reports some places outside of Moscow is racist some way more racist than others.

  • Russia is among the worst in terms of white nationalism and she is extremely xenophobic. Those who face the most hostility are immigrants from countries who were once part of the soviet union. such as the Kazakhs and Georgians and even those within in modern Russia such as the Chechens and the Siberians. fitting with the rest of the world there's hatred towards afro-Caribbean's simply because they don't like the colour of their skin and the way they look and of course scapegoating Muslims as a whole for terrorist attacks with in Russia. Russians have a simply ultranationalist belief, that if you are not from this land in terms of blood and soil, then you do not belong here.

  • I'm from Moscow but my origin is Volga German. It's an extremely racist country. Extremely! For example, when you read acommodation ads every other ad says "Slavs only." or "Slavic-looking people only". Same for ordering a taxi, once I was asked if I wanted to put a note "Slavic driver only" in my order. Or even job offers. It's totally normal and not illegal. My boyfriend is Asian and many of my "friends" think it's crazy because Russians rarely date other races.And they can call him "narrow-eyed" in my presence, they don't think it's anything wrong. My family also experienced some hate in the past for being Germans, but not as much anymore. But I had some classmates telling me the tI'm a N*** and should go back to Germany etc. Also you can hardy get a regular job here if you don't speak perfect Russian without an accent, especially if you're Asian or another race. They hate it so much, I have never seen a waiter, shop assistant or any kind of higher position worker with an imperfect Russian. They can only be janitors, construction workers, bus drivers, or other low-payed positions. Also my mom once witnessed how a group of Neo-Nazis brutally attacked some Kyrgyz men on a train who did nothing to them.

  • Most disgusting people in the world. They read history in their own way.

  • I would never go to Russia because a lot of Black people get killed, sometimes kidnapped

  • I agree with you absolutely. I live in this country too. Russia has no good future and I would prefer not to see 'Russian Federation' on the world map!

  • Russians are the most racist, xenophobic and homophobic people in the world. Russia is basically a pool of hate.

  • You are a stupid n******, who cares ?

  • They are not just passive-racist...they will use their intelligence to go out of their way and manipulate someone of a different race because they don't believe they deserve happiness. I have experienced and witnessed it first hand.

  • F*** OFF

  • I hate those motherf*cking sub humans known as russians, Russia is so racist. If you think they hate only non white people, it's not true, they hate more people - they hate all non Russians.

  • Russian methods of communicating, both verbal and non-verbal, are quite different from those of the Europeans and Thais.

    A constant smile is viewed either as something artificial and insincere, or as a sign of a simple mind. Numerous Russian proverbs refer to laughing for no reason as an attribute of a fool or as a sign of some sinister intent.

    The same applies to standard modes of politeness such as “How are you?” and other courteous (but basically meaningless) questions.

  • WE dont give a sht

  • Bomb the f*** out they ass......

  • Russians are b******.

  • Lol

  • Я не оскорбляю его. У русских девушек плотная киска.

  • Congrats, you just had AIDS

  • But their p*ssies stink

  • All russians should die .

  • And all Russians hate you OP.

  • Are not Russians just like everyone else in the world? There are some good ones and some bad ones. To say all Russians are bad would be like saying all black people are bad, or all white people are bad, or all Americans are bad, all women are bad, all men are bad.... Get my point?

  • It looks like the OP has been dumped by a Russian girl because he was too ugly and dumb for Russian standards, LOL !!! DIE LOSER .

  • STFU you miserable Russian trash .

  • Russian girls have no ass n no b**** .


  • Y so excited ?

  • Ska sky aroja vodka wiskey hehehe friend suka suka boyka toka hehehe trash...you see i can speak russian

  • Ching ming fing wing to ta poo pe na hoa ko powa fawk ting

  • Nartu awyo hino gami, kupo shibo

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  • Latino assholo sexo amigo bitcha

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  • If you like drunk,rude,selfish, loud Russians who sing and scream all night and a management that does not care, then this is your resort.if you don't mind eating the same food every day and drinking bad liquor then pack your bags! then Russia is your perfect destination .

  • I hate those skinny commies .

  • I have just got back from another holiday , there were many russian tourists there , i found them rude , racist , arrogant-they push people out of the way , only speak their own language , do not aknowledge others , stay in their own groups, push to the front of queues----the locals hate them---------why is this anyone -why are the newly wealthy foriegntravelling russians so awful ??????/

  • Becuz they are not humans but a cross breed btw turtle and gorilla

  • Don't insult those animals please. Gorillas are funny and turtles are harmless .

