Russians in my country

I live in one of the baltic states and met so many different russians. Every single one of them is exactly the same.
Rude, self centered, ignorant and loud.

We have russian schools, where they teach russian as the first language. Why?
80-90% of crime is commited by russians and most of our low-income neighborhoods are primarily russian.
They live off our country and refuse to go back to their thug run goverment of a nation.

Im at a tipping point, where i cant stand them anymore. Why should we have to listen to their horrible language? Why should they not have to speak our national language in our country?

Im not a smoker and most of our smokers are russian. This has had a negative effect on different environments, especially when there are clear marked areas where smoking is not allowed. These rules are almost always broken and telling them off has no effect.

This has nothing to do with the current events in Ukraine. This is only my opinion

19 days

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  • Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan huh??

  • Baltic states aer quite aa way from these two...

  • But they have big pp's

  • True and I like those. That’s why I met so many of them Russians,

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