  • Thats why they look weird .

  • I have just come back from a holiday in Russia Dave and you are very right on all accounts. They made me feel so unwelcome in their country. It was as if they were doing me a favour by letting me be there. But to answer your question mate, I really have no idea accept that maybe they believe as the new investors they are more superior than any of us. Very sad.

  • Its time to nuke them all

  • ^total agreement^

  • Not hating russians,but u got some very big - u are generally offensive people,even when u want to do something good u do it by being offensive.

  • 95% of the people dont like tourist and this is from experience
    they will do anything in their power not to look at you or to smile

    we have been in sochi for the last 8 days and we had the hardest of time with our trip

    Nobody knows nothing about anything.

    WE went skiing at the futur olympic sites. NOT a single word of english was to be found
    How do they expect people to get around if they dont know what to do?????????
    Also they were so mean. At every counter their was an old ladys Barking orders at us.
    Do they think every body will learn russian before the olympics

  • Deep down, Russians dont like foreign people in their country.

    Hundreds of years of history have created that mind-set!

  • I hate Russians. Cause Russians are occupants. I'm Ukrainian.

  • They are worse than chinks and Indian towel heads .

  • They drink vodka like water because potatoes from which vodka is made was the cheapest vegetable available in their country,

  • Nuke them all .

  • In fairness, though, many if not most Russian men are not there to be negotiated with. My own father-in-law is the most deplorable, worthless, aggressive, self-pitying, responsibilities-absconding excuse for a man I have ever encountered. He divorced my wife’s mother while my wife was still a little child, abandoning them for most of their childhood while he went to Canada to build a new life for himself. Now he lives in Germany with a new wife and a new daughter, but hasn’t so much as once wished our kids – his grandchildren – a happy birthday. Russian men, in my experience, are among the lowest scum of all the bottom feeders on the planet.

  • Im russian and i agree with op .

  • Russian and Ukrainian women, are nothing more than emotional prostitutes and golddiggers?

  • Yup

  • I once scheduled a first date with a Russian woman, about 25 years old. She had no car, so I picked her up at her apartment which was right by the bar we were going visit.

    On my way over, she sent me a string of long texts about exactly where I was supposed to park. I thought it odd, but just shrugged and went with it. I parked where she said, and waited… and waited… and waited.

    At ten minutes, I texted her. No response. Five minutes later, just as I was about to drive away, she responded saying that she’ll be right down. I waited longer… And longer. I texted her again. She responded again (after five minutes) saying that she was “almost ready” and would be right down in a “few minutes.”

    I really considered driving away, but I waited. After almost 40 minutes of this bullshit, she comes down.

    She gets in the car and almost immediately starts loudly complaining about her apartment, one of her girlfriends, and about my car. Remember, this is a first date so I had never met her in real life before. I could already tell this wouldn’t go well.

    She spends the entire first date loudly, and I mean loudly complaining about various different things, from her ex-boyfriend, to her mom, to politics, to her job, and just about everything else you can think of. I’ve been on an amount of first dates that numbers well into the triple digits, and I’ve never had a woman this brazenly scream a constant stream of negativity like that, not to mention making me wait 40 minutes.

    Needless to say, I never texted her back after that.

  • Totally with you on the russian women. pushy, always scheming. no thanks.

  • I’m Russian and live in Russia. I can say that those women in the stories you described totally sound like Russian women. So much hysteria, demands and drama out of nowhere.

  • I should add that those Russian women all had boyfriends and I was their s** on the side. That probably helped as well.

  • The gold-digging behavior is understandable… They come from a place of certain dysfunction, are are usually prettier than Western women, which they realize when they come to the West..

    But the drama and neurosis are rather surprising, given that these women seem to be smarter than Western Women at other times.

    Yes, they will figure out how to rip off all but the most savvy men. Make him pay for everything, etc..

  • Yeah Russians are horrible and scary. They sleep in cages next to nuclear missiles dreaming of world war three wearing their funny hats and drinking vodka till they pass out. Now the truth is that reality is diffirent from what you see in the news and of course in movies. Russia is a friendly nation. That is why the red buttons were not pushed after recent conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. The problem is that Western countries don't know when to stop so they will keep pressing and cornering Russia using their provocative tactics. And then at some point Russia will turn into a huge d*** that is going to destroy all the p****** and arseholes of this world. lol..racist idiots

  • We do because their attitude and mentality is terrible. Aggressive hateful and rude attitude in general is very common and often "accepted". In Russia, things like seeing drunk people fighting get beaten down with brass knuckles in streets is okay and no one would even call the cops, just ignore and walk away.

  • F****** barbarians

  • Media makes us Russians out to be mean, drunk, and angry. That's not the case. People here are nicer than you think. Sure, there are the "stereotypical Russians" but they're further and fewer between than the media says.

  • I'm Russian and I f*cking hate them too. No one cares about others. Government just laugh at the people and does nothing for living calm. Russian people are the worst nation in the world. They hate every country, that isn't Russia. All people are stupid, proud and total a****! If I would have a chance, I'd never born in this country. Everything wants you to die there, nothing wants you live

  • I'm Russian and I hate Russians, they are rude, uneducated barbarians. They always look for any small reason to insult and offend you. They may say nothing to you but behind your back they'll be talking about you.

  • I hate Russians and Ukrainians! They are nasty and disgusting! Ukrainian and Russian women are nothing but prostitutes! They know how to turn a man's life into h***! Stay away from Russian and Ukrainian brides because you would be marrying nothing but a used up prostitute who slept with hundreds of men for $20. I know them because they admit what they do to other women and laugh at the men that they fool! #

  • Russians I've met on holiday they have been the rudest most arrogant idiots known to walk the planet. Very funny watching them get angry with Thai people because they (the Russians) haven't learnt any English and can't complete simple market trades (not stocks and shares lol) but on a serious note very uncomfortable being around these aggressive closed people -

  • F*** russkies and chinks .

  • Fck u too american sht

  • I am nt American, im french

  • Russian people are liars and always bending the truth to look like it's ok what they do. The only good thing in this country is that they keep their young girls thin and good looking. That's how they sell themselves better too.

  • They're disgusting and homophobes!

  • You must be a f***** .

  • No, your dad is .

  • I am Russian and I hate Russia. Dirty filthy Russian with its idiotic Putin. I hope this country will not exist anymore soon. Russia is full of neo-Nazis and Putin is the main from them.

  • I hate Russia. I am not Russian. My parents are. They are so racist. BELIEVE ME, Russians are racist!

  • Rude people, bad president, they behave like idiots, ignore other nation, like showing how much money do they have and how rich they are.

  • The russians are thieves. i do business among a large group of them in houston, and they are more likely than any other group (including blacks, hispanics, asian, etc.) to try to rip you off, even if they are buying from YOU, than anybody else. i hate them, but i smile and pretend we're friends and good business associates. there are several i'd like to beat. and although i would never do it, there are 2 in particular i would love to shoot and stab and 1 of those is a woman. h-a-t-r-e-d!!

  • No rich Russian ever lets his children live and get education in Russia. Even if the person lives and works here, he or she will always try to move his family abroad and keep personal assets in different country. This fact speaks for itself.

  • Russians are the worst people on Earth. They have no respect for others and they are ultimate bragging chaps. Most of the ladies there, they think they are the prettiest human beings on this Earth. They think that a pretty face is the most important thing in their life and they are racists. They exploit Africa. They are arrogant, selfish, rude, racists, merciless, show-offs, idiots, and the list will go on forever.

  • Agree

  • I just hate anything Russian: people, culture, language. The most idiotic nation on Earth!

  • Same

  • All chinks should die in horrific ways and burn in h***, and here's a big lol F*** YOU Russians !!!!!!

  • Yup both chinks n russians should die

  • All Russian are rude!! Russian people are famous for their ruthlessness and their poor manners, low class,filthy,disgusting. Russia people drink here curse there.You guys don't talk but shout ! VERY RUDE! That's what I witnessed whenever I visited THE COUNTRY! F*** YOUR RUSSIA PEOPLE RUDE LIKE ANIMALS!!! F***

  • These people have an unbelievable education deficit, are primitive, dirty, disturbed, rude, mean and have not even a little sense of ethics. They are not loyal, but are liars, scammers, greedy,unfriendly, and money obsessed people the worst trait u can think of the russian have in abundance. I would rather save a cockroach from drowning than a russian

  • Dirty cnts!!! Nuke them to extinction such a ugly race

  • Russia is a total toilet. It's h*** on earth. Nothing works and nobody there will ever do anything about it except make excuses. It is better to be dead than live in Russia.

  • They take land of ukrain because "they have not enough land" or something. They shot an airplane down with little children inside, and Russia is supporting Assad. I hate Russia!

  • You're right. I am russian, and I am ashamed that I belong to this nation. I hate this people, this awful folk which doesn't evaluate anything and live as cattle

  • Almost Certainly Ukrainian troll .

  • We don't care !! we hate Russians, period .

  • F*** Russians, the most cruel people on earth

  • They only think of themselves and are inconsiderate to the others around them. Whatever they do is acceptable and whatever the others do isn't. They also have a sense of superiority over everyone for some odd reason. I shouldn't be making judgements from a few minor groups of people but I seriously have to say, that I hate Russians with a strong passion.

  • Nuke russia

  • For about 4 years now, I have been working as a receptionist at an apartment service where most of the inhabitants (and I mean almost without exception) are IT consultants from Russia. I have during this time come to hate this people whole-heartedly.

    They are stupid, refuse/are unable to think for themselves, lie constantly, steal stuff from the rooms, never listen or follow the hotel rules, look down on me because I am a woman, ruin their rooms with their disgusting vodkas

  • Still not bad as chinks

  • Who cares?? people hate Russians for good reasons

  • Still better than chinks

  • I was raised in russia and i hate our people too11111!!!. i hope that russia will be destroyed one day. russian wimmin are good looking only when they are young. In their thirties they are fat, stinking pieces of s***. And 0ver 90% of them are s****. Also in our country there are a lot of mount n****** such as gypsies etc and they are even MORE DISGUSTING than russians. it's absolutely normal to hate russians and i daresay that its not normal to love russians.

  • I am russian, and I can't explain how I hate these people. Rude, extremely stupid, spitting and trampling all the lightest and sacred what they have. I hate this defective people. How can I get rid of their society? pls help me

  • I'm from Greece and we Greek women hate Russian women with all our hearts and souls! They came into our country and stole everything from us. Our jobs, our men... They have no shame and no morals. As much as I don't like feeling that way, I just can't help it. I've seen many good families ruined by Russian women. They do whatever they can to steal men from other women and "dry" their pockets. Sorry if I offended someone but there are so many examples here that I've lost count...

  • U must be ugly thats y your husband dumped you

  • STFU you russian btch

  • Russian women are very demanding. They don’t want just a guy who will love them madly. They want the best man alive to love them madly. Good old manners are very important: you are expected to open doors, help to put on coats, bring flowers when you go on a date. If you are not a gentleman, you're my worst enemy, be their slave or get doomed !!!

  • Even today they don't realize how much pain they created, not only to their neighboring nations, but even more to themselves. Russian communism was one of the worst social experiments in the human history. They destroyed their own culture, religion, intellectuals and replaced it with some surrogate. The consequences are devastating: moral and social degradation, that creates high level of crime, alcoholism, corruption and social indifference.

  • Indeed their women are s**** and easy

  • Easy to get down with Russian girls? those guys have no idea what they talking about hahaha. That is such a bull crap. Unless they drive Mercedes S65 or BMW M5 and have lot's of money there is no freaking way they getting nowhere NEAR Russian girls. I'm Russian and I know Exactly what I'm talking about. Your guy friends are full of $hit tell them that.

  • Because they are. Go to Egypt, you'll see many. But then a cheap drink, take them back and they'll have s** with you. They actually go after the guys. No effort from the guys needed at all. Sad and disgusting, but true.

  • Country of uncivilized, uncultivated, dumb haters, xenohobes, terrorists Gas-filling station country which gets money selling oil and gas, nothing more that money goes to oligarchs, that's why the only more or less nice cities are Moscow, Saint-Petersberg and a couple (2-3) more.

  • Russian women are all crooks in high heels. Russian women are after your money, your wallet, or even worse they want to marry you to get a visa to leave their miserable countries and in top of that they'll cheat on you .

  • After living in close proximity to Russian people all my life I have arrived at the following( Please understand this does not apply to all Russians, but the majority) :
    1) They are money hungry
    2) They are wrongly arrogant
    3) They possess no manners
    4) They are selfish
    5) The majority have no interest in assimilation, and once migrating to other countries do not bother to learn the language or culture
    6) They are extremely prolific and their numbers should be reduced
    7) They are noisy and inconsiderate
    8) Dirty people, with constant bodily emissions

  • They are the most dirty, thieving, lying, cheating, greedy, women abusing, stupid, racist pigs I have ever met. They steal other lands and pass them off as their own. They drink, spit, and smoke WHEREVER THEY WANT (once in an elevator a man spit while I stood inside, it was vile. A women allowed her son to drink vodka at the top of a supermarket escalator what and many more disgusting things I can't explain as don't have the space).

  • The most unpleasant attitude, arrogant people. They have this strange thinking that everything on earth is from Russia. Even Ukrainian history is theirs? Nonsense country.

  • Russian people always speak so loudly. It makes people upset even embarrassed. They also cut a line and don't know order. Noisy, selfish, dirty, dishonest, merciless, thoughtless etc. These represent the symbol and propensity of Russian people.

  • I'm of half Russian origin, and half Ukrainian origin. But I am Ukrainian. Russia always tries to show some superiority before post soviet countries like Ukraine and Georgia. Their aim was and is to occupy Ukraine using different dirty means. Russia is full of chauvinists, xenophobes, technophobes, racists. But besides, it's absolutely sick country (people like zombies consume info of corrupted mass-media without even analyzing what they are provided with), a lot of drunks, and simply bunch of uncultivated skin-heads, criminals, idiots, and other crap bullying normal people.

  • If I lived in Russia, I'd rather kill myself than live in it. Right now I'm a Lithuanian, and my country has been a part of the Soviet Union. Honestly, even hearing the Russian language makes me feel angry.

  • I just love it when Russian themselves expose their won people .

  • Own*

  • Most disgusting people in the world... Silent killers, Gnocida of Caucasians, invasion in Finland, Georgia, Czech, Hungry, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, North Caucasus, Easter Germany. People who believe only in Vodka, no god, no Culture, no Brains just oil and Nuclear bombs.

  • Russians are stingy, racist, mean and unfair people that's why I hate them.

  • They never keep their promise, and are short tempered peoples.

  • Vulgar individuals... The new riches of the world, buying their a*** off when going overseas... Can compare them to those disgusting and trustless chinks... Just watch them wearing those expensive clothing with that pale skin and those rounded faces... Pd. Nazis in Russia? Please!

  • Russians = White version of chinks .

  • Nuke russia and china plz

  • Much hate from Romania. I hope other nations will one day ally and destroy Russians' temper, so they can learn how it feels to see your neighbours being shot, humiliated and beaten.

  • Most disgusting people in the world. They read history in their own way. but better than chinese .

  • Hate Russia, because I live in it. There are no more open-hearted people here. They'll never show some respect to you. Education is poor. Very poor. Degradation is everywhere. I don't want my children grow up in Russia.

  • Okay so i solo queued and ended up in a game with Russians and i was top frag but last round they kick me just because Russians are f****** scums and don't deserve to live on this planet seriously why are all Russians like this? please give Russians there own cs servers

  • Most Rude and unpleasant country in the world, they make their own version of history and read other's history in their own illusive way thus creating many fallacies. They always have superiority complex and consider most of the world nations as inferior. They watch American movies and even like them but ignore it when Russians are shown as enemies or bad guys or prostitutes.

  • I hate everything about them, russians are SCUM of earth,,,,,,,,,period...

  • Russia government is shady as f***

    Russian people are crazy as f***, given all those dashcam videos

  • I’ve met a lot of Russians that try to act like big tough guys because of their affinity for Vodka. What the f*** is this? Vodka is not a tough guy drink. In fact, there’s only two groups of people that love Vodka – insecure Russian men who can only assert their masculinity while drunk, and sorority girls. Real liquors don’t come in strawberry and f****** banana flavor. Drink some Bulleit and quit being a p****, Russia.

  • I agree with OP, i hate them too. Dishonest, loyal, liars and greedy as money is all they care about, not to mention that domestic violence is socially accepted...they are racist aswell .

  • They are still not as bad as the Chinese. Sort the posts on this site by "most comments" to find out why.

  • They are nt as bad as chinks, they are actually worse, at least chinks are hard works and less alcoholic unlike spolied Russian rats,,,but fck them both

  • Nuke russia already

  • Agree f*** commies

  • I love them. I want a young Russian man. all the guys here are weird that is why I want someone from overseas like Russia or somewhere else who has some genuine skark.

  • U like men with small p**** ?

  • U like s***** men ??

  • Whats de common btw moscow and hirushima? Nothing yet !

  • Good russian = dead russian

  • This thread should compete with i hate chinese post .

  • We need to gether all anti russsians around the world 2 post on this thread to outnumber anti c**** posters haha

  • Long live anti russia thread

  • Me2 i hate russkies with a feiry passion, they are the most dishonest, violent and rudest people i have ever met

  • Im ukranian n i agree, most russians r so ugly indeed

  • Ur just jealous

  • Russia should be nuked

  • Totally true. I agree completely. Every word.

  • Me too

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